ABDC: Nationals Week 6

This week is the illusion challenge. This could potentially be really cool. There’s also a group performance from the top four which I wonder who designed. It’s cool but there are so many of them for such a big stage that it looks messy. The costumes also don’t really work together. And is that Lil Mama who enters the performance? With a fairly cool costume change. I didn’t know she could dance. Mario Lopez’s entrance wasn’t as cool.

The top two crews will be safe until next week. The bottom two will battle it out for a spot in the top three.

The first group safe is Hype 5-0. Well, that’s a little surprising since it means Blue Print Cru is in the bottom two. The illusion is to make an object come alive. They can’t come up with anything until the illusionist comes in to demonstrate. They end up with canes. Meh. It’s an ok performance they use the prop well but it’s not the most exciting performance I’ve ever seen. Lil Mama thought it was good. (She also gives everyone props for doing the challenge plus the group performance.) She appreciates the way they slowed things up. Omarion feels like their choreography never changes. Utilize the props and be creative. Bring it harder. JC says this is the moment before the last impression. He says there was too much running to places and less choreography.

Poreotix is group number two that is safe. This means Jungle Boogie is the other bottom two crew. Their illusion is moving an object with their mind which seems similar to the pole trick. Their demonstration is with a chair. They use a funky looking box with holes in it. They use the block well, passing it around and knocking each other over. It seemed like a very short performance. JC liked the end. They accomplished the task well though they were a bit gentle with the prop. Maybe not their best choreography though. He wants them to kill it. Lil Mama agrees and she likes that they gave the west coast a shout out. They worked the challenge. The dancing wasn’t their best but it was entertaining. Omarion agrees the difficulty wasn’t their but they had energy. They used the illusion to the fullest.

Blue Print Cru is first in the battle for a spot in the finals. One of them must become lighter than air. While they didn’t manage to make the illusion any more creative than the demonstration they got, the actual choreography was really well done. Omarion congratulates them for a great season. He commends them for the performance which was more storytelling then normal. JC thinks the intro was slow but the rest was great. Execution and diversity is the reason the group is so great and he doesn’t know why they’re in the bottom this week. Lil Mama says the took it to the next level. She liked how they used the arena not just the stage. They’ve always given their all. They brought in a lot of stunts not just the illusion.

Jungle Boogie is last and they get the trick: pass a body through a solid surface. They want to use their twinness. You can kind of see the fabric open in the middle of the prop they use but otherwise I liked this performance a lot. Go figure the best two performances are in the bottom two. Omarion says they’ve been one of their favorite crews. He thinks the opening was slow but they picked it up. JC thoughts it was playful. They danced and tore the stage up. He doesn’t think the bottom two crews should be in the bottom. Lil Mama says they’re off the hook and brought the highest energy of the night.

Decision time. The crew moving on is…Blue Print Cru!

Sidenote: I absolutely HATE what Lil Mama is wearing. It looks like a jewel studded bib.


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