ANTM Cycle 14

This is not meant to be a full recap, just random words or moments that I feel need to be mentioned.

Things that are awful: using cyber-speak as the theme of the first episode. I can only hope they don’t carry this theme through the season. They have a “net walk” also known as a catwalk. A girl actually falls over when Tyra walks into the room. Contestants that look like men. Spoiled brats–“I never worked a day in my life, I’m a spoiled brat, I’m a trust fund baby but my grandmother was expected to die so it’s okay…” A girl who wore a wig (even Tyra could spot it at first glance). Girl not shaving her armpits…

I’m glad to hear less about how not to be short when short.

“The mean girl never wins.” This is a comment made by one of the girls and I want to say to her that it isn’t really relevant. I guess if they try to be mean to the judges, but otherwise…

“I love her, if you don’t hear her,” says Jay about one contestant. She sounds like a ditsy blond, only she’s black. She says she can represent smart black women.

Two contestants that got pregnant from their first time having sex. Another who is afraid to see a pink penis because it makes her think of raw meat. And a girl who sounds like she’s singing when she talks. A volunteer mortician.

I hate it when the models start crying before there’s any indication of whether or not they will be called to be part of the season. Don’t cry because your name wasn’t called first. Cry when you weren’t called. I also dislike when models of similar nationalities are compared. Ultimately there is only going to be one winner so it’s sort of irrelevant if they’re similar to one another before the end.

The show ends with the news that there is still a search for the 13th girl who no one, including Tyra, hasn’t met. Nevermind, the premiere is 90 minutes. The 13th girl is revealed at Madam Toussad’s. She looks awful from what I can see but maybe it’s just a bad angle.

The makeovers (“Ty-overs”) are in the first episode which is different. But I guess how else do you fill the a longer episode?

I’m going to be upset when they cut off all the redhead’s hair. That’s the hair color I love best. She of course starts bawling. I’m with you!


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