Gossip Girl: The Lady Vanished

Jenny and Damion settle plans for dinner but he has a dvd. They have half a dozen deliveries for the night actually. The one good thing about her parents’ fight is that they aren’t paying attention to her. Damion gets a call from his dad but he says he has plans with a friend. J doesn’t like the sound of that.

Serena finds Nate cooking and then of course they can’t help themselves and make out. What happened to other, more interesting story lines? Like Serena’s dad, for example. I get it, they are both hot, but really. Then they hear Blaire moaning about Chuck when he calls. He wants Nate to get his phone because he forgot it. Well. That’s awkward. It’s Blaire faking it. She’s trying to make a point to Serena about her and Nate. They sit and talk. Blaire is upset that she and Chuck aren’t connecting. He’s shutting her out. She wants him to be able to talk to him.

Chuck is meeting someone who exchanges money for a key card.

Dan is hit on by a girl named Melissa but he turns her down. He’s after V unfortunately. He says he screwed up and he misses her. He meant he loved her only as a friend, he wants things to go back to the way they were. She’s going with someone to the party so he says he has been seeing someone. I’ll bet you are. So he tells her it’s Melissa.

Chuck goes to the Algonquin hotel and uses the card he procured to get in and search the room. In bag he finds what I think it supposed to be a baby blanket.

Nate comes in to get Chuck’s phone. Nate is a poor liar and Blaire demands he hand over the phone which he does. He has a voicemail. To listen or not to listen? She’s turned over a new leaf! She listens and when they wonder, they discover that it is Chuck’s mother Evelyn (now Elizabeth). His dad lied to him. Chuck thinks his mother came back for money. Serena insists he give her a chance but he ignores her and heads out for a drink. Serena wants to do something. Blaire insists they respect his decision.

Lily finds J with Damion and she suspects something. J manages to cover a pill before it’s spotted. Rufus arrives, thanks to Lily’s call. J had a boy stay over. He is not happy when he realizes this.

The party has arrived. We went to a club like that for senior week. Dan has managed to get Melissa and they are both being awkward. Even V’s date notices.

Chuck is at the bar and B comes to apologize. She offers to listen if he wants to talk. Or not. He says even if she’s his mother it changes nothing because the past belongs to the past. B suggests dropping the locket at Bart’s grave and never coming back.

Rufus blames Lily for letting J have a guy over. J isn’t S! (She’s worse…) He tells J she’s coming back to Brooklyn. He goes to pack his own things as well.

Melissa is of salsa dancing. V says it’s awkward. D disagrees and insists on one of those awful pictures where you stick you face through a cardboard cutout. And then they make out. Does anyone actually like V? Then they take a miserable looking picture. Melissa and Paul have decided to leave since V and D are clearly into each other.

S and C show up to apologize as well. They’ve planned a meal. It’s S’s scheme of course. She thinks she’s just doing what’s best for him: giving him a little push. S is clearly nervous when in walks the mother. S insists that it’s worth knowing, no matter what she has to say. C agrees though not happily. C establishes that he didn’t want to come. He starts writing a check and gives it to her. S wants to get involved but B makes her sit. His mom looks at the check and he says he doesn’t want to hear from her, he just wants her to leave. This is really what you want? She takes the money and goes.

J packs and Damion wanders in. She gives him the pills and he says goodbye. She’s pissed. She’s in high school, her dad’s not out of line. That’s rich of him to say. She says she needs something to fight for and when her father comes in she drops all the pills on the floor and says they’re hers. She says she isn’t a little bitch. She isn’t afraid. Rufus gets right down to business: selling or taking. She acts like a brat “let’s get it over with, am I grounded for life?” He says he looks at her and doesn’t see his daughter anymore. Damion watches and steps in. The drugs are…his dads!

C tells S she was wrong. B says she did this for her own reasons.

D wants to talk to V. Why did she lie about Paul? She said it would keep things from getting awkward. She wishes he’d never said he had feelings for her. Hasn’t she done the same?

D talks to Rufus and Lily about his dad. He lies about his dad taking pills. He says J has been there for him. He’s a good liar. Perhaps the best on the show. He apologizes for bringing the drugs over, he thought things would be ok.

B comes to talk but C doesn’t want to. So they kiss instead.

J wonders where Damion got the story and he says it’s true, except for the part about his dad getting sober. He thinks if he leaves his father would have no reason to get home. No one else knows. Rufus interrupts to say he flushed the pills and Damion leaves on the note: just be glad you have a father who cares what you do. Rufus still wants her home.

S shows up at the Algonquin to talk to Elizabeth. S says she has something of her own to talk about. She says she wants to know why Elizabeth left. She was 19, not ready. They agreed she’d give the baby up for the adoption. Bart couldn’t go through with the adoption. They weren’t married at the time. Elizabeth didn’t love him. She told Bart to tell Chuck she was dead so he wouldn’t look for her. She wants Elizabeth to feel bad but she doesn’t at all. She says it’s better if she leaves. She doesn’t blame C for hating her. She’s known C for a long time. He’s better than anyone at pushing people away but there’s no child who doesn’t want to know their parents.

The party is still happening and V is jealous of D talking to a couple girls. So she interrupts to talk. She has feelings for her. WHAT!?!? NO WAY!?!? She’s scared. So they kiss in order to protect their friendship.

J apologizes to Rufus and asks if Damion can have visits. J wants Lily to be on her side but she isn’t. Lily wants to work things out. J needs to be back in her old world (reality check) and so does he.

C apologizes to B for lying. He wanted Elizabeth to fail the check, which was a test. The phone rings, Elizabeth is in the lobby and wants to come up.

Rufus comes down to find that J has, once again, run away.

S finds N at home. She tells him where she was and about her dad. He didn’t want to see her last summer because he was with her mother. She thought his letter meant something but he knows where she is but he hasn’t come. Thanks to C’s mom, she figures he doesn’t want to be found. She didn’t tell N because she didn’t want to ruin their fun relationship. He wants to be that person she can bring anything to. She does too. Maybe her dad feels he’s not worth finding.

Elizabeth tells C the truth. She wants to be in his life. She even returns the check. She thought it would be better if he could hate her but now she thinks it’s better if he knows her. She’s staying in NY and will wait as long as he needs. He wants to buy her a drink at least.

D and V had sex. They were concerned that it wouldn’t be as good without Olivia but it seems she brought them down.

J finds Damion. She says they’d better make her punishment worth it. J stole Lily’s headache medicine. Damion suggests skipping the party and then kisses her.

The bellboy gives Lily a scarf of Rufus’s that he left at Ms. Howards apartment. She takes this news in stride.

S calls her dad with N at her side. she says she’s not looking for him anymore. She’s done.

B leaves so C can talk to Elizabeth.

But Gossip Girl warns us that things may not be as happy as they seem.


3 Responses to “Gossip Girl: The Lady Vanished”

  1. sarah Says:

    The ONLY storyline good right now is Little Js…I am really bored with this show right now….

  2. Malaika Says:

    slightly unrelated, but. . . .

    i went back to watch the first season of gossip girl with a housemate and discovered a small, fun, slip-up in the first episode. clearly they haven’t developed chuck’s back-story yet, because when he discovers serena drinking at the bar in the hotel, he says his PARENTS will be so disappointed to know that THEY bought a hotel that serves to minors. (or something like that). but he definitely says parents, plural. interesting, right?
    also, i like his hair WAY better when it’s not slicked back with 500 lbs of hair gel.

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