Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II

One of the funniest things about this week’s challenge was that Jillian DQed herself rather than compete for the sake of “preserving her energy” because she was sure that she and her partner were going to be sent into exile because they beat Darrell and Cara Marie the week before. While it’s true that people were thinking that in the beginning, ultimately things didn’t go down that way, but the two things I don’t understand is why she didn’t speak to her partner first and why she didn’t consider the fact that competing means the chance to win and winning means immunity.

I love the alliance of Evelyn and Wed if only to see Kenny freak out and pretend that sending someone in against their friend for exile is the meanest thing to do ever when he threw Evelyn in against Kelly Anne with no hesitation last year when Kelly Anne was the one person she begged them not to match her against.

Then there’s the whole Kenny-Teresa-Wes triangle. Seems like a triangle we’ve seen before. What would Wes do if he heard about it?

I don’t know who to vote for in the challenge because I liked Sarah last season (though she seems mean this time), Laurel’s pretty impressive. I have no opinion on Vinny yet but he seems sweet enough. And then there’s Kenny. I almost feel bad for Kenny and I think he’s rubbing off on Laurel with his meanness. Maybe it’s just an aggressive competitiveness that comes off as jerk. I would definitely bet on Kenny and Laurel though. They just seem liked combined stronger players. Sure enough…the winner is…(Spoiler Alert) just as I thought.

Funny that Sarah would go from runner up to second out.

I am glad to see that exile is at least marginally different each time, though it is still a little redundant.

I’m glad that Paula is thrilled for Kenny to return. Didn’t he screw her on the Island? For Evelyn. Meanwhile, Wes is pleased with himself and thinks he will pick off Kenny’s alliance one at a time. He forgets that if Kenny or one of his alliance wins, they’ll throw at least one of Wes’s alliance in and Kenny can just throw in the weakest players until his alliance gains the majority. Of course, they do have to win, but so far Kenny and Laurel are three for three.


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