The Secret Life: Ben There, Done That

It has arrived, the last week of Amy’s whining for the season!

Amy gets a call from Ricky to talk about John’s party. He doesn’t know what to do for it. He’s never really had a birthday party until he was over. He wants to include her in the party-planning. She’s in a rush to put John to Ben. She says it’s more for them since John won’t remember it. He’s surprised she doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. He’s relieved to hear that. Amy’s got John. She wants to have his birthday party alone first, the night before. She seems pleased with herself. John seems confused. But he seems to like the cupcake.

Anne wakes Amy and wonders why John is wearing his suit. Mimzy might have suffered a stroke. She doesn’t know if she’ll be back in time for John’s birthday. Anne sees that John has cupcake on his face. Anne says everyone who’d been through the year with her missed it. Amy wants her to wait. Anne wonders where Amy, the girl who did the right thing, went. Amy manages a last moment I hope Mimzy’s ok. George is going up too. She’s upset about this too. Amy stop whining. Anne at least tells her to stop it.

George goes to tell Ashleigh and then she asks to go on the pill. He begs her not to have sex, he says it isn’t fun. He asks if she’s done it. She says no. He says she’s too young to do it. He likes Grant but she doesn’t want to have a baby with him. Things can go wrong even if they use protection. She says they’ve been making out a lot and she likes it and they may want to do more than that at some point. She just wants to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake. He begs her to wait until she’s 18 and then he’ll support her. She agrees. But she wants to be on the pill anyway just in case. She doesn’t think things would go that far but neither do other people who make a mistake. It’s finding out about Adrian that’s gotten to her.

Adrian and Grace talk about her potential pregnancy. Grace advises her to take a pregnancy test. If she’s pregnant it’s not Ricky. It can only be Ben. Grace wants her to lie that it’s Ricky. She intends to have an abortion which Grace is against. She doesn’t want Ben to know that she might be having Ben’s baby. She says she has to take responsibility. Adrian says she isn’t having a baby and ruining her life like Amy. She can’t be a mother like Amy. Grace says they can discuss that later. But first, take a test. Adrian thinks she already knows.

Madison and Lauren wants to come to John’s party. They’re family too! She’s glad they feel that way. They discuss the wedding and their sex plans. They discuss different sized condoms. Jesse and Jack discuss meanwhile. Jesse doesn’t want to say no about sex yet. He’s afraid to be her first and he isn’t ready to do it now. Jesse says Grace always struck him as unpredictable. He doesn’t like feeling like he has to have sex. And half the kids in high school don’t have sex. Grace calls his attention. She’s hiding from Madison. He doesn’t want her to ruin his relationship. She needs someone to talk to in order to talk Adrian out of abortion. He suggests going to Ben. Not an option…Madison sees them talking.

Ben, Henry, and Alice talk about not being invited to the baby’s party. They plan to crash. Ben tells Griffin that he and Grant and a date are invited to the wedding (which Ashleigh has said otherwise). Griffin gives Ashleigh to the news. She wonders who he’s bringing. He heard she’s thinking about sex and says it’s too soon. She says too soon for him too. She’s surprised he said something but George told him. She storms off.

Ricky is upset at Amy for having her own mini-party. Ben wanted to check that Ricky plans to come to the wedding. He’s pissed at Amy. They aren’t acting like adults. Adrian sees them talking (and looks pensive).

George talks to Mimzy about how he doesn’t have to marry Anne unless he wants to. She tells Anne she can’t wait for their wedding. Anne says they haven’t decided on a wedding yet. Anne says they have too much going on. She doesn’t want to get married tomorrow. He tells her to stop being a scaredy cat. If he pushes her, she’ll move the other way. Mimzy pulls out her old wedding dress. She reveals that she’s been married recently. In walks some black guy named Mr. Levy.

