Not the Pig Issue Again!

So on this week’s Trauma, one of the storylines involved a very devout Muslim family that was concerned about their medical care violating their religious beliefs. One particular issue was that the medicine they wanted to give her had pig in it so they had to think of an alternate medicine.

If you think back, you may remember Grey’s doing a similar storyline with a newly Orthodox girl who needed a valve replacement and the valve they wanted to give her was from a pig’s heart,which she adamantly refused.

Now, I can’t speak for Islam because I am not Muslim (though I imagine that the rules are similar), but I can tell you that in Judaism, the prohibition on pigs involves eating them, not using them to stabilize your heart. Not only that, but you can in fact eat pig if it is to save your life (for example you have condition where you have to eat every few hours but oddly enough the only food around  you is pig) so it’s a double non-issue. We know that television likes to do things that aren’t realistic but for once I’d like people to portray religious issues with actual religious issues.

In Grey’s I you can almost give them some leeway since she recently became observant so she may not know all the rules, but in Trauma not only did they recycle a more popular TV shows plot, but they did it with details that make no sense.

So TV writers (Cindy I know you will do me proud in this respect), all I want is for you to try coming up with a unique AND accurate storyline regarding religion. Is that too much to ask for?


2 Responses to “Not the Pig Issue Again!”

  1. billy bobka Says:

    but the pig heart valve likely must be kosher?

    so then does a rabbi need to be present in the operating room? and then does this rabbi need to also be certified in medicine?

    • ax20 Says:

      it does not have to be kosher (nor can it ever be).

      1- kosher applies to food you are eating
      2- saving someone’s life takes precedence over keeping kosher

      So if you need a heart valve to fix your heart, there is NO restriction of any kind against having it used for that purpose.

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