Oh the Crossover, Product Placement, and Other Stuff…

I love when shows are really clever and find a way to crossover with another show. This is less clever, but still fun with spin-offs (such Buffy-Angel) but even better are things like Friends and Mad About You. And then there are the not-so-subtle attempts at a crossover such as they do in ANTM where they bring the models to a Tinsley Mortimer bag launch where Tinsley speaks one on one with each of those girls as part of the challenge. Wow, trying to promote High Society much?

The newest thing in America’s Next Top Model is letting the winner of the photo shoot partake in the next week’s award challenge which left me wondering what the reward for winning the challenge was if you had won the week before. The answer: getting to pick two friends instead of one to come! That’s not a great addition but okay.

I think the best moment of the episode had to be when Alasia listened in on Raina’s confessional from the hallway and then Raina and Jessica listened in on Alasia’s confessional. It’s just funny because contestants always say things in confessionals that they wouldn’t say otherwise and you can’t help but think where are they? why do they think no one will hear them yell and gossip?

Angelea’s impression of an educated person was hysterical too. Do all obviously identifiable intelligent people speak with a British accent? I was unaware. Also, whoever did Angelea’s makeup for the photo shoot should always do it because this is the first time I’ve ever thought she looked pretty.

They brought Nicole on the show this week and it was interesting because she didn’t actually look all that short.

I’m not sure I understand why the photo shoot was on the subway train but it’s interesting. There is also an impressive amount of product placement in this episode for CoverGirl: explaining the use of the eye shadow, why the stylists like it, etc.


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