Lost: Happily Ever After

Desmond wakes up in the custody of Zoe. He’s been unconscious for three days. She says they had to move him from the hospital. He wants to see Penny. Whitmore tells him it isn’t possible. Desmond was shot by Ben. Penny isn’t around but she and his son are fine. They’re back on the island of course. Whitmore wants a chance to explain which Desmond responds to with a beating. Whitmore says the island isn’t done with him yet. Jin wants to know why Desmond is back. He will show him the test now to explain, even though it isn’t scheduled until tomorrow. They’re not close to ready! But Whitmore wants it so they do it anyway. It doesn’t work at first. Then they find it but someone was there! Zoe realizes too late, the guy who was inside is dead. They intend to put Desmond in there now. (Maybe because he already survived all of that energy when the Hatch blew?) I’m surprised Jin hasn’t said anything to stop this as they throw Desmond inside. Whitmore believes he will be fine and will want him to make a sacrifice that he hopes he will help with. Whitmore’s son died on the island, Penny hates him, he’s never met his grandson. He knows sacrifice! And if Desmond doesn’t help, it will be for nothing, everyone will be gone forever. Desmond doesn’t seem reassured by this and tries to get out anyway. Whitmore wants to begin but Jin insists he explain first. She enough, Desmond is the only person to have ever survived a “catastrophic event” and they need to know he can do it again. His people are hesitant about doing it again but Whitmore flips the switch. Inside Desmond is in a lot of pain.

Cut to AW Desmond is looking for his luggage. Hurley tells him where their bags will be taken. Desmond helps Claire with her bags. He asks her if someone is meeting. He offers to give her a ride but she thanks him. He tells Claire he’s going to have a boy.

Some guy is holding a sign for a Mister Hume, which is Desmond apparently. Has that always been his last name? He’s going to the office, not his hotel. The guy asks him some questions and offers to help him any way he needs. Is he looking for some company? Desmond says no, he’s in the city to work. At the office Desmond is sent in to talk to…Whitmore. They are on very good terms, with Desmond considered Whitmore’s right hand man. Whitmore talks to someone on the phone about his son who needs to be arraigned. Whitmore wants to hire Charlie for a charity event his wife is arranging. Charlie’s gotten himself in legal trouble and he wants Desmond to babysit CHarlie so that he doesn’t get in trouble again. They drink with Whitmore’s fancy scotch.

AW Desmond goes to pick up Charlie (so nice to see him again but sad he’s in bad shape). Charlie wanders away without even looking as he crosses the street and heads to a bar. Charlie asks if he’s happy. Desmond says yes but Charlie says he’s not. Has he ever been in spectacular, consciousness altering love? Charlie saw it on the plane back from Sydney. There was this woman two rows up in handcuffs. Ha, Kate. The cop realized Charlie was carrying so he went to eliminate his stash in the plane but they hit turbulence and he chokes. He sees a woman as things go dark, a blond woman…Claire? Just as he’s about to be engulfed by love…an idiot is asking him if he’s okay. Desmond recommends he write a song about it. The real truth is he has the choice to drink or come with him but if he stays his career will likely end. If he comes he’ll be in one of the best hotels, owed a favor by Whitmore, one of the most powerful men. Charlie says it doesn’t seem like a choice. There’s always a choice, brother.

AW Desmond drives Charlie as they listen to the Driveshaft single we are familiar with. Charlie says he thinks he has it all but he doesn’t. Charlie offers him a choice: show him what he’s talking about or get out of the car. After which, he leads them into a car accident. Well, he certainly seems to be a suicidal rock star.Desmond gets himself free but can’t get Charlie so he comes up for air and then tries again. Charlie is awake, puts his hand to the glass, and Desmond flashes to when Charlie died on the island with the words “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand. Finally Desmond gets him out. Interesting that he actually remembers a bit of the island.

AW Desmond is being checked by a doctor. He seems fine. The doctor asks him a bunch of questions including if he’s seen hallucinations. He’s not sure. But he needs to find the man he came in with. He goes to have an MRI (the guy asks him about metal just like they did on the island). He lists Whitmore as his emergency contact. Meanwhile he’s given a panic button in case he needs to stop. I’ve had an MRI before it’s creepy but not as creepy as this looks with the face mask. Desmond flashes on his island-life and Penny and his son, etc. He presses the panic button, he needs to find Charlie! Jack walks by, Desmond recognizes him and asks for help finding Charlie. No need, he’s running past in his hospital gown. Desmond chases him. Charlie says no one can help him. He checks Charlie’s hands for the message. Who’s Penny? He says he’s seen something. He says he won’t do a rock concert anymore. All that matters is he felt it. He should start looking for Penny.

AW Whitmore asks where Charlie is. He blames Desmond for Charlie’s escape. Whitmore says if he can’t fdeliver Charlie he’ll have to explain it to Whitmore’s wife. Desmond goes to talk to her…we catch her berating someone for mis-aligning the butter knife. Desmond introduces himself to Eloise and explains that Driveshaft will not be able to come. She’s quite calm and tells him not to worry. Her son will understand. She says she’s not angry, what happened happened. As he wanders he hears someone mentioning Penny’s name in the seating arrangement but Eloise refuses to let him see the list when he asks. Eloise kicks everyone out and scolds him. She wants him to stop! Whatever he thinks he’s looking for, stop. He asks if she knows what he’s looking for. He’s attained everything he wants. including her husband’s approval. He insists on seeing the list or to know why he can’t but she says he’s not ready yet. Ready for what?Desmond goes back to the limo and takes a drink. Someone knocks on the door, it’s Daniel Whitmore. He says they need to talk. (Wait, when did Daniel become a Whitmore?)

AW Dan Whitmore says he’s over not having Driveshaft playing with him. He asked if Desmond believes in love at first site. He describes Charlotte and how the moment he saw her he knew he loved her and that’s when things got weird. He wrote something weird after. He has no idea what it is, it’s quantum mechanics. He’s a musician, how would he come up with something this complex. He describes setting off a nuclear bomb to stop something awful. What if all this wasn’t supposed to be their life? What if they had some other life but they changed things for some reason. He doesn’t want to set off a nuclear bomb, he thinks he already did. Desmond doesn’t know what this has to do with him. Dan asks why he asked about Penny. It happened to him too right? Desmond says he doesn’t know. Dan assures him he felt love. Desmond says he doesn’t know anything about her or if she exists. She’s an idea. He says no, she’s his half-sister. He can show him how to find her.

AW Desmond goes to the stadium (where we saw him and Jack meet?) but this time it is Penny running laps. She looks a lot like Juliet. He comes up to introduce himself.

Desmond awakens after the test is complete, still alive though lying on his back. They all seem shocked to see him alive except Whitmore. How long was he unconscious? A few seconds. Whitmore apologizes for doing this but Desmond says he understands. When do they start doing his vitally important task? Zoe asks what happened to him that he’s so cooperative now. She thinks they fried his brain. Sayid kills some of them men and tells Zoe to run. He tells Desmond it’s time to go. Desmond seems agreeable enough with this too.

AW Desmond wakes up in the stands. He fainted after shaking hands. Have they met before? He thinks they’d remember it. He asks her out to coffee. She’s a mess, he fainted. Why not? One hour. She seems amused by him. It’s kind of cute. Desmond heads back to the limo and finds…the driver dead! I’m only kidding. The limo driver asks if he found what he was looking for and he says he did. He heads to the coffee shop. Desmond asks him to do one more thing, the manifest of his flight from Sydney. Just the passengers. He just needs to show them something…


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