Lost: Recon

Sawyer sits in what looks like a hoarder’s nest making tea. Oh, it’s Claire’s place right? He goes inside and Jin is lying on the cot. Jin wants to leave before Claire and Monster Locke return. Jin can’t leave, Sun could be on the island. Sawyer promises not to leave without her. He wants to be with non-Locke because he wants to leave. Fake Locke returns with Kate, Claire, Sayid and the others from the temple. Kate and Sawyer have a “hi” moment that’s awkward.

AW Sawyer is in bed with a redhead who thinks he’s unbelievable. He is supposed to meet some guy at 9 but it’s already 8:42 so he rushes out. He has a suitcase full of money that falls open. She calls him Jimmy. He says it’s for an investment. She puts on her shirt, pulls out a gun, and tells him to step away. Her husband is a conman so she can spot one. He said the place is bugged and the police want to catch her husband. He talks her into putting the gun down. Or he can call the cops in. She doesn’t believe him. Sure enough, the police come busting in–including Miles who is James’s partner–and arrest her. The code to call them in: the floor.

Claire packs up her stuff and pauses at the baby carriage she has kept with a creepy looking doll in it. Kate comes in and asks if this was where Claire had lived. Then she asks what the creepy thing is and Claire says it’s all she had. Monster Locke calls them in to say he’ll be available for questions later but for now they need to leave. Someone asks what happened to the people who were left being and Locke says the smoke killed them. A couple of kids (the ones kidnapped in season two?) are upset and Locke reassures them that he will take care of them. (There’s a moment where Claire holds Kate’s hand.) Kate and Sawyer discuss where the others. They seem to have gotten out though they don’t know about Miles. She’s surprised that he’s with Locke but he says he isn’t with anybody.

AW Detective James Ford calls to someone about some unclaimed property. He crosses the name off the list, calls another number. Miles shows up and Sawyer lies about who he is talking to. Miles says he has a date together with a friend of his. Miles has a girlfriend. Miles asks if Sawyers wants to die alone. Miles knows Sawyer is lying to him and says he can tell him the truth.

Monster Locke leads the way. Sawyer is impatient to leave and Locke wants to discuss the matter privately. Locke wishes he hadn’t interrupted. Sawyer asks how he knew to rescue people from the smokester and Locke says he’s the smokester. He says he gave them the opportunity to leave peacefully, it’s kill or be killed because all he wants to do is leave. Didn’t we establish this already? Locke tells Sawyer to go on a boat ride to Hydra Island where they are on a plane that is his flight back. He wants him to do recon because he suspects some other passengers who came to the island who want to do harm. Sawyer should find a way to get any intruders to befriend him, he’s the best liar ever. James does as he’s told.

AW Sawyer is at a party. He’s looking for the girl he’s supposed to date, it’s a redhead named Charlotte. The brit! So glad to see her but sad for Daniel. He’s surprised that she does archeology. She gets to travel, she’s exactly like Indiana Jones. She might even have a whip. He became a cop because of a movie. Charlotte wants the truth. He hit a point in his life where it was criminal or cop so he chose cop. They go back to his place and have sex. Of course. He gets up to get her water and she asks for a t-shirt. She searches through his things and finds a binder with the information about Sawyer. James of course sees and flips out. He yells at her to get out despite her protests and she leaves.

James reaches the other island and he comes to the cage where he and Kate had been captives. And where Kate’s dress remains. Does this make him think of Juliette or miss his time with Kate?

Meanwhile Kate sits down to talk to Sayid. Does he believe Locke can get them off the island. Sayid does. She asks if Sayid is all right, he says no and Claire jumps her, pulling out a knife. Sayid doesn’t try to help. Locke comes to her aid by throwing Claire away and then smacking her to calm her down. He checks if Kate’s all right and she says no. She’s upset and looks ready to cry. Locke goes to talk to Claire.

