How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon follows Hiccup, a boy who can’t live up to his dragon-slaying father who rules the Viking village. Where his father is athletic and decisive, Hiccup is nervous and clumsy. This leads to a divide between him and his father and makes him the ridicule of the village. So when the village gets attacked, he tries to help and manages to knock a Night Fury out of the sky. No one has ever seen a Night Fury and lived so they know nothing about it. When Hiccup tells his dad what he’s done, his dad doesn’t believe him so he sets out to find where it landed and discovers that the Night Fury is still awake. But the dragon is still alive and Hiccup can’t bring himself to kill the dragon. He secretly befriends that dragon and discovers that everything the Vikings believe about the dragons are wrong. Hiccup must convince his father and the other Vikings of the truth before it’s too late for them all.

This movie was really good. It was a well combined mix of comedy and seriousness. They did such a good job of making everything feel real, making us care for the characters. And the detail was so nuanced that they gave Hiccup a tiny, faded white scar on his chin that you can only see if you look really carefully.

Another thing about the movie is that it is showing in 3D. One of the big questions on everybody’s mind is whether or not the new 3D movie fad is worth the extra money. Not only does it cost more, but you have to wear those stupid glasses (try wearing those on top of regular glasses…also, you must look straight at the screen, if you tilt your head they don’t work). Well, having seen a handful of movies in 3D recently (HTTYD, Alice, Avatar) I’ve had some thoughts. While my sister misses the 3D of the past where things fly at your face and zip over your head, I’m okay without those gimmicks (though at times that would be nice too). I do think that 3D needs to be limited to movies with lots of special effects, ideally things with fast moving scenes and explosions.

All that being said, I truly think that the movie was enhanced by the 3D aspects. The big fight scene felt closer and more intensive because of it and all the dragons flying around was definitely worth the watching. If you’re considering where or not to see this movie, I definitely recommend it. In 3D in particular, if you can manage it.


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