Clash of the Titans

This remake of a cult classic is about the mythical hero Perseus, who was discovered by a fisherman when he was a baby and raised by the fisherman and his wife only to lose them (and his younger sister) because of Hades. Hades attacks the soldiers of Agron after they knock a statue of Zeus into the ocean. Zeus is upset with mankind for forgetting that he is their creator and complaining so he lets Hades teach them fear (so that they will pray to Zeus). Hades gives the people an ultimatum: sacrifice the princess or be destroyed by the Krakken that defeated the Titans. Perseus, as a demi-God and son of Zeus may have the ability to stop the Krakken he, along with a mysterious beauty, some soldiers, and a couple hunters, set out on a journey that takes him to the underworld and back.

The movie was much better than I expected it to be. It wasn’t campy, the action scenes were solid, the way mythology was used was exciting.There was a little bit of something for everyone, love, mythology, family, action, adventure, monsters…and for someone like me who isn’t all that genre-specific, I was glad for each aspect.

It had it’s downsides though. For one, it did not appropriately explain Ayo’s past. Her vast knowledge comes from more than a curse of agelessness. I’d like to know where and how she’s learned to fight, travel into the Underworld, etc. The other is that the Perseus’s personality as well as his relationship with Zeus wasn’t delved into enough, despite being a cornerstone of the story. There was also perhaps a little too much narration in the beginning, but that’s just a personal dislike that I learned from my screenplay writing professor in college.

Even with these deficits, I still left the theater satisfied with one primary disappointment: I wish I’d seen it in 3D. There were a few scenes that looked like they’d probably be amazing in 3D (sort of like how certain movies really demand Blueray over regular DVDs).

My one curiosity: Why is it called Clash of the Titans? There are a total of zero titans in the movie.


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