90210: Clark Raving Mad

Naomi and Liam making out in someone’s parking spot. It’s the last one in the lot. Jasper says he was trying to help Annie. He’ll do anything for her. She tells him if he wants to do something for her he should leave her alone.

Navid announces that they have a new faculty adviser names Mr. Cannon. Naomi asks what to know to do when the editor edits out her stories. Navid says they have to have credible sources and Cannon agrees. Naomi insults him and is silenced. She is not pleased.

Silver sees Teddy and she asks him if he wants to have lunch but he makes up an excuse and leaves. Naomi tells her to ask him. Adrianna sees Rumor and makes an excuse to leave just as she approaches. Well that’s unnecessary.

Annie misses the bus and Liam offers her a ride. She turns him down but he insists. (I expected Jasper to stare at them leave with an angry look.) Liam apologizes for being a coward about the Jenn thing. Annie wants to talk about something else. So he chooses ferrets. They get to a hotel and see two people making out. The man is his stepdad and the woman was not his mom.

Dixon and his mom are bonding. Aunt Becky isn’t as happy as Dixon about this.

Naomi comes in to talk to Cannon because Navid said he wanted to talk to her. He says she owes him an apology but she thinks he owes her one. He points out that she was insulting and belligerent. He kicks her off the paper. So she apologizes “for whatever he thinks she did wrong.” She begs him not to do this. She actually likes this and could be good at it. He says he’s made his decision. She says she’ll do anything and he thinks she’s offering to sleep with her. He’s appalled and tells her to leave.

Navid talks to some girl about internet and the terms hot and cold media. His new girlfriend I guess. He kisses her in front of Adrianna who sets up the microphone. The girl says she knows it must be weird that her band mate is dating her ex. Ad says no worries. Well, she has secretly moved on, even if she’s in denial.

Dixon and his mom are at a sports bar watching basketball. She has to head home for work. She dropped everything when he emailed but she has responsibilities. He’s sad though he pretends not to be.

Silver is looking for Teddy at the tennis club and bluntly asks him what’s going on with them. He doesn’t know. He wants to be with someone who trusts her. She says she does. She can’t prove it without being given a chance. He agrees.

Liam’s stepdad gets home and he punches him. His mom comes out concerned for the stepdad but then she hears why Liam punched him and goes back inside uninterested in talking to him.

Adrianna arrives at school and Rumer is conveniently waiting for her. Ad pretends she hasn’t been avoiding her. Rumer says her friendship is important to her so let’s ignore the crush thing…Ad agrees.

Naomi intends to get everyone to demand Naomi get her back into the paper. Silver points out that she was out of line. She wants Rumer (Gia on the show) to support her but once again she’s told no one supports her here. So Naomi pretends that he wanted her to sleep with him in exchange for a position on the Blaze. Now they’ll all support him. Really Naomi? It’s high school.

Liam packs up to leave. His mom comes in to tell him she’s not leaving his stepdad. You don’t just walk out when things are going bad, you work through it. She wants him to understand. He’s disappointed and “has nothing to say to her.”

Ad and Rumer watch a romance flick. They finish each other’s sentences and are awkward about physcial contact (like hands touchign n the popcorn bowl.

Silver tells Teddy she’s never been good at traditional sports other than dodgeball. They’re getting along better now. He suggests dessert but she says she has to get back to the Blaze. Just then some girl named Tara, who he used to date arrives. She offers them passes to a film. Silver has to go but he’s free. Silver isn’t thrilled but she says it’s fine. It almost feels like he’s trying to test her.

Naomi calls everyone from the paper for an emergency meeting the next day. Liam shows up, clearly upset. He tells her what happened. She understands how he feels, her mom did the same thing. (Qs: Is Surfer Girl now off the show? Cause that would be upsetting.)

Annie gets to school and sees Liam. She asks how things are. Jasper interrupts saying there’s something important to talk to her about. She refuses. He says he loves her but she’s too far away to hear it. Or care.

Dixon’s mom waits for him. They’d made plans for her last day. That’s a good plan Dixon, because you’re upset she’s leaving again, ruin the last day you have with her. It’s not like she plans to be out of your life from now on. Clearly she’s interested in bonding.

Silver rants about Teddy to Naomi and says she’s sure he is testing her. Ad comes in with flyers. It’s Ad’s band’s performance. She wants to talk to them about something complicated…Rumer? Rumer told her she has a crush on her…She started thinking about Rumer as not just a friend…she stopped watching the movie and started thinking about her instead. Is she gay? Silver doesn’t think it’s that simple. It’s a spectrum. Some people are totally gay or straight but that most people are somewhere in the middle. Don’t get caught up in the labels. (Naomi’s advice is more stupid, she thinks she’d be a good gay icon…) Rumer makes her feel more than friendship happy.

