10 Things: Too Much Information

I’m sad to say that this show has not been picked up for another season. But we’ll have to treasure the episodes we have left.

Joey stares at the cupcakes as Bianca watches a model show called the Biggest Poser. Joey tries to wrap up the cupcakes, tries being the operative word. Joey wants to apply to the show.

Kat comes into her room to find Patrick waiting for her. Her gives her a kiss. He wants to sleep over, she turns him down because she won’t have sex with him. But he reveals he’s been kicked out so she lets him sleep on the floor. He does try some extra seduction of course though he’s not as hot as he should be. But later Kat wakes up to find him gone and goes in search of him. She finds him eating cupcakes wearing nothing but his boxers. He’s sleepwalking. Kat tells him to go upstairs while she cleans things up.

In the morning Bianca searches for her cupcakes and Kat feigns innocence: “you know how I feel about processed sugars!” Her dad suggests Joey.

In school, Patrick asks Kat to borrow his car the next day. She was upset that he left right after she sent him upstairs. She wants to know what’s going on. He won’t tell her what’s wrong. She won’t let him borrow her car unless he tells her.

Joey comes to say he’s come up with an angle. Chastity and Bianca are friends again so they’re eating together. She asks if he ate the cupcakes. Bianca pretends to believe him but she doesn’t. She thinks maybe he has an eating disorder. Chastity says he’s just weird. Then she sees Joey spit out some food!

Cameron is looking for Patrick. He has a package for him because his mail is being sent to Cameron. Kat wants to know what’s going on, she’s worried. She wishes she could just open the package but Cameron refuses so she suggests following him. Cameron says no so Kat blackmails him.

Joey films his shirtless audition tape. Joey doesn’t like that his abs aren’t popping. Chastity thinks maybe he does have an eating disorder so the cheerleaders plan an intervention. (It is important to note that all of their information comes from television shows.)

Kat gives Patrick her car keys. Cameron picks her up to follow him in the most conspicuous car ever.

Bianca is concerned about an intervention. She doesn’t want to embarrass Joey. Chastity suggests making a fake intervention for Bianca so that he can realize they are similar.

Patrick goes to a corporate office building. Kat insists he follow after him. Cameron is the slowest driver ever, being newly licensed.

At the intervention, they go through the expected steps. Joey looks shocked at what he hears. Joey says he feels terrible about not knowing she had a problem. He called the guidance counselor in for help.

It’s almost an hour and still Patrick doesn’t come out. And Cameron has to pee so Kat suggests a cup. No dice. Patrick finds her and is upset that she followed him. She denies it. He reveals he was at his therapist’s. He storms off.

The guidance counselor asks her questions. Bianca tries to get rid of her but she’s not cooperating. (It’s Mary Cherry!) They also called her dad. Bianca reveals their true plan and Joey storms out. Stratford sisters getting problems with their boys. He didn’t lie about the cupcakes. He eats healthy. He was just excited about the video. She’s afraid he will get too thin because of model pressures. He tells her he wants her to pull him back if she ever sees it happening.

Kat follows Patrick to apologize. She offers to drive him home but he wants to go back to school. He doesn’t understand why she cares so much. Because…He asks what she wants to know. He’s stressed because of his stepdad. She wants to know what was in the package. A snuggie. They hold hands. She should probably watch the road more.


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