V Has Got Its Edge Back!

Like so many shows (especially in the sci-fi area) this show started big. There was murder, betrayal, mystery…just about everything you could ask for with some particularly great special effects. But then, like FlashForward, the show hit a slow patch. It lost its excitement factor as they tried to back up and fill you in on all the details. Luckily, it’s gotten over than and this week in particular the show came back fighting. Some of it you knew was coming (Anna’s daughter sympathizing with the humans for one) but other parts were surprising and exciting. Plus it had a great fight scene, which is always a plus in a show that involves alien invasions.

This week the aliens are closing in on Ryan and his mutant baby. They are desperate because the baby is the symbol of the rebellion. So they send a super soldier after it. Ryan meanwhile wants to take his wife someplace safe only she isn’t sure she trusts him anymore. Anna’s daughter seems to be having doubts and maybe even her first step of rebellion. There is also the question of right and wrong in the treatment of someone fighting for the Vs because they saved his daughter’s life.

I wonder where the show is going to go in terms of surprises because it seems like they’ve already put a lot out there. I am most excited to see what happens with Anna and daughter (we do see something of a smack across the face but how big a rebel does she really become?) Assuming things continue going the way they’ve been since the show returned, this season looks like it will be great.

Ratings have done decently (though this week it was lower with no lead in from Lost) and tvbythenumbers.com puts it “on the bubble” so here’s hoping that the ratings get enough of a boost to be renewed. FlashForward on the other hand does not look like it has much hope.


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