Sawyer finds the plane, a little banged up but he’s certainly seen worse. There’s a fire on the beach and what looks like a path marked. He follows it and discovers a bunch of dead people in a pile, covered by flies. He hears something and runs after it, gun in hand. He sees someone–a woman–and tackles her. She says she’s the only one left.

AW Miles is pissed at Sawyer and asks if there is something he wants to tell him. He wants to know why he’d been in Australia when he said he was in Palm Springs. What were you doing in Australia Jim? That’s none of your damn business Miles! Miles says he’s not his partner anymore. So Sawyer breaks a mirror in the bathroom.

Sawyer offers the woman water. She says she was collecting wood when she heard screaming. When she returned they were all dead. She dragged their bodies away so they wouldn’t sit in the sun. She asks if he’s alone. No, there’s a group of people on the main island. He can take her back there.

Kate sits in the trees and cries. Locke comes over and apologizes. He takes responsibility for Claire. He told her the Others had her baby because he wanted her to have something to keep her going by having something to hate. All the anger was transferred to Kate when she found out the truth. Kate says insightful for a dead man. He intends to keep her safe too. She asks where Sawyer is. He holds out a hand to show her and she gets up.

The woman asks questions about the people with him. She was headed to Guam for her boyfriend. He doesn’t believe her and pulls a gun. You’re good but not that good. She whistles and three men jump out with guns. Sawyer seems unconcerned but he does give over his gun.

Locke shows Kate the island he sent Sawyer to. He wants to talk to her. He’s not a dead man. He knows what she’s going through because his mother was crazy. Before he looked like Locke. A long time ago he had a mother. She was disturbed and as a result he had growing pains that could have been avoided and that he’s still working through. She wants to know why he’s telling her this. Locke says Aaron now has a crazy mother. So he’s saying Claire shouldn’t get him.

They bring Sawyer back to a camp where people are building things. There’s a submarine docked there and he’s sent inside.

AW Sawyer gets home, grabs a beer (his hand is bandaged), microwaves some food, and watches TV. Saqwyer has a flower and beer and brings them to Charlotte. She won’t let him in–he kicked her out at three am! He blew it. He leaves the flower and goes.

Sawyer gets to the bottom of the sub ladder. There are more guys with guns. Sawyer notices a locked compartment and wants to know what’s inside but it’s none of his business. Sawyer is taken to Charles Whitmore who introduces himself and offers a hand. Sawyer knows who he is. He sent guys to kill them. Whitmore says that Sawyer knows nothing. He didn’t kill the people. Why is he on this island? Locke–non-Locke–sent him. Sawyer offers to bring Locke to be killed. In exchange he wants the people on his boat to be safe and safe passage off the island. Whitmore asks how he knows he can trust him. Same way Sawyer knows he can trust him. They reach an agreement and shake on it.

Claire comes to apologize to Kate for the way she acted. She knows Kate did what she did because she cared. She thanks her for taking care of Aaron and, crying, hugs her. Kate says it’s ok and hugs her back.

Saywer returns. Locke runs over to ask how it went and Sawyer says everyone is dead. Sawyer tells him all about Whitmore and the sub. They’re setting up things to keep out the smoke. Smokester appreciates James’s loyalty. Well, a deal is a deal.

AW Sawyer goes to reconcile with Miles. Wow, that TV show really did a number on him. James shows Miles the binder and tells him what happened. He chased a lead for Sawyer in Australia. He plans to kill the right Sawyer. He didn’t tell Miles so he couldn’t be talked out of it. A car crashes into theirs, it is being chased by cops. Sawyer and Miles help catch the person–it’s Kate.

Kate plays with a fire. She looks somewhat depressed. Sawyer comes over, he’s starving. She wants to know why he’s running errands for Locke. Sawyer says he isn’t running errands for anyone. He tells her about Whitmore. Sawyer intends to let Locke and Whitmore fight it out and use the moment to help himself and Kate escape. They’ll take the sub.

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