Gossip Girl: Dr. Estrangeloved

Before I mention anything else I feel the need to mention Jenny’s lipstick color. I know very little about makeup but my god Jenny (aka stylists) do something to save her!

Jenny is wearing Nate’s shirt as they have breakfast. He let her crash. She lied to her dad about where she stayed. No news from Serena. Nate gets a text from her at that moment, she’s just landed and Nate wants to go see her.

Serena and Lily are in the limo together and whatever drama between them that we expected to see is not there. They seem happy and supportive, which means we missed something. (I feel like we’ve been cheated!)

Blaire dislikes Dorota treating her delicately. Blaire is throwing a party but Dorota isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Blaire has invited the most eligible bachelors. Dorota thinks she hasn’t grieved properly. Dorota postponed her honeymoon to support Blaire, who orders the disposal of all Chuck memorabilia.

Rufus expects to find Lily but instead finds Will, Lily’s ex. Rufus tells him to leave but he says he can’t. There’s more he doesn’t know about…but he’d rather be mysterious than forthright.

Chuck comes home with a gaggle of girls. Chuck and Jenny discuss her love for Nate. She tries to deny but he advises her to make Serena think Nate betrayed her and Serena will push him away. He wants his friend back which would be easier with Serena out of the picture. All she needs is something to make her suspicious. So she steals Nate’s shirt of course. Jenny, didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s a bad idea to trust a snake?

Rufus and Will trade barbs and then Lily and Serena arrive. Lily says she was sick, not her mother. He was treating her. That’s why he pushed Serena away when she visited: to keep Lily’s secret. Lily’s illness (which is?) is treatable but they’re waiting for test results. Oh. Cancer. (They never quite say it, but there it is.) This isn’t a good reason for him to refuse to leave when asked. He didn’t need to be around at the time. Rufus tells Will to leave, yet again. He needs time with his family. This time Will asks Serena to come and talk. Eric isn’t around.

Dan has been rejected from the writing program. But guess who did get it…Vanessa. There was only one spot. She didn’t think she had a shot. Dan congratulates her, if it wasn’t him, he’s glad it was her. But then he excuses himself for a study group. And suggests they go to a party to celebrate.

Lily and Rufus talk. I feel like they came up with this storyline after the fact the explain Lily’s absence. She claims she was afraid to tell him the truth because she didn’t want to see him be sorry or have him treat her like she’s sick. She says Will has helped her get better.

No one has shown up to Blaire’s party. She blames Dorota. She asks a waiter for his opinion. He thinks she’s hot. Blaire thinks Chuck has blacklisted her from the dating world.

Jenny sees Serena coming up and pulls her shirt out for Serena to see. She almost doesn’t but just as she leaves she catches sight of it and recognizes it.

Dan runs into some girl named Willa who is at Tisch. He’s surprised that she knew about Vanessa’s application. He says her story is based on his submission. But submissions have to be original works. Her dad is on the board and informed her that Dan was the runner up. So really, it should be his spot. So she goes and calls her dad.

Serena runs into Nate. She has to go see her father right now. He doesn’t want to wait. She throws accusations, he fights back. Jenny watches them in a fight.

Chuck and Jenny talk about the plan to get Nate. He says she needs to seduce him. Blaire storms in to yell about his sabotage. He says he didn’t. No one showed up because no one could measure up to what they had. Right. That’s what all guys were thinking. Blaire intends to find someone. (Has she considered that a party of eligible bachelors is not the funnest thing for guys?)

Willa informs Dan that Vanessa submission is up for review.

Serena and her dad seem to be hitting it off a bit but there are the reminders that there’s a big gulf. She doesn’t understand how he could leave for 14 years. He says it wasn’t like that. What did Lily do?

D and V talk and V shows her new work. It’s original, based on him and their relationship, but not based on anything he’s written. Uh oh. Better call Willa.

Will said he wanted everyone to come with him. (He was a soldier?) She didn’t like the commuting dad so she wanted a divorce. He didn’t just leave, he wanted to stay with them. That doesn’t explain 14 years away. Before they can talk more, Will spots Rufus coming to talk. He excuses himself to talk. Rufus tells him to leave. Will claims to have changed in 25 years. Rufus wants Lily to get a new doctor, one who definitely only has one agenda. Serena decides to leave with Rufus. She needs time to think.

