Valemont University

I’ve come across yet another good web series, this one produced by MTV (so you know the quality is good). There seems to be some sort of sponsorship by Verizon, seeing how the show centers around messages left on a phone and there’s always a few-second Verizon close up at the start of each episode.

This show is follows Sophie Gracen, whose parents died when she was younger and whose brother walked out on her right after. Years later, Sophie’s brother Eric is found gruesomely murdered and all that is left is his phone full of strange videos and messages. She breaks into Valemont University, her brother’s last known location, in an attempt to find her brother’s killer. When she gets to Valemont things get very weird–scary dreams, creepy frats, students having meltdowns, and more.

It’s impressive to see how much can be done in two and a half minutes and though there were episodes where I wished they were longer, it was well worth the watching. For one thing, Nikki Blonsky of Hairspray is in it, if only as Sophie’s college roommate. The other actors do quite a good job as well. I’m impressed by the number of episodes that made me jump and they do a good job of showing you enough that by the time they give a big surprise (hint: think Whedonverse) you are surprised without being doubtful.

I recommend checking out the show, which was nominated for 6 Streamy Awards and won two. You can catch up on all 35 episodes on right now so it’s definitely worth checking out.


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