Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith

So watching the show last night I had my first”wow, I kind of like Meredith” moment. And then she promptly spoiled it. So now I’m back to disliking her. My issue with her stems from the fact that she’s the least active character. She’s had basically two story lines that have carried through the show from season one to now. Considering that she is the main character, it’s strange that she is the least dynamic and complex character.

Anyway, the one good moment was when she stood up for Christina while talking to Owen (“we are not a team, Christina and I are a team…”) I was sort of like this is the first time she’s shown some spine and not been indecisive about it.

But then, Lexi came into the bathroom and was hysterical and Meredith just watched her half sister bawl her eyes out on the bathroom floor without so much as a word of comfort. Really? I know you guys have a tough relationship, but really? It’s not like you hate each other! Meredith, it’s just cruel.

And so now, I no longer like her. Again. (I guess things have just returned to normal.)


One Response to “Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith”

  1. sarah Says:

    COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. I was glad she wasn’t in this episode much.

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