Ricky is still upset with Amy who refuses to do anything. She says it’s raining so the party is canceled. He and Ashleigh talk and he says he doesn’t know why he’s so upset but he is. Ricky says he wants her to come to the party. She apologizes for her party. Ashleigh sneaks off. She says things still seem unfair. It’s not how she imagined John’s birthday. He offers it to be just the two of them if she’d prefer. He’ll sleep on the couch and she can take his bed. She agrees. Pack? Ashleigh seizes the chance not to go (in the guise of wanting to go). She clearly plans to have Grant over and sure enough, calls him as soon as Amy leaves.

Adrian’s dad wonders what is taking so long as they plan to get married. Her wedding dress is Rubin’s mother’s and it’s ugly. Cindy is upset about the dress but it’s ok. His mother may hate her but he loves her. He wishes he’d married her mother earlier. In comes someone to be a witness. Adrian looks like she’s trying to be happy for them but is too upset.

They get to Ricky’s. Ben is in the meat shop. Ben’s surprised that Amy is sleeping over. Subtle. Ben’s upset that they’re sleeping together. Bunny points out that it is none of his business. She tells him not to ruin Leo’s wedding day. Ben says he would have been a better husband and father. He says he’s ruined his life. Bunny hopes not.

Madison says she isn’t ready to have sex yet. Tomorrow, after the wedding. She says she isn’t nervous. He got condoms. She wants to see. That’s awkward. She’s never seen one before and he offers to either show her or do it alone. She asks about it breaking. It would be bad. Jack let’s slip about Ben and Adrian’s condom breaking. She says it’s off the record. He says she can’t say a word. Madison puzzles it all out and promises not to tell anyone. Ben doesn’t know. No one knows. Except for everyone who does. Madison gets weepy.

Grace calls Adrian to check in. She says the wedding was beautiful. Her parents went on a brief honeymoon. Adrian bought a test. Grace offers to come over. Adrian turns her down. She doesn’t know if she wants Grace to know. She saw her talking to Jack. It’s her choice if she wants to have an abortion and she will do the right thing for her. She should have Ben with her when she takes the test.

Ben calls Amy but she doesn’t answer so he leaves a message. He says he’ll always love her and he’ll always be there for her.

It’s the wedding. Grace and Ben toast love and happiness. Amy thanks Ricky for the night. Robby and John are being babysat by Ricky’s foster mother. Henry and Alice discuss their future wedding plans. Lauren says her family is upset about the sex discussion but he says it’s better to wait. Mimzy, husband, Kathleen, George, and Anne end up at a table together. Amy claims she was with Griffin and Grant. Griffin is with a guy names Michael and they compete for best dancer. Grant wants to dance but Ashleigh says she doesn’t do disco. Adrian approaches Jack, he denies telling Madison who is on stage singing. It doesn’t sound like she’s singing at all. In comes Betty and Leo in a horse-drawn carriage. Leo makes a toast.

George has not found out much. Anne says she’s happy to be friends with George. She doesn’t want to get married just because they had a baby. They’ve changed. Do they have anything in common? She wants to take it slow.

Ben and Amy catch each other’s eye but before they can talk Adrian goes up to him. They make awkward small talk until she says enough. Madison, Lauren, and Amy talk, wondering what is going on. Madison keeps it secret. Amy is glad that Ben called. She doesn’t know if she loves him but time will tell.

Ashleigh and Ricky talk for a moment. She tells him not much is up and he wants her to keep it that way. Aww, he’s looking out for her. Everyone assumes something is happening with Ashleigh and Ricky.

Tammy comes to be with Tom. Grace watches Jack and Madison dance. Madison goes up to the band again. I’m highly doubtful that some random teen who is barely friends with the groom’s son would get up and sing at a wedding.

Grace tells Jack they should stay out of Adrian and Ben’s business. Ben is inside staring forlornly outside as Adrian waits for the results. Her expression says pregnant but that could just be her being grim. She approaches Ben and just stands there for a few moments. Is she debating telling him? Maybe she thinks it would be better to tell him she’s not pregnant and just get the abortion alone.

Of course, the show ends without telling. That’s a long time to wait to find out.


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