V Post Hiatus

After a brilliant premiere, the next three episodes were sort of lackluster. Somewhat intriguing but certainly lacking the excitement and intrigue of the first episode. Of course, there was the reveal that Kara (from Smallville, I keep forgetting her name here) is Anna’s daughter, which was fun, along with the fact that they have an actual plan for Juliette’s son (God, I am forgetting everyone’s names at the moment, but I’m sure you will know who I mean). But other then that, it was sort of slow.

Not so with the most recent episodes (there have only been two so far I believe). Post-hiatus, the show has really picked up. We’ve got birthing soldiers, praying mantis style pregnancy (Buffy anyone?), alien babies, suicide pills, and more. The action of episode one has returned in new and exciting ways. It’s a shame that the ratings are still only lackluster because if the show continues the way it is, we could really see some great TV.

I imagine that Kara will begin as her mother’s most obedient follower but while in her role she will come to feel for Juliette’s son and she will ultimately flip. I hope something like that happens. I also hope for a flashback episode that provides us with more info about the past of the Fifth Column (as well as Ryan’s past in particular).

The only issue with the praying mantis is that the guy seemed surprised about it. Isn’t that how it always works or is it some sort of special super-soldier thing?


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