Lost: Ab Aeterno

Jacob comes to someone wrapped in a bandage saying he’s sorry he couldn’t come sooner. It’s Ilana and he needs her help. He tells her there are six people she needs to protect. They’re the remaining candidates. (So Ilana is that woman’s name!)

In modern times they wonder about what to do. Ilana asks Richard what to do since Jacob said he’d know. Richard laughs and says he doesn’t know. Richard thinks everything Jacob has ever said was a lie. The secret he’s known for a long time is they’re all dead. The Island isn’t real. It’s Hell. He thinks it’s time to listen to someone else. He picks up a torch and goes to “follow someone else.” Ilana wants to go after Richard but Jack says Richard doesn’t know what to do. They reveal smokester Locke that Richard intends to follow. Hurley is talking to someone invisible and Jack thinks it’s Jacob but Hurley says it’s nothing to do with him. Ben says Richard doesn’t know anything. He’s known Ben when he was 12. Richard looked exactly like he does now.

Richard of Old rides a horse to a house and goes inside. There’s a woman lying in bed named Isabella who is sick though she tries to pretend to be fine. She’s coughing up blood. Richard wants to go for the doctor. He worries about them having enough money and she offers up her cross-necklace. She says they’ll always be together. He promises to save her. (This seems like the most random past ever relative to the Island.)

Someone tries to keep Richard from coming inside but he forces his way in. The doctor refuses to go with him because it’s raining out but he says he has medicine that can help. The problem is money…Richard offers him everything including the necklace but the doctor says it isn’t enough. So naturally Richard gets into a fight with him and accidentally kills him. But he does manage to get the medicine. He takes off for Isabelle who lies in bed with a book in hand but he’s too late. Naturally.

He’s thrown in jail where he sits and reads when a priest comes in with food. He says he’s not hungry. Richard has been teaching himself English because he and Isabelle had planned to travel the world and have a family. He makes a confession to the priest for killing the doctor. The priest says he isn’t forgiven for murder. Richard says it was an accident. He needs a way to earn God’s forgiveness. Penance. He won’t get a chance because he will be hung tomorrow. (This is a crappy priest…)

It is time for Richard’s hanging and he prays for forgiveness. Some guy (turns out to be Mr. Whitfield) stops them to see if he speaks English. He has strong hands. Mr. Whitfield buys him to send him to the new world.

He is taken on a ship through a storm. He and others are chained in the brig. They spot an island and then a guy says he sees a devil guarding it. It kind of looks like a dragon for the three seconds that I can see it before they crash into it.

The ship ends up on the island and the prisoners wake up, still in chains. One guy says god spared them. Some of them. Some of the crew is alive but the captain is dead. The prisoners call for help and someone comes down and runs the men through with a sword. He says they have limited supplies and with five officers left…they’d try to kill them if they freed them. Before he can kill Richard the smokester comes to claim the other officers. The man who came to kill them calls for the others and then he is taken too. Richard fights to get free (consider quiet for the moment). The smoke monster slithers its way down the stairs and stops in front of him as though studying him but then it disappears.

Richard works to free himself when a storm suddenly starts. He tries to get to the water pouring in but he can’t reach. He’s week by the time he manages to get a screw to help him work through the wood to pull the chains from the wall. A wild boar comes into the hold and seems to be eating one of the dead men. Richard scares the thing and it runs off. He dropped his nail though and now it’s out of his reach. (What about his feet?)

Someone comes in checking is anyone is inside. It’s…Isabelle? She runs to him and says they’re both dead (the smoke monster then?) and she wants to get him out before the devil comes. We hear it coming and he tells her to run. She doesn’t want to but he insists. She starts screaming and it’s gotten her. (Can the smoke monster get itself?)

Someone else comes down with some water to give him. Jacob? Nope some other guy whose name I can’t remember though he looks familiar. The man offers water who says he is a friend. He also tells Richard he is in hell. He was here on the island long before the ship. It probably means He has her if she hasn’t returned. The man says he wants to be free too. He’s also brought keys and he wants a guarantee of help, anything he asks. Richard agrees, he hasn’t got much choice after all. Richard is weak and needs to be helped up. They need to escape by killing the devil. Richard and friend eat pig and then discuss the plan The ship hit a statue, which explains the broken foot. The man says he needs to kill the devil (who took his body and humanity) with much the same advice as the master gave Sayid. He admits to being the black smoke but says he didn’t take Isabelle and if he wants to see her he must kill the devil.

Richard goes to the beach where he finds the brown statue, knife in hand, and there’s a door at the base. Richard gets punched a few times before he can even see who is there. It’s Jacob! He wants to know what he’s doing there or how he got the dagger. Jacob realizes it is the smoke monster who sent him. Jacob says he isn’t dead, it wasn’t his wife. Richard doesn’t believe him, he thinks he’s dead. Jacob gives him a taste of drowning to convince him otherwise. Jacob says they need to talk. (Is this an entirely flashback episode because no offense but I don’t care all that much for Richard and how he ended up immortal.)

Jacob brings him wine and says no one comes into the statue unless he invites them. Richard asks if he is the devil. No. He did bring them to the island though. The island keeps the devil from getting out. The smokester believes it is in people’s nature to sin. Jacob tries to prove them wrong. Others have tried but they died. He says if he has to make them do what’s right it’s meaningless. Richard points out that if he doesn’t the smokester will. Jacob offers Richard a job. He doesn’t want to step in but maybe Richard can do it. In return he will get…immortality (the other things he asked for are things he couldn’t do).

Richard returns to the pre-Locke smokester with a pebble who tells him that he will never see his wife again. Should he change his mind, his offer still stands. He has something for him. It’s something he found on the ship–the necklace his wife had given him. Richard buries the necklace.

Modern day Richard is wandering through the jungle and goes to where he buried the cross to dig it up. He’s changed his mind, he calls for the smokester asking if the offer still stands. Hurley arrives asking what he wants. Hurley says Isabella sent him. Isabelle is with them now, she wants to know why he buried the cross. Richard is in shock. She says his English is awesome. He wants to know if she’s really there. She tells him to close his eyes. (Hurley relates the message.) She says it wasn’t his fault that she died, it was her time. He’s suffered enough. He misses her and wants to be with her. She says they’re already together. And then she’s gone. He puts the cross back on. Thanks Hurley. She said one more thing, something he has to do: stop the man in black from leaving the island otherwise they will all go to hell.

Jacob approaches the man in black holding the pebble Jacob sent. Jacob wonders why he did it. Because he wants to leave. Smokey says he will kill Jacob and anyone who replaces him as guardian of the island. Jacob offers him the wine which the smoke monster smashes (symbolic of escaping by force I suppose).


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