Romantically Challenged

I like Alyssa Milano a lot (maybe it’s just that I like Charmed a lot, even if she wasn’t my favorite character) so I was excited to see she had a new project coming up.

This is a romantic comedy followed Rebecca and her three friends as they try to navigate the single life. This week’s episode (which was apparently not meant to be the premiere) starts with high-powered attorney and single mother (of a fifteen year old) Rebecca discovering that her ex-husband is getting remarried. Her friends encourage her to start dating, which she is woefully out of practice for. They get her nervous about everything: what if he is intimidated by her job? Will he be unhappy to hear that her son is fifteen? They convince her to lie which only leads to bigger issues. Meanwhile, one of the guys is dating a woman who seems sweet until she insists on dirty talk that he’s completely uncomfortable with.

The up side: the jokes were pulled off well and though it wasn’t anything unique, I found it entertaining and the cast pulled off their parts.

The down side: we didn’t get to know all of the characters well enough. I don’t know anyone but Alyssa Milano’s name on the show and I don’t know what most of the characters are actually like.

Granted, it was a half hour sitcom and it wasn’t meant to be the original pilot but it’s annoying not to know who is who. I’m definitely not giving up on it just yet.


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