ABDC: Nationals Week 7

The penultimate episode of the season has the final three facing off for a spot in the finale. This week the theme is hip hop and crews must incorporate hip hop styles from across America.

The crew safe from this week’s elimination is Blue Print Cru, which I’m sure no one expected since they’ve probably been in the bottom the most. I love that the routine is so much longer now. This entire routine was so action packed and high energy that it was a lot of fun to watch. It had some slow moments but overall, a lot of fun and pretty cool. Omarion says their challenge was tough because it was so not their style. They got grimy with it. JC agrees and he’s glad they’re in the finals. Finally. Lil Mama said it was so funny to see them out of their element. It was cute and humorous because they work so hard and always take their challenge.

Next up is Poreotix. As always, Poreotix is funny and entertaining. JC says they’re funny dudes. A lot happened and they covered it all. They handled it all masterfully but they had a few small mistakes. Omarion says he’s been waiting for this all season. They came out in full. Everyone can feel their energy. Lil Mama says they brought everything. They kept a dangerous speed and still hit everything.

Hype 5-0 is next up. They also work to bring in some comedy and it’s clear that all the groups think comedy is the way to go. Lil Mama says they made it clear that this is a battle. From beginning to end they showed different things. They did their thing. Omarion says people might feel weird about it but he gets it. JC says he was pleasantly surprised. The opening was pure energy. Everything was passionate.

The winner of the faceoff is determined over the break and the winner is…POREOTIX! Exciting. My two favorites are in the finale.

There’s still ten minutes left of the show which is a last chance challenge…each crew gets a final routine to prove themselves to win votes. They get to choose everything from choreography to makeup to wardrobe to set.

Up first is Blue Print Cru. I think this crew is very talented though there is still something weird about them being from Canada and competing for America’s best dance crew. This is a very interesting routine and the part that really speeds up is impressive. I’m not sure it’s goof enough for a win but I guess I’ll need to see the other crew first to decide.

Second comes Poreotix. I’m not sure what I expected from them but I don’t think this was their best performance. It’s a little slow in the beginning and though it does pick up, it slows down again before the end. It also isn’t as funny as they usually are.


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