The Connection Between Xena and Life Unexpected?

I know, who would have expected there to be a connection between the two right? I suppose the word connection isn’t quite the right word to use, but I’ve been watching the first three seasons of Xena (thanks to and I came across an episode with none other than…Sheri Appleby. She plays a teenager desperate to become good after being told that she’s bad for her entire life. Even as a pipsqueak, her voice has the desperate, squeaky tone to it that we’ve all come to know and that at least some of us have come to love. (On Life Unexpected, a number of characters comment on how irritable her voice is.)

I would never have expected the frenetic mom and the angsty, alien-loving teen to be on a show like Xena (though I suppose everyone has to get their start somewhere).

Some other thoughts on Xena Warrior Princess…while the show was the epitome of campy, it had a lot of heart. I didn’t appreciate the overly-Lesbian tones that took over the last few seasons of the show (as I’ve said before, not because I dislike watching gay couples on TV but because even though there were moments throughout the show, both Xena and Gabrielle were exclusively shown to actually have an interest in men until suddenly they were each others love interests), but there were a lot of good moments and lessons that came out of the show–for example, though a singing Callisto is super-weird, every lesson she taught about the way hate can consume a person and how seeking revenge won’t satisfy you, was well placed.

Finally, I think Callisto is one of the most awesome bad guy on TV. She’s like the pre-cursor to Faith (bad past because she watched someone she cared about die, turns evil and ultimately finds salvation through her enemy) but I think Callisto could probably win in a fight. She’s certainly the crazier of the two and has less of a will to live. I do wish that, the career of Hudson Leick, the actress, had taken off since I she did an excellent job at playing crazy.


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