Gossip Girl: The Empire Strikes Jack

Ellenore Waldorf’s new line is about to launch. Rufus brings Jenny over to help out with the line in an attempt to make her stop sulking. Surprisingly, Ellenore agreed despite what had happened last time.

Blaire is excited for the fashion show. Chuck has breakfast planned with his mother so he can’t join Blaire and Ellenore. Chuck’s security arrives to tell him to vacate the premises. The orders come from his mother.

Jenny thanks Ellenore and says she won’t let her down. Ellenore says she’s a firm believer in second chances. She’s even rehired Agnus. That’s awkward. Agnus says she’s 90 days sober.

Dan and Vanessa are in an elevator. It’s time…to tell everyone they’re dating! Everyone seems to know already. Dan told Serena who told Rufus. SO much for all that nervousness that no one cared about.

Ellenore says that Mr. Conwell of Conwell’s Department Stores is flying in. High end has fallen on hard times so she’s aiming for lower end. “Feed the masses eat with the classes.” She wants Blaire to surround him with the kind of girls that they would aim to sell to so Blaire should invite her college freshman friends. 10 or 20, no more than 30 friends would do. Funny thing…Blaire has no friends. Blaire has an idea… (Vanessa?)

Chuck is shocked by his mother when Jack comes in to say they’re kicking him out. He finds out he’s been played. Elizabeth kind of looks sorry which is strange since last episode she seemed totally fine with screwing him over.

Serena tells Vanessa she’s happy for them. Being with someone you’ve known for so long is good. Serena invites them to the fashion show and Dan says they have a Saturday tradition. Nothing new and exciting there…

Agnus doesn’t make things easy for Jenny but she grudgingly obeys. Agnus says she would have quit the fashion line anyway but Jenny apologizes anyway. Agnus apologizes back. They hug and make up. Jenny gets a text from Damien saying he need his stuff back. Jenny tells Agnus about what happened. So Agnus calls Damien to “set up a swap.” It’s payback. She’ll flush the pills in front of his face, take back her pride and all that. Jenny bites.

Vanessa tells Serena she wants to do something special for Dan, she doesn’t want things to get boring. Nate suggests role playing. Serena suggests role playing with the theme of his favorite movie. Dan gets a text, it’s Chuck. They have to find him now.

Ellenore sees Jenny’s design and decides to close the show with it. She wants to give her a more permanent job. The pills are brought over by Agnus’s friend. Jenny decides she doesn’t want to do it in the end. She doesn’t want to ruin anything.

Jack explains to Serena, Dan, and Blaire what happened. His lawyer was in on it the whole time. His only hope is to convince Elizabeth to sign the hotel back over, he realizes that Jack has something on her. He just needs to figure out what. They wonder is Elizabeth is even Chuck’s mother. Jack could have switched the results. Blaire says she has to get her 30 friends. She sends Dorota to ask Brandeis.

While Jenny goes down, Agnus grabs the pills from her purse. Clearly sober is not the way she wants to stay.

At the fashion show, Serena and Blaire discuss how Chuck wants to handle the situation themselves. Brandeis and crew go to speak to Conwell at Blaire’s request.

Vanessa has set up date night, as discussed. Anyone else supremely bored with them? Dan was only remotely interesting when he interested with Georgina and even then…

Agnus distributes pills among the girls. Jenny catches her and tells her she won’t let her ruin the show. She’ll tell her the truth. Ellenore doesn’t want to listen because the show’s about to start. Agnus plans to ruin Jenny. She was going to wait until the after party but she plans to move things up.

Chuck has a few loyal employees and manages to get Elizabeth over. She says it hasn’t been about money. She loves Jack. Chuck says he is using her and then he will leave her. She says Jack doesn’t judge her, he’s kind and loving. What kind of kind and loving person would do this? She didn’t know how much she’d come to care. She can’t give the hotel back. She needs Jack and he needs her. He loves her. Chuck says if she believes that she deserves whatever happens next.

Nate gets a call from Chuck. He couldn’t get through to Elizabeth. It’s over. Nate suggests Nate bring Jack to Ellenore’s fashion show. He has a plan.

Vanessa’s done the whole dinner thing and though he doesn’t love the food, he says it’s amazing. Vanessa thinks they’re in a rut. They’ve only just started dating. Rufus interrupts. Vanessa leaves in her upset “why does Dan want things to be the way they’ve always been” whininess.

