The Secret Life: I Got You

George talks about Leo’s awesome sausages. George and Ricky discuss his desire to take John for the weekend. He shows how he’s baby proofed the place. George says the baby will get hurt but he just have to make sure that the worst thing that could happen isn’t the thing that does happen. If there’s an accident, expect questions. Is he prepared for that? George tells him to be alert. He wants George to talk to Amy. He says it’s a good plan but he needs to talk to Amy. Ricky says he’s determined. Amy said no. George said this could be a lifelong war. Well, at least Ricky is fighting.

George arrives and asks Ashleigh where the moms are. Ashleigh says the moms aren’t happy. George wants Ashleigh to tell Amy that it’s a good idea to have Ricky watch John. Anne wonders why Ashleigh said she looks good. Anne says Amy wants to decided when John can go where. George makes a snarky remark about not being married. Anne planned a dinner with Ricky’s foster parents to discuss Ricky’s idea. She says she isn’t getting in the middle, she’s going around. She wants them to work out an agreement not go to court. Amy wants George to talk Ricky out of it. Amy says she gave birth to John so she gets to decide everything. George says things might change. She could have a life. Amy intends to get what she wants but she says George won’t. Adrian comes over to support Amy. She thinks what Ricky’s doing is terrible. Adrian says she feels bad for her. Adrian says he can’t be trusted. But then she asks about if it was just a kiss. She also apologizes for sleeping with Ben. She was trying to hurt Ricky. They have something in common, making them friends. Ricky will go to court if he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s friends vs friends in court.

Ben and Grace discuss whether or not they will go to court. Ben is sure it won’t go that far. They both think it is reasonable for Ricky to ask for John on weekends. Grace wants to hear about Italy. Sex with Maria? He asks if she’s been to Italy. She hasn’t but she’d like to, maybe with him. She suggests her bedroom. He gets nervous and asks for a tour of the house. She’s single minded on her bedroom and decides to start the tour there. Grace, overalls aren’t sexy. Sorry. Ben says her room looks just the way he thought it would. She wants to make out while no one is home. She says last time he made out with someone it was the wrong person, hence the problems. He gets a call and it’s Amy. Grace tells him to take it. He hesitates and then picks up. She wants to talk and asks him to come over. He says he can’t. Adrian says they should both come over. She wants them to be on her side if they get into a legal thing. He takes Grace’s advice and says he doesn’t want to get in the middle. Adrian insists. Ben and Grace continue making out. Grace wants to make a video for Amy. Maybe later.

Amy can’t believe she’s asking Ben for favors. Adrian says guys do stupid things. If Amy had had sex with Ben, he never would have slept with Adrian. Ashleigh says she needs to do what is best for John. And that is having Ricky to see John. But Amy’s made her decision. Amy always though Ben would be her second and last. Adrian thought Ricky would be her last. Amy says she can’t forgive Adrian. Adrian says the girls screw up because they can’t forgive each other like the boys can. Adrian says Ricky isn’t the best boy. Maybe Jimmy. Adrian suggests she call anyone who knows that Ricky is not a good character. Amy is sure the judge won’t question her character, she’s done nothing wrong. Adrian points out that she’s the one who got pregnant.

Grant and Ashleigh are together, babysitting. They discuss the possibility of having “responsibilities” (babies) of their own. She’s so tired of Amy and her mom’s babies. She has condoms but she doesn’t plan to need on before graduation. Grant avoids the question of whether or not he’s had sex. He has. Maybe they can have sex in the next year? She says she’s fifteen but she wants to wait until she gets out high school. She’s not ready. He wants her to be his girlfriend. He would never push. Or push her away. He’s a gentleman, he’ll let her come to him when he needs. (Have I said that Ashleigh is my favorite?)

Anne, George, and Ricky’s foster parents are at dinner. They would like to have more time with John, their grandson. They want him to get to know them. They consider Ricky their son. Anne and George like Ricky too. They feel that Amy should make the decision because she is the mom. George points out for them that Ricky is the dad. Anne says he should back off and Amy may be willing to compromise. Foster mom says how long? While judges favored the mother in the past, that isn’t the case anymore, they will likely rule in Ricky’s favor. Anne hopes that won’t happen because Amy has been through so much. Not that Ricky hasn’t.

