Our Family Wedding

The main reason I wanted to see this movie was because America Ferrara was in it. I kind of like her (both for the fact that she is not the typical Hollywood look and because she usually does fun, uplifting things) but didn’t really know what the movie was about, so I decided to go when my friend asked if I was interested. It was that or Cop Out which I had zero interest in.

Anyway, the movie is about a Mexican-American girl and an African-American guy who fall for each other and get engaged. The problem: they haven’t told their parents. Lucia hasn’t told her family for a number of reasons. One is that they are very traditional and want her to marry another Mexican. Another is that she dropped out of law school to teach. Marcus meanwhile has a father who had a bitter divorce and no longer believes in marriage. But finally it comes time to reveal their engagement and things don’t go so well. In part because their fathers have a run in with one other before meeting as soon to be in laws.

The movie was cute, but overall nothing special. It had occasional funny moments but little, if anything, stood out as unique or particularly well done. America Ferrara played her part, but it was all predictable. She also looked very tired throughout which I think is partially poor makeup. The one character who I particularly enjoyed was Isabel, Lucia’s sister, who is something of a Tomboy. She was the funniest character thanks mostly to some snappy writing, but I for one wished she’d had more of a real storyline.

All in all, I don’t recommend paying to see this in theaters. It was fun but not worth the price of a theater ticket. Rent it once it’s on DVD.


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