Dixon’s mom continues to wait for him. Meanwhile Aunt Beckyy has coffee with her yoga instructor. Hypocrite much? She says she’s not thrilled about her mother. Dixon’s mom sees them together. Aunt Becky tells him she doesn’t get to vent at home. Dixon’s mother is there long enough to kiss her. Aunt Becky pulls back. “What are you doing? I’m married?”

Silver calls Teddy wondering where he is. He says he blew off the movie and got drunk instead. She;s unhappy.

Dixon’s mom finds him in his room and wonders why he didn’t come. He’s too busy playing video games. She asks the obvious: “are you upset because I’m leaving?” She says it isn’t for good. This last week has been amazing and she wants to be in his life. He wants to know why he should believe her. Why didn’t she ever reach out to him? She says she didn’t want to disrupt his life. She always thought about him though. She always prays for him. He thought she’d moved on. Never! She’ll be there as much as he wants her to be.

Naomi gives the speech about how they need to oust Cannon. She gives a grand speech against tyranny. Not many good metaphors there. Navid walks in and wonders what is going on. Naomi wants them to strike. No one seems to be on her side but he’s still concerned and says he will go to Cannon to see if he will give her another shot.

Aunt Becky (Debbie) is making a cake when Dixon’s mom comes to talk to her about what she saw. She says she was shocked about the kiss and she’s going to tell Harry when he gets home. Dixon’s mom wonders if that’s a good idea. There’s already tension between them. Family matters trickle down to the kids. She tells her not to risk her family. (Like these kind of secrets never blow up in anyone’s face.)

Rumer sees Ad reading a book about sex with women. Ad doesn’t believe being gay is a choice. Maybe for some people it is. Everything makes sense until it doesn’t…Rumer asks why she’s reading it. She thinks she likes her. Rumer says she won’t find the answer in a book. How does she figure it out? Umm, well, a kiss? (What answer did you think you were going to get?) Ad agrees. (PS- Ad is so much prettier now.) They kiss and then Rumer asks good or gross. Ad says good, she’s a good kisser. Something she liked and got out of her system or something she’d want to do again. Ad says do again. So she kind of digs her. She’d go on a date if asked. Yup. (I’m glad we at least saw this relationship develop.)

The band’s performance. Ad’s not too bad. Not great either though. Silver finds Teddy lifting weights and says she is jealous, he wins. She doesn’t understand why he made such a big deal to be with her and now he’s just going to throw it away. He’s afraid that she was right. His dad has cheated on all his wives. He’s never cared about a girl enough to stay faithful and he’d hate himself if he ever cheated. She tells him she trusts him (which by the way, doesn’t mean she can’t be jealous, just to be clear). They kiss and make up. (I don’t like that Silver has become super-trendy.)

Dixon says goodbye to his mom. They’ll talk every week and skye “whatever that is” and stuff. (She gives him money from a basketball bet they made together plus extra. It’s hard to say but his expression says it’s a lot of money.)

Naomi has given Liam some space to leave his clothes. Since he’ll be staying a while when Ad and Silver arrive to talk to her about Mr. Cannon. They still have an issue with what he said to her. Naomi says it’s ok, forget about it. They all insist he can’t let her get away with it, not like their mothers did.

Annie calls Liam to check in and see how he’s doing. Trying to steal him now. Jasper calls her. He’s saying goodbye because he plans to kill himself. She’s that special! (Except she’s not.) She tells him to stop but he hangs up. (Is he at the Hollywood Sign that he took her to that in real life you can’t get to?)


One Response to “90210: Clark Raving Mad”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOVE that you call Dixon and Annie’s mom Aunt Becky still…as do my friends and I because that is who she will always be…aka DJ Tanner on MIOBI.

    Anyway…I can totally see Annie becoming bet. Naomi and Liam since he used to like her, and I still DISLIKE her btw. This Dixon thing is turning into Brandon Walsh 2.0….it will only be a matter of time before he gets into trouble with gambling too.

    Oh and I hate trendy Silver too…I liked her snark blog and when her and naomi hated each other.

    I think Jasper is going to off himself because I read a spoiler about that and also something ‘terrible’ is supposed to happen to Naomi too, and I am wondering if her little stunt here goes too far…

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