America’s Best Dance Crew: Nationals Week 5

This week is the Usher challenge.

The first crew to make it through is Jungle Boogie and get “Love in This Club.” Actually, I think this might be their best routine to date. They’re much smoother and cleaner than I can remember them being. JC says the routine was hot and cold for him. It started a little bland but their task, the glide was good on knees but not on foot. Omarion says “aaaayyy!” They showed musicality. He thinks they did great. Lil Mama says they’re hot. They work hard and were so clean. They painted pictures. They hit everything. They did Usher!

Poreotix is the next crew safe and they perform to “Yeah.” It’s funny, as always for this group and creative. Last week might have been better but this one was pretty good too. Lil Mama thinks they’re silly and clever. JC says their opening was YEAH. They took over the club. Fun, positive. Finally seeing them show more dimension. Omarion says funny and they have tremendous potential but he wants them to level up their difficulty. WHAT!? (Says an audience member.)

Hype 5-0 is the last safe crew and they get “U Don’t Have to Call” using rolling shoes. It’s ok but the other two performances were far more exciting and interesting. Omarion says they did a good job. Lil Mama says they swagged it out. They stuck to the challenge and stepped up their choreography. Aligned with the music though some slow parts. JC thinks the opening was fun but he’s afraid they got caught up in the prop and thus taken away from the choreography. He doesn’t know if the whole thing was crispy.

Blue Print Cru is in the bottom two and they get “Hey Daddy’.” It’s pretty good but a little more step-centric that free-flowing (I know they have choreography but it doesn’t have to look like they’re doing steps, you know?). It’s good but not amazing.

Saltare is last and they have to perform to “Caught Up.” They have to include some fight choreo which is exciting, I love Sonyah Tayeh’s combat jazz stuff. The jump roping is super cool but it doesn’t have the actual dance strength as the other groups. They don’t mess up this week though and while I don’t love the fight scene, the rest is pretty good. (The beginning was a little slow.)

Omarion says he commends them on their dedication. (One of the guys drives 6 hours for practice.) They really capture Usher’s choreography. Great job. Lil Mama thinks Saltare turned it up. They came out without the ropes and though a bit stiff, they were sexy. They were stunting. Both crews have grown. JC says Blue Print Cru is courageously fighting against the home teams. Tonight’s performance had moments. They have chemistry. Saltare is unique. Their non-jump rope sequences need more but they expose what they love to everyone.

The group continuing on to next week is…Blue Print Clu.


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