90210: Another Another Chance

Naveed was MIA last episode but I’m okay with that. He’s gotten boring. Most interesting characters equal Liam, Naomi, Ivy, and Adriana. At least each of them is doing something beyond “dating.” Scandals, new sexuality, schemes. All the best parts of this thing.

Adriana is with Laurel, trying to figure out how things work. Adriana wants to know why she can’t play with the band. Laurel says she won’t have any spare time. Her plate will get very full. She invites her to an industry party. Didn’t this storyline happen with Dixon already? Laurel says she’s going to be going to crazy parties.

Teddy has gotten stung by a jelly fish. Dixon owes more money to the bookie. I suspect Teddy never actually went to the bookie. More fake Dixon-Ivyness. She still thinks it’s fake anyway. Him…not so much because that is Dixon in a nutshell.

Meanwhile there’s the Ryan-Laurel relationship brewing. You know Ivy will walk in. Yup. Laurel wants to pick up where interrupted but Ryan is not so comfortable.

Gia and Adriana hold hands through school. Naveed sees them kissing (there he is!) and seems surprised. Apparently he’s been missing events around school. So he goes up to Gia to not so nonchalantly asks about things with her and Ade. His girlfriend is in the room too and listens in. He worries that he made Adriana gay. She laughs in response. He had nothing to do with it. He’s relieved. Okay, nothing to be jealous about there. But still awkward. He asks her to take care of Ade, she agrees. But his girlfriend does seem a bit jealous. He waves it off but she isn’t sure. (It’s not an unusual qs in the situation.)

Annie and Silver go car shopping. Annie finds one but it’s too expensive. A test ride at least. But the guy won’t let so Annie suggests stealing the car.

Naomi and the Principal talk. There’s going to be a hearing. Naomi doesn’t want to but there’s no choice now. Mr. Cannon is on leave until this is resolved. He says she has to tell the truth and things will be fine…For who?

Liam’s mom keeps calling him put he refuses to answer. Naomi is upset so he tries to encourage her to be strong. She has to tell him something…In comes the crew of guys to support her. Everyone is on her side. Adriana is sitting alone when Naveed finds her. With his food, which he already had sitting with Naomi. She’s clearly upset. He sits down to talk. The problem is the record deal…He thinks the other band members would jump on it in her place. That’s not it. This is just like acting but worse. She’s not sure she can handle it. He’s sure she can. The old Adriana wouldn’t have thought about it. It’s a secret though. (You know he’ll tell his gf though.)

Ivy and Dixon work music for the Blaze. He shows her how to do it in a very unnecessarily flirtatious way. Liam interrupts searching for Naomi. This has thrown Ivy’s mood off. She doesn’t understand why Liam likes Naomi.

Summer and Annie dress up in hopes of getting a chance to drive the car alone. Because they might look older or because one of the guys might obsess over her. Annie and Silver pretend to go elsewhere so they get a guy to agree, secretly. The guy thinks he’s about to make a sale. They speed around and I hope she doesn’t get into yet another accident. They get lost until Annie finds herself at the accident spot and flashes back to what happened. She slams on the brakes and asks for Silver to drive.

Naomi comes in for the meeting and Mr. Cannon gives her a puppy dog look. He asks why she’s doing this to him. He has a wife, she’s ruining his life. Liam spots them and steps in. Naomi almost looks like she’s sorry. He believes in her, she can do it. He says he loves her. She loves him too. You can do this! When it’s her word against his, can he lose everything.

Naveed’s girlfriend is pissed about what happened with Adriana. Why didn’t he tell her? Because he promised. She sees that he’s more loyal to Ade than her and storms off.

At the meeting, Naomi starts…and admits that nothing happened and she lied. Mr. Cannon and family and so happy to hear it (though this will ruin his reputation regardless). The principal is furious. There will be severe consequences. How could she do that? She didn’t think it would go so far. Well, it’s about to go farther. Liam leaves and some guy is watching him. His stepdad? The guy follows him.

Ivy comes in to tell Dixon that she got him a big DJ gig for her mom’s party. Dixon is shocked. She lied to her mom for him. She wants to break up now. Maybe Liam will be over Naomi now. Dixon doesn’t know what to do. Who should be dumped? He can dump her.

Laurel is with Ryan who turns down pot. He had a problem once. He’s concerned about Ivy but she convinces him (she taught Ivy to roll drugs for her when she was 13).

