Lost: The Last Recruit

Lockster says “Hello Jack, I was hoping you would come. I think we have some catching up to do.” Jack asks Hurley if he’s okay with them talking alone. With Hugo’s agreement he goes. I half expect Lockester to try to kill him but I don’t think he can. It bothers Jack that he doesn’t know what he is. Smokey says “sure you do.” Why John Locke? Because he was stupid enough to believe he was meant to be here. He had to be dead to look like him. Jack wants to know if he’d really seen his father way back when in season one. That was him. Why? He lead him to water. He’s always just wanted to help them. Do? Leave. Jacob got them trapped on the island by choosing them. They don’t have to be trapped anymore, they can leave whenever they want. It has to be all of them. Jack said Locke was the only one who believed in the island and tries to get them to stay. Smokester says Locke was a sucker.

AW Locke is being rushed to the hospital. Ben doesn’t know much about him but Locke says to contact Helen. Sun is brought in with a GSW. Sun says “it’s him!”

Claire follows them and Lockster knows. Jack is her brother. They have catching up to do it seems. Claire said she gave up on him coming back and now…it’s good to see him. (Anyone think she was going to say she wishes he didn’t.) She says it means a lot that he’s coming with them but he hasn’t decided. Claire says he decided when he spoke to Locke. Whether he likes it or not, Jack’s with him now.

Hurley whispers with Sawyer about the sub. Kate is telling Jin. Sayid isn’t invited. He’s gone over to the dark side. Anakin! Claire walks up to hug him. Jack and Lockester arrive and all goes quiet as Lockester says it’s nice to have everyone together.

AW Sawyer offers Kate (in cuffs) an apple and wants to talk to her. She doesn’t strike him as a murderer. She says she’s not. Does she remember him from the airport? Yup. Isn’t it weird they’re together again a week later. Almost someone’s trying to put them together. She insists she’s not a murderer. He’s a cop so why did he let her go? He saw a pretty lady…She thinks he let him go because he didn’t want anyone to know he when to Australia. She tries to blackmail him. He likes her. Miles interrupts for a multiple homicide (Jin and Sun). Sayid is the believed bad guy.

Jack and Kate discuss how Sayid is different. They’re all different. So what did Lockester have to say? He wants to leave and they have to go together but he’s not sure he believes him. In comes Zoe, looking for “the man in charge.” She wants what he took from them. Lockster plays dumb. Zoe pulls out a walkie talkie. They have a fix on her position so they can demonstrate an explosion nearby. They have until nightfall to return what they took or they won’t miss next time She leaves a walkie talkie for him to call them. Lockester smashes it with a stick. Here we go.

AW Claire comes into some building and Desmond comes to talk to her. He remembers her from the flight. She says she’s better now. He guessed correctly that her baby was a boy. He sees her going to the adoption agency and thinks she should have a lawyer. Otherwise things could wind up irreversible. He’s going to the same floor as her. He has an excellent attorney and she owes him a favor….she can help free of charge. It would be his pleasure. Sure. And the lawyer is…Alana. Look at her so polished! Alana recognizes her name, they’ve been looking for her! Alana wants to speak to Claire privately.

Lockester’s speech to say they’ve forced his hand by trying to force a confrontation. Time to get on the plane. He needs Sawyer’s help. He wants him to get a boat to get them together. He calls Kate to help. Meanwhile Lockester calls Sayid aside. Sawyer asks Jack for help, to explain the plan. Hugo, Sun, and the pilot should come with him, no one else. Lockester wants Sayid to go to where Desmond is to kill him. That’s the only way he’ll get what he asked for. Sayid goes to the well with a gun and aims it at Desmond inside. “What did Lockester offer him?” Desmond asks. He has a right to know that much as least. Something he lost, the woman he loved. Where is she? Dead. How can Lockester bring her back? He brought Sayid back. Well, that’s fair. Desmond asks what Sayid will tell her about how he got her back.

AW Sayid packs and Nadia wonders where he’s going. He has to leave. He says he’s leaving and can never return. What did he do? Miles is at the door to ask questions about Sayid. He sees Sayid’s suitcase as Sayid tries to escape out back but Sawyer is clever enough to catch him.

Sawyer finds the place he and Kate were headed. Kate wonders if going back to get Locke is a good idea. He doesn’t. Sawyer explains the plan. Claire isn’t coming. Kate isn’t happy. She insists on Claire. Sawyer says she’s dangerous. No response but they don’t have much time. Isn’t it bad to get a gun wet?

The rest of the group follows Smokey. Jack finds Claire and asks how long she’s been with Locke. Since he left. She trusts him because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon her. Lockester stops to talk to Sun about where Sayid is. Sun doesn’t talk to him. He says it is his fault she can’t talk. Lockester heads back. Jack calls the group of people that Sawyer said. Claire spots them leaving and she looks pissed. Or sad. Maybe both.

Locke spots Sayid and asks what took him so long. He shot an unarmed man, he needed a moment. Of course he killed him. Go check if you’d like. He doesn’t. Yet.

Jack leads the gang to where Sawyer told him to go. Hurley spots the dock and they all get on board. Sure enough, there’s Claire with a gun wondering where they are going. Kate tries to talk her down. Claire wonders why they’re not waiting for John. Kate says it isn’t John and he isn’t one of them. Kate asks Claire to come, otherwise she won’t go. But John promised. Well Kate is promising. She came back just for Claire. Claire hesitates and then joins them. Kate does take Claire’s gun though. Claire says Locke will be angry.

AW Jack and son enter the building where Claire is. Suits and all. It’s for his grandfather’s will. Ah, that explains why they were looking for Claire. Alana greets Jack and David (son). And there’s Claire! Fate. This is where Claire reveals that they are half-siblings. Oh. Jack gets a call from the hospital, there’s an emergency and he has to go.

The ship is sailing. They’re all quiet. Captain wants to know the game plan. Get on the sub, one way or another. Jack sits by his lonesome so Sawyer goes to talk to him (be nice! Kate warns). Jack says it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. Why? Because he remembers how it felt last time. Like part of him was missing. They’re supposed to do something on the island. If Lockester wants them to leave, maybe he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay. So Sawyer tells him to get off the boat if he’s against it. Jack is sure this is a mistake. The island isn’t done with them yet. Well Sawyer is done with it. Jack looks like he might be getting off. He apologizes about Juliet and then he jumps. Kate calls for him and starts to turn the boat around. She wants to go back but he says they’re done doing that.

AW Sun wakes up to find Hun waiting beside her. He’s still asleep and she wakes him up. She and her baby will be fine. Jin says it’s over. We’ll see.

AW Jack and David discuss the surprise that is Claire. Jack cleans up and gets ready for Locke’s surgery (though he doesn’t know it is him yet). He does recognize him when he sees him though.

Jack reaches the shore and is exhausted. Lockester finds him. Meanwhile Sawyer and crew reach the second island and Zoe and her lot find them. They drop their weapons and Zoe lowers the weapon. Smokester is still on the island. And there is JIN! Yay for him and Sun! Tehy run up to where the barrier is and I almost expect them to be kept apart by an invisible wall but nope. Sun regains her English speech though. Whitmore has them pull their guns again and orders them to their knees. This is reminiscent of another season. Remember when they were caught by the others? Deal’s off And they blast Locke’s group. How’d they know where he is? But Jack survives and Locke carries him off the beach. Lockester says he’s ok because Jack is with him.


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