Ricky talks to Adrian’s dad about getting a legal agreement. Ruben suggests mediation. It can go either way. Ricky wants to do this and he’s sick of the uncertainty. He needs to speak up for his son. Ruben will talk to both families but Ricky must try to work it out with Amy because once it’s in the system, you can’t take it back. Someone will lose and someone will win. Ricky only cares about John.

Ricky meets Amy to talk to him again. Amy’s rude. He thinks Amy has been making good decisions but now she’s making a bad one. Other people have other opinions as she reveals with her laptop. He points out how hypocritical Amy is being for being friends with Adrian. Adrian’s characters witness piece says Ricky has character issues but Amy is solid and a good mother. Amy then plays Lauren and Madison’s statements. She goes on to show Jack’s statement. Ricky says he can get his friends to do the same. Amy got Ben too, to say Amy is a good mother. Grace says Amy is a good mother and doing a good job. Ricky hopes Ben will be allowed to be around John. Amy wants to keep things the way they are. He wants change. She refuses. He wants to hear her point of view. Her reasoning: I don’t, he’s mine. Why can’t you just be satisfied seeing him when I want? Because I can’t be a father according to your whims. Ricky says that they shouldn’t be putting their friends involved. Amy says she doesn’t want John to love Ricky. So court it is.

Madison tells Jack she can’t. What if the judge finds out that she convinced Jack to make the video in exchange for sex. It’s illegal! (Also, his video would not be counted because you can hear her correcting him in the background.) She wants him to make another. She might want to have real sex. After Betty and Leo’s wedding.

Lauren and Jessie suggest the same time. Oh. He thinks it would be slightly awkward because they haven’t done a whole lot but he guesses it would be okay if she wants. That’s what Madison is doing after all. These kids are so screwed up.

Ricky approaches Ben who says he can explain. Ricky says he wasn’t thinking right because he was with Grace. Ben says he can get everyone to make videos for Ricky too. He calls Grace and she says they’re idiots and they have to endorse Ricky too.

Leo talks to Ricky. He may have to punch Ben again. What did he do now? Does Ben really want to be responsible for John, Ricky, and Amy’s lives? There’s also the Ben and Grace…

Ashleigh tells Grant she wants to make her own decisions about sex. Okay…

The group makes videos for Ricky as well and an arbitrator watches. Henry and Alice even say it’s not that they’re even pushing for more time with John. What about Adrian? She isn’t talking to Ricky. Duly noted that Ricky is in therapy and commendable to Amy for school. Good job to the family and grandparents. With all that in mind, he is ready to announce his recommendation. Amy interrupts to say she wants to make a decision and she admits that she’s wrong. She knows it is important for John. Ricky is a good dad and if he weren’t she wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for him. It isn’t Amy’s decision though. But he gives her the same rights that she offers anyway. He wants them to maintain this arrangement. So then Ricky gets John for his first birthday because it is on the weekend. Anne tells Amy she did great. George points out that they can be together on John’s birthday. That’s what you do. Do the right thing for John!

Ricky thanks his foster parents. They tell Ricky to have the birthday party in neutral territory and to have her there. However he treats her is how she will treat him.

George doesn’t want to see how things were. She says they were miserable when they were married. He says he’s miserable now. He says she has until Leo and Betty’s wedding.

Amy and Ricky talk. Anne offers to bake the birthday cake. Now I want cake. Ricky says they can plan the party together, they’re doing this together.

Adrian asks Ashleigh if they’re home or if they’ve heard anything. Nope. Ashleigh asks Adrian how to get birth control pills without her mom finding out. Free clinic but Adrian suggests she speak to her mom who took her birth control pills. She says you need at least a month on the pills for them to work. She’s changed pills recently. Maybe that’s why she’s late. She uses condoms anyway but they can break. She’s had one break recently: at the mother-daughter dance. Really? Is she going to get pregnant too?


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