Adriana says she up for the music industry thanks to Naveed’s advice. Gia’s turn to get jealous. She doesn’t think she should go. She has to worry about her sobriety. And Adriana has to worry about hers. They get into their first fight.

Ivy spots Liam and says she’s sorry for what happened. At least he knows what kind of person Naomi is. He doesn’t seem to understand this which makes me think he might not have heard what happened. But he says he’ll never be with Ivy. Poor Ivy.

Ryan is high with Laurel who seems amused by him as he dances awkwardly. He spots Dixon DJ-ing and freaks out. This is a disaster! There’s Adriana as well. Ryan is upset that he didn’t know they were coming and leaves.

Naveed sets up a special date for his new girlfriend. Apparently they danced when they were little…He wants another chance. He’s in a suit and she’s in jeans but it’s cute. I wish he was less funny looking because he’s so sweet.

Laurel brags about Adriana to business people but she’s sad and quiet so Laurel pulls her away. What’s going on? She has to apologize to Gia. Laurel tells her to go then. With some parting advice. Screw the party and follow your heart you have to push back against the industry or ekse. Ivy comes to the party and sees Dixon DJ-ing so he puts on Bob Marley for her which brings a smile. See, she should date him. He’s less of a jerk and more interesting.

Adriana comes to Gia to apologize. She thinks she can do it but she should have talked it out with Naveed. Gia says this is a bad time. I think she’s with another girl. Yup! After all that talk about being there for her. Adriana is shocked and Gia tries to make it okay. She’s sorry but Adriana isn’t having it. So long.

Naomi sees Liam. What to say…she screwed up. This is the dumbest thing she’s ever done. He doesn’t seem to care. He’s going back to his mom’s, it’s better than with her!

Dixon finds Ivy moping. He even got a business card from a guest. She’s miserable. He wants to talk and makes her laugh. She relays what happened with Liam. Dixon says he’s an idiot, she’s amazing. Well now she can move on. Dixon is glad because he’s ready too. He likes her. Any chance they could go on a real date? Yes. Why not?

Naveed spots Adriana being sad and writing a song. So of course he sits though he should be elsewhere. She tells him what happened. Well now she knows how Naveed felt. She’ll survive. He says he’s proud of her. She’s different and she can handle things. Does that mean she’s about to leave the show? She asks if he wants coffee. Isn’t he on a date? But he sits.

Laurel finds Ryan outside…he was too high to drive. He couldn’t even find his car. She is sorry for not telling him about the others. She didn’t think about it. She’s not a consequences oriented person. Well…he’s a big boy. He wants more pot. She seems unaffected by it. She must do it so much.

Liam gets home and there’s his dad waiting. He’s out of prison recently. His dad says he missed him and they hug. (For a moment I thought Liam was sad because he’d put him in jail but that’s Ricky from Secret Life).

Annie finds a poster of the guy she killed on her wall. She pull sit down there’s another. And another. They’re all over. She’s clearly having a nervous breakdown. Oh, it’s a nightmare. Same difference. Will she go to jail. Now that would be interesting to see.

Everyone stares at Naomi in school and whispers about her. Annie sees her and comes out to make her feel better. Big of her considering. Annie says she isn’t terrible. Annie understands…she has her own secret.


3 Responses to “90210: Another Another Chance”

  1. sarah Says:

    So Annie is going to get the same car as brandon walsh, Dixon is going to have brandon’s gambling problem and Liams dad is in jail like Dylans….good original plot lines.

    I would LOVE to see Annie in jail BUT jasper got rid of the car the only evidence left is from when Annie was about to write that letter to her parents confessing the whole thing and Jasper crept into her room and said he wouldn’t tell…I don’t know if you noticed but the letter AUTOSAVED and she didn’t realize it…that will be how she gets busted, the wrong person will borrow her laptop, etc.

    And yes, it looks like Ivy’s mom smokes A LOT of pot lol…pry takes her 5 or 6 J’s to feel it…

    • ax20 Says:

      I did notice. I do feel compelled to point out how word works. If you don’t ever actually save the file, autosave only allows you to recover the document should your computer crash. Otherwise, when you close word it will ask you to save it, which presumably she’d hit no to, in which case there would be no copy on her computer. That being said, I agree that it will come up at some point. If not, someone screwed up.

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