10 Things: Don’t Trust Me

Bianca wants to get out of school by pretending to be sick. Kat gives her some suggestions. Her dad realizes the truth. Kat has lost her driving privileges, which Kat accepts. Meanwhile the dad is giving Kat the silent treatment unless she stops seeing Patrick. He doesn’t trust Patrick. He doesn’t know him. So invite him over for dinner!

Bianca gets into school and Joey comes to tell her about a dream he had about them. Bianca is still terrified of Bianca. Chastity and her minions ignore Bianca, back to basics then. Joey thinks she’s over it but Bianca explains that she’s being iced out. Cameron watches them miserably. Kat comes over to tell him he’s been voted Mr. Dependable. He’s upset. Kat tries to make him feel better. She even introduces him to Ms. Dependable and he manages to get a little flirty.

Bianca tries to get back in with the girls with some chocolate chip cookies. No go, she violated the girl code. Bianca begs for one friend. Only if she breaks up with Joey, Chastity tells her. Do that and get your life back.

Kat spots Mandella. They havenn’t seen each other in a while. Kat’s in a new relationship. No she’s not! Oh, but there’s Patrick. Two seconds. Kat invites him to dinner, he turns it down but she needs him to because she wants her dad to trust her again. She won’t lie to him again. She gets home to find her dad prepping dinner but he’s not coming. He’s glad though he pretends to be sympathetic. (He calls Patrick the “man boy.”)

Bianca tries to connect to Dawn but she’s too afraid of Chastity. Dawn suggests dumping Joey. She’ll be there for every second of her sadness.

Cameron flirts with Ms. Dependable and she seems to be into it. She gives him her number so they can coordinate for the photo shoot.

Bianca and Joey were voted cutest couple but she’s declined the honor in order to get her friends back. But he’s Joey! He just won Best Profile, Whitest Teeth, and Flattest Abs! And he’s a good guy. He says if they were really her friends they wouldn’t make her choose. He’s crushed and for the first time I actually feel for him. She feels bad so she kisses him and Chastity sees of course.

Kat is making dinner when her dad came in and it turns out he is coming for dinner. He has such strong feelings for her and he feels vulnerable. This has brought them closer together and her dad isn’t happy when Patrick comes in. They act cute coupley. Patrick’s dad is a tattoo artist. His mom is…”I guess you could call her a dancer.” Patrick asks her father about being a gynecologist. He yells at Patrick to get up for being inappropriate. Kat and Patrick laugh and explain he’s been punked. Dad leaves and asks if what he said about his parents was true. Just one of them…

Bianca greets the cheerleaders in the locker room but none of them are happy to see her. They put a Most Likely to Steal Your Boyfriend ribbon on her locker. Bianca gives a speech about not understanding why everyone is icing her out when she’s been their friend. The other girls seem to feel bad except for Chastity and her blond minion.

Mandela is with her girlfriend, Baby, who is jealous of Kat and dislikes her. (I knew she was gay!) Cameron calls Ms. Dependable and is wondering where she is. It turns out Kat was mistaken about which Lexie it is. The other one is…a dork. Patrick comes in to talk to Kat. Her dad is upset. He thinks it’s cool, it shows how much he cares.

Bianca discusses her lack of friends when Dawn and friends come to the rescue. They stood up to Chastity.

Kat comes home and wants to talk to her dad about what happened. “Dad you’re an adult, use your words!” (I say that to my dad!) She says he deserved it. He won’t watch her life to spiral out of control. If he keeps this up she’ll have to sneak around like other teenagers. Is that what you want? No. They have a real talk. She was the one he never had to worry about. Kat says she won’t surround herself with shady people. If he’s bad, he’s gone. They settle back to watch TV. It’s so cute. For someone so fiery and stubborn, she’s such a daddy’s girl.


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