10 Things: Great Expectations

Joey comes to get permission to date Bianca with a driver’s license, his records, etc. Bianca teases Kat for never being properly asked out by Patrick. She pretends not to care, but once they see each other in school, he suggests hanging out. She gets him to set up a specific time. It’s a…deal.

Cameron talks to his religious friend who is observing the Sabbath because of his nana. Meanwhile he hides from Bianca as she and Joey discuss their date. Chastity is upset that Joey is dating Bianca. She’s also having an issue that her friends all have dates when she doesn’t.

Kat asks Bianca for advice on a date. Kat doesn’t think it’s a date. Bianca informs her that it’s a date if the guy makes the plans and pays. Bianca is friends with Dawn. They talk about sex and Bianca wonders if Joey expects sex already. Dawn still thinks because slept with her teacher so she comes out with the truth. Dawn understands and isn’t bothered by a lie. Dawn says not to tell Joey because it will turn him off. If he goes beyond making out, just make an excuse. Bianca’s dad has Joey look at a baby’s birth. Joey isn’t bothered, he thinks it’s amazing! Patrick doesn’t want to watch the slide show again…

Joey says he has a surprise…Meanwhile Kat wonders where Patrick would like to go. She suggests food, he suggests meat. Patrick, you know she doesn’t eat meat! She’s driving. Joey takes Bianca to his house. He’s set the table and cooked. 300 calories per serving! He wanted to make the night special. He is a good guy minus being an idiot. I’m surprised he knows the word horse devours. Also, his parents are away so they have the place to themselves. She’s nervous now. When he suggests somewhere more comfortable she tries to get out of it but there’s no pie left to eat! He gives her a massage.

At the restaurant, Kat finds the place expensive. She orders a small salad in concern for the price. Pat says he’ll cover her. So she takes Bianca’s advice and takes her hair out of the ponytail.

Cameron is at the movies. So is Chastity though she’s trying to do it incognito. She pretends to be on a date where she told the guy on her date to sit in the back. Cameron recognizes her of course and she gets him to buy her food.

Joey walks Bianca home two hours before curfew. He’s acting weird because she’s a virgin though he tries to pretend otherwise. He can’t seem to kiss her. Huh. Weird.

Patrick says he wants the check and Kat says she’ll cover next time. As soon as the waiter is out of sight, he pulls her away from the table to ditch paying. Kat is upset. Also it’s not a date. They come with an expectation on him. And then she throws up.

Chastity starts crying mid-movie. Because her life is unfair. People want her to be quiet but he stands up for her. By the end Cameron has his arm around her, which they quickly pull away when it’s done. Chastity goes back into mean mode again.

Bianca’s dad wants to know what Joey did wrong. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Joey comes to the door and Dr. Stratford gives him a hug. He gives him permission to kiss Bianca goodnight, no tongue.

Kat’s not feeling well. He says at least their first date is memorable. But he won’t kiss her. She wants him to go back and pay the check, but not the tofu!

Bianca is surprised to see Joey who has come to apologize. He thought they’d be NC-17 and then they were PG. Megan Fox was in a PG movie so alls well. They can eventually be R rated.


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