D calls Willa to tell her to change things but Blaire finds Dan and says she wants to talk. She needs some guy to kiss her so she can put it on Gossip Girl. She needs a party away from Manhattan. Dan has a party that he and V were going to go to. So she’s coming.

Rufus tells Serena not to let their past affect things. Lily receives a call from Will. The test results are not what they hoped.

Sure enough, Chuck is spying on Blaire’s love life. In comes Nate looking depressed. Nate is unhappy with Chuck’s behavior, he doesn’t forgive what he did to Blaire. Chuck wants to be friends, maybe get out of the city. Nate accepts a drink and invitation. They’re going to Brooklyn! And Jenny is coming too.

The party seems a little bigger and fancier than Brooklyn can afford (at least the Brooklyn of Gossip Girl). Blaire searches for a guy. Dan searches for Willa. Jenny offers to get drinks. Nate isn’t happy yo have Jenny around. She’s a kid. Chuck points out she’s a junior. Same age as when he and Serena were together. Blaire spots Chuck and feigns faintness to get closer to a guy she’s spotted. Dan try to get Willa to call her father, she tries to make out with him. She thinks he deserves the spot more. He says he’s with V. Dan sees Jenny and runs over to see why she’s there.

Will talks with the family about her cancer treatments. She’s had a relapse. Serena suggests sticking with dad. Will plans to stick around regardless to see how she is. Lily agrees. Rufus is pissed but plays it off like he doesn’t mind. (I hope Serena doesn’t think her parents can get together.)

Serena calls to talk. She’s upset when she hears Jenny is there. Nevermind, no talking then. Chuck glares at Blaire and boy she’s with. Nate wants to leave the party so he and Jenny head out after taking a shot together.

The guy with Blaire is more than happy to make Chuck jealous though she seems nervous about it. Lean in for the kiss.

V is upset that D told Willa about her piece. She says why did he go behind her back? Like she went behind his!? She says she explained but he said she justified. She had said she wouldn’t have applied if she’d known there was only one spot. Seems like he wants her to pull out.

Serena isn’t sure what she wants from her dad. Will says he thinks there’s a reason behind everything that’s happened. He’s followed her from afar. He appreciates the second chance. She thinks everyone deserves one.

Chuck sees Blaire and reveals he did blacklist her. She didn’t break it because she realized it wasn’t the way to get over him. He broke her heart and she has to face that. She’ll kiss someone someday and it will be for her. (Good job Blaire. Regardless of how good or bad they were, she’s clearly grown up some.)

Nate is upset. Jenny says he is great and deserves someone who treats him better than Serena. But Serena overhears things. Jenny leans in to kiss him but he pulls away. She came to apologize. He says nothing happened. Jenny tries to butt in but she shuts her out. But Serena says she left him a message with Serena. Jenny protests that Serena is lying but he tells her to get out. She stalks out with a final “you two deserve each other.”

Blaire is glad Dorota hasn’t thrown out the box of Chuck stuff. Dorota tells her she will recover.

Serena and Nate talk. She says she does trust him, but she is guilty of taking him for granted. She promises not to do it again. She tells him about her mom’s illness. It’s strange that they haven’t used the word cancer once. My guess is there’s some significance to that.

Blaire goes through her box of memories.

Lily and Rufus seem content but we know there’s more going on.

Dan leaves Vanessa a message saying he’s read her play and its amazing.

Will tells someone “it’s not working as he’d hoped and he needs him to write Lily a prescription. You can’t pull out now….blackmail!”

This episode had a lot of good and bad:

  • For one thing, so nice to see Jenny shut up. I’m not sure how she thought this would work that Serena would never mention calling him. And probably talking to him in places where you can easily be overheard is not the best plan. But then, we’ve never said that Jenny was brilliant. Anyone else find it weird that she’s a high school student who spends all of her time with college students? I wish they would write her storyline so it was about her high school experience. It’s a good way to bring in new characters and makes more sense.
  • Dan and Vanessa…not so interesting. Their issue was just so quiet. (Does that make sense?) All the potential drama fell flat. It potentially could have been interesting, it could have led to backstabbing and maneuvering, but it’s Dan and Vanessa…
  • Whatever is going on with Will could be good, but that depends on what his long term goals are. If all he wants is to win Lily back, then LAME. If it’s something bigger…AWESOME.
  • Chuck and Blaire…well, I like seeing Blaire learn something about herself/grow up a bit but I hope she doesn’t lose her edge.
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