Miami Medical

Yet another medical show that begins with an explosion which immediately makes me think: “have you not realized that the best medical shows are the ones about great characters and not great injuries?” I worried that the show might be like Trauma or Mercy, shows that are ok but lack well-developed and fully-realized characters. Grey’s Anatomy and ER for example, are full of great characters. I may hate Meredith, but at least I know who she is from episode one. Anyway, Miami Medical follows a team of the top trauma surgeons in the country who work as a team to save people in the “golden hour” which is the 60 minutes that is often the difference between life and death for critical patients.

But, I find that I am pleasantly surprised by this medical pilot. It was much better than I imagined, though perhaps a little too action packed. One part of the greatness of these shows are the regular cast, which in this case was pretty well done: there’s Eva, the experienced woman who thinks she will be leader when the chief has a breakdown (she genuinely loves saving people and that’s the main thing she cares about), there’s ” C,” the cocky guy who is second in command and likes to take lead though he fully supports Eva (people think they’re sleeping together), Selena, the youngest of the team who is still trying to figure out what she wants in life, Tuck the RN who seems to be the one that keeps everything together, and finally the newest addition to the crew is Proctor, the mysterious British doctor who has shown up in Trauma and seems to be taking charge though he keeps his life story a secret. The others aren’t thrilled by the new arrival because they have a way of doing things and they are a set team but he does seem to bring some calm to the room.

There were things that were hard to follow, thanks in large part to the fact the they had so many different patients that it was a little bit difficult to keep it all straight. There was the pregnant woman, the baby, the fiance, the man who lost his hand, and the burn victim and each of those characters had storylines that while touching, didn’t get as much screen time as they might have deserved. This was the part that I was a little less pleased with as I think patients add a lot to a medical show. When done right, we get attached to them even if they’re only around for an episode (or two if we’re lucky). Here there were a few good moments but not enough to REALLY care overall.

On the whole, I’m interested enough in the show to continue checking it out but there are more than enough medical shows out there that I’m expecting big things.


One Response to “Miami Medical”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOL-“I may hate Meredith, but at least I know who she is from episode one. ”

    couldn’t agree MORE! Also, agreed on medical shows needing great characters…I’ve been watching Grey’s reruns lately and nothing will ever compare to those first 2 seasons.

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