90210: Meet the Parents

Naomi is a wreck and Liam wants to know why. Jen is back. And she’s bought the beach club! He suggests non-engagement.

Silver paints Teddy tries to talk. He’s never done this before…he wants to do it right. So he invites her for dinner.

Liam’s dad bargains with someone on the phone over the sail of the coins. Liam is excited for bonding time. Don’t get too excited.

Adrianna comes in to talk to Laurel. She suggests a duet with Adriana and Javiar. She’s thrilled! She has a magazine with his face on it. But it has to happen ASAP. Scheduling not the issue, the music is. She says she could try writing it. Can’t hurt. She has till Wed. Presumably it is Sunday.

Naomi comes home to find Jen has bought her house. She has 29 days left before she has to move but Jen plans construction meanwhile.

Liam calls his dad to no response. He’s already checked out. No surprise there. Poor Liam though. He’s actually a good guy. Minus how he treated Ivy. He mopes and calls Naomi. He suggests she find a new place to live. He tells her to stay away from Jen. Naomi shockingly doesn’t listen to why Liam is upset.

Adrianna tells Naveed her news. Silver and Ad talk about Naveed-Ad possibilities. She says he’s happy with his current girl. Silver wants to know what Teddy’s dad is like. Spence is intense.

Dixon meets Ivy who is upset with him for blowing her off. He wants to hang out with her but he’s grounded so he says she should come over. His parents are going out that night. She agrees. (I’m waiting for Dixon to get beat up for being a rat.)

Jen changes the beach club. Naomi approaches looking pissed. What do you want? She doesn’t want Naomi to tell Olivier about what happened last year. It will ruin their relationship. Jen says she owes her an apology for being so awful She’ll even give her the house back but she’d luck another chance with her. Hmm, now something really doesn’t smell right. The big qs: does Naomi fall for it?

Lilah and Naveed moment. They should do a piece of Ad and Javier. Lilah is okay with Ad now.

Liam works obsessively on his boat when Annie comes by. So she is trying to steal Liam now. It’s official. She claims it is too work on his project. She asks what’s going on. Sailing was his thing with his dad. He hasn’t spoken to anyone about his dad, not even Naomi. Annie suggests he tell her. It’s a thought…

Laurel and Ryan are at the club. She gets a call. Jen arrives and spots him.
Olivier of course shows up. It’s awkward. So Ryan decides to drink despite his earlier resolve.

Ad can’t write and Naveed tries to help her get out of her head.

Silver shows up at the bbq but it turns out to be a busy day. Spence seems to busy to talk to her. Silver has a hard time talking and things aren’t going well. She meets Spence’s super young girlfriend and mistakes her for Teddy’s girlfriend. She makes a good impression by speaking her mind.

Ad and Naveed in their super fancy car go to have fun in hopes of relaxing when they find Mr. Matthews looking like a homeless man. Very drunk. They have fun on the rides. Lilah? Ad wants to go. He refuses. He wants her to do this. She can! He doesn’t like her being depressed. I repeat, Lilah? Who conveniently calls at that moment. Naveed lies about his whereabouts. She says she’s inspired.

Jen and Olivier have dinner. Naomi is late. Jen is sure she will come and sure enough she does. Naomi plans to tell the truth. Olivier is shocked by the information. Especially the stuff about Liam. Jen actually looks devastated. You would almost feel bad.

Dixon has set up candles and stuff for Ivy and she’s so happy. He’s even gotten her favorite tacos. Just then his parents get home. Oh sad. That was a poorly planned date. Aunt Becky forgot her wallet. They fight because really she forgot the address to the therapist. Annie confronts them. She’s not an idiot you guys! Annie runs up to Dixon! The rents run up after her. She knows what is going on. Dixon is surprised. They’re seeing a counselor. Dad actually stands up for her a little. So there’s nothing to worry about? Annie wants them to promise things will be okay but they can’t. Well, they have to go. They’ll talk later. Well, that’s one way to ruin Dixon’s date. Annie doesn’t know what to do but Dixon can’t talk right now. Annie is all “fine, whatever.” Dixon goes back inside. He tries to play it cool but she tells him to stop it.

Liam shows up at Naomi’s and she is all proud of herself but he’s moody. She thinks Jen is slain. Liam isn’t happy. Every time he tries to talk he interrupts him.

Lilah and Naveed meet and he has something to tell her. It sounds like a break up speech. Yup. He still feels something for her. It isn’t fair to her. I kind of wish we knew her better so we could actually feel bad for her.

Liam paints his boat and Annie arrives all upset. (Anyone else notice Annie tends to take Naomi’s guys?) She helps him paint. Very flirtily.

Ivy and Dixon talk about how he thought maybe his life could finally be stable. So much for that. Ivy is flattered that he feels he can talk to her. She’s easy to talk to. She doesn’t think it’s such a bad date, dates are for getting to know each other. She’s getting to know him and liking it.

Teddy and Spence talk about Silver. His dad says he’s his favorite and that he can take tennis all the way if he takes it seriously. Pro or beach club lessons? No girlfriend then. Spence tells him to break up with her. Dude, many top sports players have significant others…

Teddy arrives at school and Silver looks pleased. But Teddy is not so nice. His dad’s words have snuck in.

Naomi is woken by Jen. By telling Olivier the truth, he cheated on her, earning her $16 million. Jen is thrilled. She will be handling her finances. Jen got her dad to transfer the control into her name. Naomi is not happy.

Teddy gets home after winning his match when Silver arrives. They apologize to each other. He thought winning would make him happy but when he won without her, he wasn’t happy. He’s in love.

Adriana and Javier record the song she recorded. He’s not as cute as he’s supposed to be. She does sound good but I’m not sure I believe it is her singing. This music thing seems like a desperate bid to give her a storyline. Or an excuse to get rid of her. (It’s clearly a song about Naveed “love me like the first time.”) They talk about her inspiration afterward. Naveed shows up with flowers but he sees her flirting with Javier and saying she had no one. Naveed chucks the flowers and leaves. Apparently he can’t compete with a pop star.


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