10 Things: Da Repercussions

Bianca is calling Kat because she’s waiting for her to pick her up. Joey offers a ride home but Bianca says they can’t be together because of Chastity. He wishes he could let everyone know he’s seeing her. (What does she see in him exactly? He’s kind of an idiot?) Bianca has plans for how they can stay together.

Kat and Patrick are on the beach. Kat is thrilled about walking out of school. She feels alive! Alive enough to kiss him! She wants to get in the water, he turns her down, so she goes in by herself. Not long after she realizes that she’s suspended and her dad will kill her.

Bianca tells Kat she’s too stressed about Chastity to revel in her impending doom. He wants to know why she didn’t drop the issue. She said she had to do it, she had to stand up for their rights. Their father says he’s the emperor and the consequences of her actions are she must paint the living room. Bianca is too busy searching for girls who look like her. She wants to overwhelm Chastity with the number of girls who look like her from the back.

Non-Joseph Gordon Levitt is trying to get over Bianca. He’s hurt and disappointed but not angry at her. But of course, Bianca shows up and now he’s angry at her. Chastity has figured out where the surveillance tapes are kept and she wants Bianca to get Cameron to get the key.

Kat is painting when Pat comes in to help. Pat teases her about liking him and then he reveals that she will get a zero on the test she’s missing for being suspended. She’s ruined her entire life! He offers to break her into school to take the test. Well, if this isn’t the opposite of what everyone does on a day off of school. Pat knocks on some van and it opens to reveal a bunch of stoners (who managed to get their stash out of school thanks to Kat’s theatrics). Pat says they need passage. (Insert Apple commercial: there’s an App for that.)

Joey has snuck out of class to see Bianca. She says they’re plan has troubles. She wants him to steal the keys from Cameron so she can get the tapes before Chastity.

As Kat and Pat sneak around to get in, they have to jump into the closet to hide and bang into Bianca and Joey. Kat manages to get into class and talk her way into taking the test.

Joey tries to steal the keys but he’s not very stealthy and Cameron catches him. So Joey explains what he needs.

Kat tells Pat she took the test and aced it but to keep from getting caught again she kisses him in the hallway to obscure her face. But she and Pat get caught anyway.

Joey tells Bianca the truth. Cameron gave Chastity the tapes but the tape is ruined before it shows her face. Bianca asks Chastity why she cares so much. Chastity says it’s because it’s humiliating. It didn’t even take him a day to get over her. Bianca says the girl can’t compare to her.

The principal wants to know why Kat is in the school. Kat explains she wanted to get a test. The principal wants to punish her for breaking in. Her dad stands up for her only to discover that Pat was the poor kid she was defending.

Bianca comes up to Cameron and thanks him for erasing the tape. She apologizes for not telling him about Joey. Cameron apologizes for thinking she was a good person, she’s a ruthless vixen who will step on anyone who gets in her way. Chastity comes over in a much better mood. Bianca says she has something to tell her. She tells her the truth.

Her dad is mad at Kat for lying to him. She tries to defend herself but he leaves. Bianca finds Kat, covered in ice cream. Chastity is chasing her.

This episode wasn’t as funny or clever as the ones before. I’m hoping it will pick up.


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