Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

It seems I am two weeks late on 90210. Oops.

I can’t pretend to be sorry to see Jasper go. I kind of wish he’d taken Annie with her. It’s a little sad I dislike her so much because I liked her back on Degrassi as Darcy. I kind of expect to find Jasper in the emergency room. Annie comes looking for Jasper but she can’t find him. He’s not home. There’s a picture of her with the Hollywood sign in the background and then she knows! Even though you can’t actually get there anymore, she can and does. She sees Jasper at the top of the ‘H.’ He says life is over, humiliating.

Liam wants Naomi to come forward with what happened. She doesn’t want to. She says she’s more like Jen than Liam thinks. He says if she were, he wouldn’t be with her. So of course she doesn’t tell him the truth.

Silver and Teddy are on a date. What’s different about her? She got a haircut. There’s Dixon of course. There alone. Awkward. Teddy wants to set him up with his partner. Dixon turns him down.

Annie begs him not to. Are you going to get yourself enslaved by him yet again out of fear for what he might do? But ultimately he jumps. (This by the way is why you cannot get to the sign anymore.) In the hospital, Jasper is in surgery when his parents arrive. Annie tells them what he did. They suggest she go home. They’ll call her if they hear any news. Aunt Becky somehow ended up there too.

Gia and Adriana are hanging out as Ade makes t-shirts for the band. Some kissing…some flirting…some ironing. It’s nice to see Adriana actually happy though.

Dixon is shooting when Teddy opens the door and ruins the shot. Dixon wants to bet on basketball. Maybe Teddy can help get him in touch with a bookie. $250 on the Lakers. Teddy gives him some tips about voting for someone else. Liam mentions Naomi in front of Ivy, catches himself, and makes it awkward so she leaves.

Ivy is stuffing things in her back and Dixon comes over to talk. She doesn’t get why she’s being treated like a loser. Same for him. They all treat him like a charity case too. She feels like Liam is patronizing her. She doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. Right. Ivy suggests hanging out later. (At least Ivy is still in the show!)

They continue to ask Naomi to turn in the teacher. She keeps trying to avoid it. She says the situation is too much. Silver suggests talking to Kelly but Naomi refuses, she’ll see someone else.

Teddy takes Silver to a fancy restaurant. Liam and Naomi join in soon. Teddy continues failing to show that he knows Silver. Silver is winning though. In come Ivy and Dixon. They see everyone, want to leave, but are spotted by Teddy and called over. Naomi tries to rub things in her face so Ivy lies that they’re on a date. Good enough excuse. Dixon thinks it was awesome! Everyone was shocked! Guess they’re “dating.” No gentlemanly crap though.

Dixon finds Teddy looking at a lingerie site for a gift for Silver. Dixon commiserates about buying a gift for Silver. Teddy gets awkward. Dixon says he’s with Ivy and has gotten something for her recently. Teddy says he didn’t see it coming. Neither did Dixon.

Annie gets a call from Jasper’s parents. He’s going to make it but he’s pretty hurt. Psychologically…he’ll be going to a psych hospital. They hope it will get him talking. He’s been really effected by his uncle’s death. Uh oh. Also, Jasper wants to talk to her before he leaves.

Liam drops Naomi off at therapy.Where will she hide out? A little table outside. Poor planning. He’ll see you sitting there.

Adriana and band are locked out of the school where their instruments are. Gia knows how to break in though. Adriana isn’t out yet though and she’s careful in public not to be seen. Well that makes more sense! I was wondering why she seemed so comfortable. But how do they get out once they have their instruments?

Ivy and Dixon get to the beach party and he has a necklace for her. She loves it. It’s perfect for her. If they were dating…She’ll fawn all over it in front of everyone. Ivy shows off inside. They pretend they have funny nicknames. But Naomi spots them being less relationship driven.

The band sets off the alarms when they escape. Gia is still upset. (Proud of me that I’ve been getting her name right?!?!)

Teddy got Silver a gift to prove how well he knows her. It’s…diamonds. She says she thinks they’re gorgeous but I’m not convinced by her act.

The band preps backstage. Adriana freaks out and says she can’t go on…she’s never sung before such a huge crowd. (Lies, remember the school plays!) Naveed’s girlfriend tries to be supportive. She refuses. They say they won’t perform without her. How can she say no now? She doesn’t of course though she looks like she will freeze on stage. But she manages to get herself singing. Not my type of music. Specifically I don’t think the singing is great. The song is about “how I know you love me because you take me as I am…”

Ivy spots Laurel at the party. They’re both embarrassed. Laurel wants to know which one Liam is. Looks like a square with helmet hair. Aww. Naomi overhears this as well. It’s not like there’s a band playing or anything.

Annie goes to Jasper’s hospital room. He thinks she’s come to make sure he won’t tell anyone what happened. She may not love him but she cares. He wishes she’d left him there to die. She tells him to stop manipulating her. He says he’s been doing it because he loves her. She says it wasn’t love but he disagrees. He won’t tell because he still loves her. The nurse kicks her out but she says she hopes he gets better. Either way, aufrieter…whatever it is Heidi says. She walks out smiling.

Adriana looks comfortable on stage now. This song is even worse than the other. Gia seems less angry now though hard to say for sure. When Adriana kisses her on stage all will be well! Well, that’s just a guess. But, I win! Gia’s surprised but Adriana says she just had to face her fears.

Silver is upset and wants to talk to Teddy. She wants to tell Teddy that he hates the earrings. They are so not her. Diamonds make her think of slaves and orphans. He laughs and pulls something out. Her real present. It’s Madam Bovary’s original book. See, he does know her! The earrings are fake ps.

Ivy sits alone. Naomi comes over to reveal what she’s overheard and seen. Ivy tries to insist they’re dating. Ivy sats she knows nothing and walks away. Over walks Dixon so she kisses him and then explains. So he kisses her back. Ivy says that was great. She totally bought it. But is Dixon getting ideas? I might not even mind this relationship. Ivy might up his cool factor (or his lack of one anyway).

Liam wants Naomi to come forward based on her one therapy session. She says she can’t. She’s not ready or strong enough. He tells her it’s okay…Good acting like an actress.

Liam catches some girl semi-flirting with Mr. Cannon and loses it. At least he doesn’t actually hit him before he walks away.

Laurel drops Ivy off at school. She spots Adriana and wants to talk to her. She saw the show and she’s interested in her. She’s a music producer. But the catch, she’s only interested in Ade, not the band! So much for band unity. Well, Adriana hasn’t accepted yet so we’ll see.

Teddy sees Dixon and teases him about the bad nickname. He wants to bet on the Lakers again after his original instincts had proven right.

Laurel suggests surfing. Ivy turns her down thanks to a history test and over comes Ryan. Ivy groans. Ryan is surprised to learn the parental relationship. Dixon finds Ivy and holds hands, just in case Naomi walks by, Right.

Silver finds Naomi to her that Liam is in the principal’s office because of what he’s done to Mr. Cannon. Facing expulsion, Liam remains silent. Mr. Cannon leaves, passing Naomi who hears he will be expelled and so she runs in to save him. So she spreads her lie. Wait till this lie comes out. Worse then Jen I think.


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