90210: Multiple Choices

Naomi’s punishment is picking up the garbage around school. Silver and Adriana ignore her. Liam walks by without a word. She gets to wear an awesome bright orange vest! She also has to paint over graffiti. The graffiti says MOLESTER in Mr. Cannon’s space.

Liam works on his boat with his dad. His dad says his world will turn around. Liam is sure his dad was framed. Somehow I doubt that…His dad is looking for money to open a shop. Then he and Liam can find their own place, he’s not staying with his stepdad. Anyone else think Liam is about to get swindled?

Naveed and girlfriend meet for and underground power game that includes Dixon. Someone knocks on the door and they wonder who it is, everyone who was invited has arrived already. It’s Mark who wants in. I’m not sure I know who he is but he isn’t welcome. He has a lot of money though and taunts them into letting him in. Dixon is awfully sure of himself.

Aunt Becky and Husband are at home. There’s a lot of tension. Becky wants counseling, Husband thinks they only have issues not problems. Becky reveals her illicit kiss. When? Two months ago. And you kept it quiet all this time! Husband stalks off dramatically.

Dixon and Mark are the only ones left. Dixon raises. Mark matches and raises $6,175. Spoiled brats much? With a smirk, Dixon asks for a marker since he doesn’t have the money. He says he’s good for it. He’s sure…And he loses. With a full house. Mark has 4 queens. He tells Dixon he has until tomorrow to get him the money. Otherwise the guy’s baseball team will break his legs.

Teddy and Silver flirt. It’s kind of cute. Teddy’s been busy thanks to tennis practice. But he’s neglecting the SAT prep. The test is in 2 days. He says college isn’t for everyone, he doesn’t plan to go right away. Professional Tennis has to happen now. She thinks he’s throwing away his future, he thinks she doesn’t know him.

Ivy and Dixon are on their date but Dixon is too distracted to pay attention to anything Ivy says. And then he gets a call that he’s got to take. Seems he’s a better fake boyfriend than a real one. It’s Mark. Dixon wants to give him a laptop and DJ equipment as payment but Mark doesn’t want that. Money or a favor. He wants the key to the school so he can decorate his girlfriend’s locker. He doesn’t want to do it but he doesn’t seem to have much choice.

Liam comes home with pizza for his dad. So far his dad can’t find a job, no one wants an ex-con. Maybe they can steal money from Liam’s stepdad. Just kidding. Or was he?

Dixon brings Mark the key. He’s going in with him. He’s not just going to give it to him. Dixon opens the door and a bunch of kids run in to steal the SATs. Why would it be kept in the school? Dixon says they aren’t in the school. They’re not delivered until the morning. Mark is pissed and calls everyone back. Dixon leaves, with a “you guys are real idiots.” That’s a good idea.

Dixon gets to school and finds the halls graffiti-ed. Well that’s the obvious response to not getting what you want. Dixon approaches Mark and he’s pissed. Mark jokes around but Dixon isn’t having it.

Naomi and Annie are talking when Naomi overhears girls calling Mr. Cannon a pervert. Naomi decides to fix things by getting everyone’s attention. She tells them he didn’t do anything wrong and apologizes for spreading a lie. Ade and Silver are listening. People quickly start taunting her when Silver and Ade rescue her. The girl gang is back together.

Dixon comes to his dad’s office where he shows Dixon a video of them breaking into the school. He tries to explain himself but he doesn’t want to mention the gambling. Finally he tells the truth. But he doesn’t tell him who the kids in the masks are. Dixon names them.

Naomi runs into Mr. Cannon who thanks her for what she did in the cafeteria. Liam is still upset though.

Harry and Deb talk. She wants to be honest with him. Liam and Annie come into the kitchen and hear her parents fighting. Her yoga teacher listened to her when she spoke, Harry didn’t. She stopped the kiss because it was the right thing, not because it was what she wanted. Liam suggested leaving. Annie is in tears as are her parents. Harry agrees to counseling.

Annie and Liam discuss their sucky families. His parents got divorced when he was 7. So Annie decides to jump in the fountain. That’s the obvious next step. She pulls Liam in after her. She is not a very good actress. It’s cold out and he rubs her arms to make them warm. So this relationship is actually going to happen now. Annie stops the moment and says “you should be with Naomi.” She did the right thing in the end.

Teddy is playing/practicing his tennis game. Silver arrives to say she wants to learn to love tennis because it’s what he loves. She now supports his pro desires. He tries to let her leave the match but she says she wants to watch. He convinces her and I wonder if there’s a girl involved.

Naomi is studying when Liam arrives to talk. They both apologize. He says she was brave and he should have been there for her. She says she’ll never do anything like that again. She tells him she loves him and he says “you too.”

Silver comes to the tennis match anyway. To support him. She brought some study cards in case she gets bored. His dad is in the stands and he’s hesitant to let her go there but she’s not listening. He runs after her to stop him but it’s too late. She introduces herself to her dad who knows nothing about her. So she bails. Naturally.

Dixon and Harry have a talk. The people responsible for the break in were going to be expelled so his dad covered for him. But he’s completely grounded in the meantime. He can say nothing to anyone. Got it? Mom doesn’t know. She has a lot going on. Dixon apologizes again. Harry says he thought he was better than that. Ouch. Always the most hurtful thing to say.

Liam’s stepdad wants to turn the boathouse into a gym. His stepdad says his mother will never leave him. When she leaves to Europe his stepdad is going to start renovations. She was hesitant to leave Liam and stepdad alone for a weak but he convinced her.

Family is having an awkward, silent dinner. Deb tries to break the silence but it just comes off stiff. Annie excuses herself. Dixon calls Ivy to cancel their plans, he’s grounded but he can’t tell her why. Ivy’s disappointed and sets off on her skateboard. Annie comes in to tell him what she’s overheard but he’s not interested. He’s had a rough day.

Liam finds his dad working on the boat. He offers to help pay for the business by stealing coins from his dad’s coin collection. He can’t stay here anymore.

Annie has a Sandra D moment on the windowsill and calls Liam for support. She feels trapped. So call her? And then she deletes the message with a function I’ve never heard before. Liam calls her and she pretends she didn’t call.

Naomi orders brain boosts for herself and friends. In comes…Jen. Who is renovating the beach club. It was a wedding present. Jen has moved to Beverly Hills. And she’s giving her marriage another shot. Oh, and she’s upset with Naomi and she holds grudges.

Dixon offers Ivy a power bar. She’s not having it. She feels like he’s been blowing her off. Things at home aren’t great right now. He really likes her. But he has to go. He’ll make it up to her. (He spots Mark and friends.) Mark wants his money. Dixon is surprised. Dixon says he can get him expelled. Mark says “interesting.” Now he knows the principal covered up to save him and that will come in handy someday. That was stupid Dixon.

SAT time. No one seems happy. (Not sure why Naveed is so forlorn.) Teddy wants to know why Silver isn’t returning his calls. She says they’re not okay. Annie stares longingly at Liam and then awkwardly looks away when he looks at her. Naomi comes in looking almost like a zombie.

If ever there was something I am glad for, it’s being done with tests like the SATs.

This show is really missing passion and anger. Everyone is so muted about everything lately. Get mad. Yell! Even when Harry and Deb were fighting they barely raised their voices. I don’t want people to just say “we’re not okay” I want them to shout it if necessary.


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