Kick Ass

This movie fits its title perfectly (and I don’t mean in the super obvious way that Hot Tub Time Machine and Snakes on a Plane do). By agreement of everyone who saw the movie with me, it was awesome.

For starters, you only think you know what’s going on based on the previews. For example, you think it’s supposed to be funny (which it is) and kid friendly (which it definitely is not–we did not realize it was rated R until we got to the theater). You think you know whose side everyone is on (you don’t). Let’s just say that though there are some similar aspects of Kick Ass and Spiderman (geek turned hero), there’s so much more…blood. Think The Last Samurai only starring a little girl.

They managed to make the movie funny, exciting, emotional, shocking, and a whole lot more. There was never a moment where the movie was slow or dragged on. My sister actually came out of it saying “I can’t think of a single thing to criticize in that movie.” I don’t know about flawless, but I do know that this movie was well-written and well-acted all around. I was happy with everyone from the known stars (McLovin and Nicholas Cage to the newcomers).

Best of all, they have set it up perfectly to allow for a sequel, which, assuming it does as well as it deserves to do, it will get. If there was one movie I would recommend seeing right now, this would be it. In fact, part of me wishes it was even in 3-D because the action scenes were Kick Ass. (Sorry it was just such an obvious thing to say.)

It’s based on a comic (and I hear it is remarkably close) and I’d love to check one out.


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