90210: Girl Fight

Adriana tries to get ahold of Naveed but he isn’t answering. The girls are shopping. They spot Annie and suggest she join them. Naomi is looking for LGD (Little Gold Dress). Annie turns them down because Jasper arrives. He asks if she’s hungry and she says no. He says he wants her to give him a chance but she’s not so happy. He wants things the way they used to be. He wants her to come over tomorrow night but she says she has homework. He’s getting sick of her attitude. (So break up with her!) They had a deal!

Dixon finds Silver in school. She wants to talk. She’s thinking she wants to get back together. Dream? Yup. The making out was fake. The family wonders why he’s wearing cologne. He thinks things are working out. (His birth mom hasn’t emailed him back but that’s not important because clearly this doomed love story is better.)

Dixon finds Silver in school but things don’t quite as he’d hoped. She cares about his friendship. She says it has nothing to do with Teddy, she just doesn’t feel that way about him anymore. Or right now. She likes having him in her life and she wants it to stay that way. He agrees. I would feel bad, but I don’t like him. And he screwed with Teddy. Who kinda screwed with Naveed to be fair.

Naomi and Liam are awkward together at lunch. They talk about dry burgers. Naomi mentions boats and then Ivy hits him with some food. They get into a huge food fight. Naomi runs after Ivy to double check about whether or not she’s over Liam. She wants tips and will offer fashion advice. Naomi wants to know why he’s so uncomfortable around her. Ivy says she doesn’t know. Naomi suggests they do something together to see if she can make him relax. Ivy agrees. This is a little sad. Ivy has an idea. Surfing or something else Naomi can’t do? I’d love to see that.

Jasper has set out candles at his place. His parents are away. They have the house to themselves. Right. That will make things better. He says they haven’t been connecting because they haven’t been intimate. He wants to have sex to remember the connection. She says no. He says she has to. To give them a chance. She asks if he will go to the police if she doesn’t sleep with him. He just wants them to have a real chance. I’m sure that’s all you want. (Actually, because it’s him I kind of believe it.) She almost does it but she says she can’t. Even if he goes to the police. If he loved her, he wouldn’t go to the police because there will be no chance for them.

Mr. Matthews wants to talk to her to check in since Jen. She says she’s ok. (I totally forgot about her…) He has stuff of Jen’s but Naomi doesn’t want it. Naomi asks if he’s ok. Apparently he didn’t know that Jen was using him too. He’s even more upset.

Adriana comes to talk to Rumor. She says it’s easier not being able to see him. It makes her heart hurt less. They share lost love pain. I kind of like this pair.

Ivy’s plan is a hike. Naomi tries to pretend to love the outdoors and while Liam falls for it we aren’t. Ivy apologized if it was a bad idea but Naomi thinks it is working.

Dixon and Silver discuss burgers. Apparently that is all people can talk about. She ruins the mood to point out how nice being friends is. She brings up his birth mom and he plays off cool. He says he’s used to being rejected. She sees Teddy with the girl from the dance and is a little upset. She asks Dixon what she is like. His sister comes up to tell Silver that she’s made a mistake for rejecting Teddy. She says goodbye to Dixon. Silver realizes that Dixon knew the girl was his sister. He says he was trying to protect him. What kind of friend are you?! Right Dixon, like she’s never learn that.

Ivy and Liam bond over surfing while Naomi dies below. Ivy is a little mean by scaring her about snakes and poison oak but it’s kind of funny. Naomi sends Liam to fill up her canteen so she can tell Ivy she’s onto her for trying to make her look bad because she still likes him. Naomi says she’s a coward. Ivy says she isn’t and so she admits it and says they suck as a couple. Naomi says she will take her down and Ivy would like to see her try. It’s on! (This better be good…)

Dixon finds Teddy and comes clean about what he did. He suggests Teddy punch him. No excuse is good enough. Teddy takes him up on the author but then they’re good. Isn’t it weird how guys can do that? (Do they actually do that in real life?)

