ABDC: Nationals Week 4

Two crews will be eliminated tonight and the theme will be disco.

Blue Print Cru, the team with immunity, will be first. They get the first 70s mix of dance moves, including a required lift. They must use the funky guitar. I’m not sure how much of this routine actually qualifies as hip hop but it’s pretty awesome and you can hear the audience like it. JC says they had so much fun and went above and beyond by having to lifts. It was a fun number. Omarion thinks they embraced the task. Great job. Lil Mama says very fun. They did their thing. Creative and on point. (She is wearing an afro tonight. Yuck.)

is the next crew safe and they get Soul Train hustle. They really pick things up with their jumpropes on fire though I do notice a mistake. The audience loves it though. Lil Mama says they definitely set the stage on fire. Always exciting and awe inspiring. It’s a little 8-count dancing. She wants to see them DANCE. Otherwise it was heated up. JC points out that their first lift was clean but their second lift wasn’t as clean. They took risks and he was impressed with parts. Omarion thinks they’re a great group and they had great moments. Get back in sync again.

Poreotix is the next group in the top 3. They get the disco robot which is more movement than they usually do. I think they do a really good job here. Clearly this is quite the good challenge. Omarion thinks it was an interesting challenge for them and they rose to the occasion. This is the first time they’ve used the stage and moved. Lil Mama says they stepped it up and busted a sweat. She appreciates all of it. JC says they’d been losing him until this week’s performance because it wasn’t predictable. They broke out the sexybot.

Also safe is Hype 5-0. They get the electric slide. This was also a really good performance. JC says he felt for their electric slide, they had fun. Fun lifts. Dope hand hops but the prep was too long. Need to move around more to switch places. Omarion thinks they came out strong. Lil Mama said they had real energy. They got funky midway. Work the performance so the entire thing is groovin.’

So the bottom is Static Noyze, Jungle Boogie, and Heavy Impact. Battle of the Bottom:

Heavy Impact gets the strut. Their lift should be interesting. Out of sync there for a bit but I think this is one of their higher energy routines.

Static Noyze is one member short because he’s injured his back. They use the staying alive finger points. They do three lifts, all well done with the music and even a little ballet. They get a huge applause.

Jungle Boogie is the last crew to perform. They are going to coordinate the bump. Their lift is particularly interesting because Raqi lifts a guy instead of the expected other way around.

Now time for judge’s comments. Omarion wants to say to Heavy Impact that they made a statement because they just danced and he was surprised by their aggressive krumping. He was surprised to see the death spiral. They represented for their class. Lil Mama says to Static Noyze that she was stunned by their first impression, they were a group of nerds who have passion for dance. They do what they do well. They cling to each other and sometimes you may lose a member but they had a great performance anyway. JC thinks Jungle Boogie’s number was so fun. It was so playful and had so much character. The spirit carried through the whole thing. They hit everything and made it look easy. Wow, such positive comments for them all, I’m not even sure who will be voted out. I’m guessing Heavy Impact goes but I’m not sure about the second group. I’m hoping Static Noyze stays but I’m not sure they will.

The only surviving crew is…first, in case you missed it, Mario will now recap exactly what we heard three seconds ago…the crew carrying on is…Jungle Boogie.


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