Lost: The Package

Everything is green, like night vision goggles. Kate sits on the floor, Sayer offers her cocoa. Locke approaches, the screen goes haywire. Then are back to regular colors, Jin wrapping his bandage around his foot. Lock asks how his leg is doing, suggests he should let it get some air. Smokester wants to talk to Jin about the cave with the names. Kwan is a remaining name. Who is it? Fake Locke needs all the people who aren’t on the list to leave together in order to be able to leave, this way there will be no one to guard him.

AW Jin sits in the airport as Jin is in the airport. The money he’d brought and not declared is taken away. He was supposed to deliver the money with a watch, orders from her father. They get to a hotel in LA and want two rooms because they are not married.

Monster Locke tells Sayid he’s leaving for the night for an errand. Sayid says he doesn’t feel anything. No emotions at all. Smokester suggests it’s best, to help him through what’s coming. Jin sees Locke leave and begins gathering things to leave. Sawyer sees him and wonders where he’s going. Sawyer says he isn’t listening to anyone. Jin is going to find Sun. But then they get shot by sleep darts that seems to mainly hit the castaways. They are Whitmore’s people and seem to be looking only for Jin who they take with them.

Miles and the Captain and Alanna play cards on the beach. They are waiting for Richard to return. Ben doesn’t think he’ll come back, thanks to his seeming breakdown. But Alanna is sure Hugo will manage. Jacob has never lied to her before. She’s confident now. Sun slams her knife into the table. Seems she, like Jin, is not a fan of waiting. Jack goes to talk to her as she works on the garden that isn’t doing so well anymore. Sun doesn’t care for Richard. Jack tells her about the candidates. She doesn’t care about being a candidate. She doesn’t care about the reasons they were brought to the island. She doesn’t want to hear any of it. She just wants to be left alone. Fair enough. Though unlikely.

AW Jin knocks on the door for Sun’s room. He wants to deliver the watch even though he’s missed his meeting. He wants to at least try. What does she care anyway, she’s planning to shop. They’re having a calm version of a fight in which she says there’s more in it for her. She unbutton’s a whole button! Should she button it or not? He finally says no so she does another few. No. All of them. No.

Sun cuts her hand in the garden and Locke-Monster approaches in his I’m calm and trustworthy and therefore not at all way. He says he’s found Jin as promised and can take her to him. She doesn’t believe him. He killed those people. He says they were confused but he didn’t want to hurt them. He’d never force her to do anything. She’s doubtful, but he says Jin is waiting so instead she runs. He gives chase. Well talk about trustworthy. She runs into a tree.

AW Sun and Jin awake in bed together. They seem pleased with themselves. She suggests running away. He doesn’t see how. She has an account. He realizes this was her plan. It’s forbidden! Well, this how they can be together. She has something to tell him but there’s a knock at the door. She puts on a robe and there’s a guy at the door who says he’s a friend of her father’s. He comes in saying he believes she has something for her.

Ben finds Sun but she can’t seem to talk in English for a moment. She says Locke did this to her which isn’t technically true. Locke meanwhile heads back to the camp and finds his people knocked out. He wakes Sayid first. He doesn’t know who attacked them. Where is Jin?

Jin wakes up in a chair. Not strapped though that is an option. He bangs on the door but there is no response. So naturally he flips a switch and it’s like those crazy videos that they showed Carl, Alex’s boyfriend. In comes that woman that Sawyer spoke to. She says he’s safe and then as he tries to leave she tasers him. She needs things from him. They went through a lot of trouble to get him. There’s a map of the island identifying energy and it’s signed by him so she wants to talk to him. He says he wants to talk to Whitmore.

Sayid and Lockester plan to go after Jin. Claire is morose. She asks is her name is on the wall. Nope. It doesn’t matter if she gets on the plane then. He doesn’t need her. He says he does and there’s room. Aaron won’t know her when she gets home. He thinks Kate is his mother. Kate’s name isn’t on the wall anymore but she can help the people needed onto the plane. Once she helps, whatever happens…happens. Sawyer wants to know where they’re going. They took one of our people James!

AW Sun hands the guy the watch. He says he’s supposed to get money. Where is Kwan? Not in his room. Another guy arrives. They search for Kwan and find him in the bathroom. They want their money. Sun explains what happened at customs and that she’ll take out money for him. He lets her go but not Jin. Jin is concerned that his father will find out about them. He agrees not to tell. He just wants the money.

Jack treats Sun’s head wound. She can understand English but can’t speak it. He says it’s usually a temporary condition. Richard and Hurley arrive. Richard says they’re leaving.

Locke reaches the island. People shoot at him and run out with guns. “LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!” They have the towers along the beach to keep him out. Whitmore arrives to speak to him. Whitmore plays dumb about Jin. Locke says war has arrived.

Richard says they have to go to Hydra Island to destroy the plane so Locke can’t leave. Sun refuses to help, though of course they don’t know what she’s saying. She storms off and Hurley surmises her message.

AW Sun is at the bank to take out money. It is taking a while. Records show the account was closed. Sun is shocked, no one knew about it. Her father closed it. Jin meanwhile is manhandled into a storage room. Now to bring Sayid over. They strap Jin to a chair. Sun’s dad was upset about Jin sleeping with Sun and the $25,000 was his fee for killing Jin. Jin says Thank You and then his mouth is taped shut.

Whitmore is upset that Jin was taken early. Oh well, no way to change it. He gives Jin Sun’s camera which has pictures of his daughter. That’s so sweet to see! Whitmore says he has a daughter and understands what it’s like to be kept apart. He understands what Jin wants, but Locke would destroy everything if he got off the island. (Isn’t Whitmore’s daughter dead?) He’s come to make sure Locke doesn’t escape. He can see the package now, which is a who.

AW Jin is in the storage closet when Sayid kills the others. He knocks on the door in an attempt to escape and Sayid finds him. Sayid doesn’t really care about him. In his limited Jin asks to be freed. Sayid puts the blade in his hands. Really? You couldn’t just take the few minutes to cut them? Sun is brought in a little later and everyone is dead. One man is marginally alive, the ringleader. And when he asks who killed everyone, it turns out, Jin is still around. He has a gun and tells Sun to get back. He doesn’t think Jin would do this because if he had, he would have shot her already. But in the scuffle, Sun is shot. And she’s pregnant.

Sun sits by a small fire on the beach and Jack approaches with some things. He has a pad to see if she can right in English. She can. It’s just her speech that’s a problem. It’s something. Jack checked for Locke but he wasn’t in the garden. There was a tomato though. They reconcile. Jack asks what Locke said. Does she trust Jack? Yes. He wants her to come with them to find Jin. He’ll get them on the plane and away. He promises. To this, she agrees.

Kate is somewhat depressed and Sawyer sits beside her. He asys he’s worried even though he’s pretending otherwise. But he thinks it’s almost over. Locke returns. Where is Sayid though? Sayid stayed behind to discover what was behind the secret door Sawyer had seen. Sayid sees Whitmore’s people carrying a man–Desmond? Who spots him but keeps quiet. He’s been drugged and it pretty out of it.


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