Adriana and Rumor plan a pity party for themselveAlexa, Rumor’s ex wants to talk. Maybe she wants to get together? A true pity party is a solo affair anyway.

Annie finds a manilla envelope with pictures of her car. It’s his present to her. She says he wins. She’ll tell people if that’s what he wants. She’ll confess. She won’t get back together.

Naomi wants to get Liam’s attention during surf practice by showing up in a bathing suit. She makes fun of Ivy’s suit. She’ll wait for Liam to return, all oiled up.

Teddy finds Silver and she apologizes for everything. He cares about what she was going to tell him at the dance. He asks if they can pick up where they left off. She says no. She freaked out because he’s a player. Which he is. She doesn’t think he could have liked her much if he could hook up with others right away. She takes off in her bike. Moped? When did she get one of those. And why?

Mr. Matthews in a bar and some blond woman talks to him. Her name is Laurel.

Liam returns from the water asking if she’s hot. Ivy pushes her way in. She invites the coach who turns it down but calls Liam over. Naomi attacks her so she attacks back and Naomi tackles her. The likelihood of Naomi having anything in this struggle is zero to none. Ivy should have pinned her in a second, let’s be honest. But I suppose that wouldn’t make for good TV. Liam runs over and pulls Naomi away. She says Ivy has been working against them and then says she and Liam are the problem. She’s done trying. She doesn’t care about boats and nature, etc. If you don’t like her for who she is then too bad. Then she runs away.

Laurel and Mr. Matthews are drunk. She suggests sex as a way to get over his ex.

Alexa and Rumor talk. Alexa wants to get back together. Rumor wants to know why. She misses her. One more chance?

Is that Liam and Ivy making out now.

Adriana is having her pity party when Rumor arrives. Rumor lies about why Alexa came. She’d rather hang with Adriana anyway.

Annie types a letter to her parents when Jasper shows up at her window looking stalkerish as ever. He couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. He wants that one in a million chance. He isn’t going to go to the police. He loves her too much. He wants her to come back to him. So she closes the document (but it already autosaved–in real life, auto-save won’t keep a file, it would ask you if you want to save or not when you close).

Naomi gets a massage and in comes Liam to kiss her. He says he’s been feeling distant because she’s been so polite and unlike the girl he fell for. She wanted things to be perfect. He’s glad she’s done with that. The girl he fell for is ballsy, opinionated, and confident. He finally saw that girl again. So they have sex. (Maybe it wasn’t him in the car.)

Ivy talks to Laurel, her mom about Liam choosing Naomi over her. Her mom suggests a toke but Ivy rejects it. Ivy says it was a draw because Naomi is scrappy. Laurel suggests food but Ivy says she’s good. Her mom assures her that Liam is an idiot and he and Naomi deserve each other. Laurel has apparently slept with every rock star…

Annie is with the girls. Naomi is searching for an LSD–Little Sequin Dress. Silver wonders if Teddy is a player. Jasper meanwhile is stalking them.

Teddy is playing tennis when Silver arrives to say she doesn’t want to be with him. She wants to be with him she just doesn’t want to want to be with him. She’s scared. She wants to trust him but she doesn’t. So…she runs up to kiss him. She tells him he’d better not hurt her. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she hurts him?

The family watches Jeopardy. Harry knows the answers to all the questions. They realize that it’s tivo-ed. The doorbell rings. Dixon’s mom? Yup.

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One Response to “90210: Girl Fight”

  1. sarah Says:

    Dixon’s mom? Yup. LOL. Unlike GG, I am totally DIGGING 90210 this season….and Ivy’s mom offering her a joint was the funniest and best Jackie Taylor-esque moment ever. Naomi being a psycho bitch was awesome too….good times this week.
    Since we both HATE Annie, I cannot wait for her parents to borrow her laptop and find that auto-saved letter….season finale anyone??

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