Fresh Meat II Episode 3

Kenny and Laurel win yet again. I’d say it looks like they may just make it to the end by nature of winning every challenge, but they didn’t win last week (though it was close) so maybe they’ll manage. At the same time, who can beat them in exile anyway?

I know I’ve said a number of times how impressed with Ev I am but yet again she’s managed to impress me. Not only is she one of three women to make it through the challenge, she manages half of the challenge carrying the heavier pack . Find another woman on the show who can do that. And she wasn’t slowing them down while doing it, considering that she actually runs in ahead of Luke, even if only by a few feet. It was good to see her partner keeping after her did the dumbest thing in history and ANNOUNCED that he was afraid of cramping up. However, had he not done that, and Evelyn and him not gone in, Kenny and Laurel may have sent in someone else and Wes’s alliance may very well have lost its majority.

I love hearing the strategy of Wes and Evelyn where Evelyn was the decision maker and Wes was the convincer. Once you know, you can see this obviously, but otherwise it looks like he just trusts Ev but is otherwise making his own decisions. I would love to see Wes and Ev on Survivor. And Kenny and Evan. They would play such an interesting game because they know strategy.

Paula did impress me this episode too and I felt so bad for her. She was so upset. I can’t remember the last time someone was that upset about losing (without being double crossed or blindsided I mean). Plus, she totally outpaced her partner which is a little pathetic. How could he have ever thought he could make it into the special forces if he can’t keep up with a girl. Not a super athletic one either. She was less sympathetic in the after show.

Finally, Wes’s plan with Jenn. Now, on the one hand Wes says he is debating whether or not she’s truly on his side, but one thing I do remember is that Jenn didn’t vote the way Paula wanted her to and has she done that, Paula wouldn’t necessarily have gone into exile because theoretically the vote would be even. As such, it definitely seems like she’s more on Wes’s team then it seems. It also seemed strange that Jenn would be on Kenny’s team considering the past. I am surprised about Ryan as well.

I do love to see Kenny sweating though.


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