Fresh Meat II: Episode 5

As predicted, Wes and Evelyn are pushing things too hard that things are getting risky. While everyone is still following their plans, they are also making people question them. If their alliance stops trusting them, they could find themselves in the minority like Kenny has of late and perhaps being thrown into exile.

For a moment I thought Danny would come back and the main reason I wanted him to come back was because things could have gotten really interesting. Imagine a really pissed off Danny coming back. He may not have won any challenges but he could have caused some problems. It also surprised me that Jillian and Pete have done so well in exile because they are so completely awful otherwise.

Though at the start of this season I was glad to see Kenny left on his own, without his usual gang of challenge controllers, it seems that Wes and Evelyn have simply transplanted them and though things seem like they may be less smooth overall, that was the thing I wanted to see changed a bit. Survivor is more interesting at the moment because alliances are less clear and there is more guessing involved. Even with the same people in charge–Russel, Parvati, etc–you still never know what is going to happen (as we saw just about every week this season). Alliances are less stable and less all-powerful overall.

My final disappointment is that other than Laurel, the Fresh Meat have been sort of lame. I also dislike how someone’s entire fate on the show is determined by their partners. I like the idea of new players being brought into the game but I would much prefer they be brought into larger teams that required teamwork in challenges rather than pairs.


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