The show begins. Things seem to be going well. Conwell’s says that the clientele that the line attracts is not the kind he wants in his stores…prostitutes. Has Brandeis told him? The show itself seems to be doing well. They slip Jenny some drugs in a glass of wine. Agnus points out that she’s always wanted payback. Agnus says her life was going to change but Jenny ruined it.

Jack arrives at the party and Nate sends him to the bar.

Rufus decides to remain despite the obvious fact that he should have left. Rufus asks Dan why the date is such a disaster. Rufus suggests they talk it through. Vanessa leaves.

Blaire yells at Brandeis thinking she ruined. Conwell, it turns out, knew one of the guys. He’s a client of theirs. Blaire apologizes and then runs after Mr. Conwell to use this new information to blackmail him into buying the line.

Nate and Serena’s plan is to get Jack with some hookers so they can show it to Elizabeth. Doesn’t work though, he picks up on the plan. Nate spots Jenny getting into the cab wasted but it leaves before he can do anything about it. Agnus takes Jenny to a bachelor party. She’s clearly out of it but the guys don’t care.

Conwell tells Blaire that the deal is set. He’d like to change the name because it sounds too “uppity” but she refuses. She’d rather lose the deal than herself. “Never hide who you are.” Blaire tells her mom everyone at NYU hates her. She has minions but they’re hardly worthy of the term. She didn’t want her mom to be disappointed in her but she hates it. Ellenore says Waldorf women are special because they don’t fit in just anywhere and she just has to fine out where.

Nate manages to get through to Jenny at the bar. Luckily his phone can track her phone so he figures out where she is. One guy keeps eying her and it seems like she may be saved from rape yet again by a night in shining armor. Or she’ll actually be raped.

Vanessa says she worries that they do all the same things they did before they were dating and he says he has a surprise planned.

Chuck wonders why Elizabeth called him over. She reveals that she signed the hotel over to Jack. She realized what she had done and made Jack choose between her and the hotel. Needless to say, he chose the hotel. She’s leaving. Chuck asks her to stay, for him. She says not his mother. She doesn’t know about his real mother but she’s sure that she loved him and is nothing like him. He says she’s right, his real mother could never have hurt him the way she did.

Some guy gets Jenny off the couch to take her to his place but Nate comes in just in time. By the time they get back home, she’s feeling well enough to stand and speak and lie to her dad saying she’s exhausted.

Blaire tells Serena she’s revealed the truth. Some girls approach to ask if she’s Blaire. They’re freshman at Columbia and they thought she was dead because she hasn’t been on Gossip Girl. Blaire wonders what Serena knows about Columbia. Clearly that’s where she should go…

Nate realizes Jenny forgot her purse. He comes in to find her holding her head and upset. She asks what’s wrong with her. How’d she end up where she is. Things haven’t been easy for him easy but now he’s with Serena and so happy. Things will turn around for her too. What if it doesn’t? She gets a text. It’s Ellenore hiring her. See? Something good. I used to like Jenny’s storyline but ever since she became a brat I’m over her. Though I do miss Eric.

Dan and Vanessa have a date in which they do the same thing they always do. He says the benefit for him is that even though they do the same things, being in a relationship makes things the best thing he can imagine. (Bleh.)

Nate and Serena kiss a little, just to prove how happy they are. Jenny looks at pictures of the happy couple on GG.

Jack almost seems sad. He calls Elizabeth and she asked if he changed his mind. He says he was hoping she did. She asks how she ever loved him. She doesn’t want money or anything. Jack says she’s destroyed her relationship with her son. (Clever, so she lied to Chuck…but really, I don’t care who you love, how can you do that to your son?) She plans to make a new life for herself.

Blaire is putting up decorations when Chuck comes in. Everything is lost but he says he’s not sorry and she shouldn’t be either. He’s not backing down. Blaire says if it’s a war Jack wants, it’s a war Jack will get.

Can it finally start getting good again?


One Response to “Gossip Girl: The Empire Strikes Jack”

  1. sarah Says:

    Clearly they are setting it up for Blaire to transfer to Columbia for whatever reason….I would like them to get to some more real college issues, but dare to dream…

    Van and Dan absolutely SUCK together.

    I’m wondering if the GG writers got together with the 90210 ones…Chuck is Dylan McKay 2.0- losing all his $$$ from a con once again.

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