10 Things: Winner Takes All

Bianca and father watch a video of an annoying kid that is Bianca while little Kat wants to give a report. Bianca is trying to figure out what to do for the talent show. This year the winner gets a walk on role on Make It Or Break It! Hahahah, way to advertise. Kat has written a letter to an editor.

Joey plans to do some Russian style dancing for the show. It’s to make his grandmother proud. Kat and Pat discuss his strangeness. Pat thinks she’s jealous. Cameron is practicing magic for the talent show. It runs in his blood. His uncle is teaching it to him. Cameron is officially a dork. He had an awful middle school experience–he “became aroused” while performing on stage hence the nickname spoink,

Kat is thrilled that the paper published her letter and has changed their policy to publish same sex wedding announcements. Her dad pulls out the camera but only to make sure it is ready for Bianca’s performance. Bianca has an announcement. She’s picked a song! Kids in America. Bianca is sure she will win, she always does.

Cameron mopes on the stairs. Kat wants him to win but his assistant has quit so what now? She agrees to be his assistant. Cameron says he sees her as more of a boss. She’s just trying to help. This is his chance to get over the nickname Spoink. Pat puts a bet on Cameron to win the talent show.

Joey wears a Russian hat in school. Bianca is a little embarrassed but she’s more concerned with her performance, which it turns out is the same song as Chastity! Chastity is performing first so sucker! She’s even using an auto tuner.

Pat sits with Bianca and Kat’s dad, who doesn’t know Kat is in the show. Pat believes she’s jealous…There’s an accordion player and then Kat and Cameron are up. Cameron panics and Kat gives him a pep talk. Many laughs about Kat’s outfit.

Kat panics the moment she sees the audience. Uh Oh. Her stage fright is ruining the show.

Chastity is informed that her autotuner is broken. Bianca hears and decides to do Kids in America again. Chastity ensures her mom that she can continue but her mother tells her she can’t sing. Bianca suggests they sing it together. Chastity agrees. Chastity’s singing is fine and Bianca magically knows the dance. Wasn’t this song in the original movie or was that Clueless? They get a standing ovation. Chastity calls her a besty.

Pat insists Cameron get back onstage. Pep talk and all. He goes on stage but he has nothing so he starts singing “My Girl.” He’s so awkward but not bad. Pat adds an accordion.

Bianca finds Kat sitting upset. Kat asks how she gets up onstage. She works on it. Bianca says luckily she’s good at other things. People don’t appreciate when she does things and dad never wears a shirt with her name on it. Bianca is jealous of Kat’s hair.

Cameron finishes to applause. Everyone loves an underdog.

Everyone is called onstage. Bianca pulls Kat on with her. Theri dad splits the roses between the two of them and he’s added Kat’s name to the shirt.

And the winner is…

Cut to Make It or Break It set. There’s Joey offering the new gymnast a towel. (Complete with Kaylie and Lauren hating her. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they’d just introduced a new character to MIOBI in those two seconds?)


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