Lost: Dr. Linus

Ben runs from the temple. And promptly falls. People with torches are nearby and he runs to join them. It’s Sun and crew. Where is Sayid? Ben tells them what Sayid did. Ben suggests they go to the beach. Well, there’s no better option.

AW Ben teaches about the island where Napoleon was exiled and loss of power. The principal tells him to supervise detention all week. He’s needed in a club. Too bad. In the teachers’ lounge he sit with a teacher whining about science equipment. Ben says public school is about the kids. Locke, the substitute, suggests that he become principal because he still cares. Who would listen to him? Locke’s listening.

Miles is asked to reveal how Jacob died. He can pick up last thoughts and moments before a person dies from their body/ashes. Miles sees that Ben did it. Ben denies but his acting fails him now. All stare at him. Jacob was like this woman’s father. Who is this woman exactly? Just a random Other who seems to take charge? They arrive at the beach and the skeletons of their shelters remain. Look for tools for shelter, find food, start a fire. Ben asks what he can do but he’s ignored. He’s done enough for the moment. He tries to talk his way out of it.

AW Ben microwaves some food for his sick dad. Ben has not been having a good time in school. He thinks he’s a loser. His dad wanted more for him. It’s the reason his dad took him to the island. What if they’d stayed? How different would things have been? Alex shows up because she was upset about history club. She wanted the tutoring before the AP. He offers her at 7am in the library. She’s thrilled. (Hmm, I didn’t even think about her for the return of old cast members.)

On the beach Sun wants to know the plan. They want to find Jin because they are both last named Kwan, they’re candidates to replace Jacob so she has to protect them. How many candidates are there? Six. Was Kate never one?

Hurley is woken by Jack. Time to head back to the temple. Hurley stalls, Jack doesn’t like it and goes anyway, forcing Hugo to follow. Hugo tries to trick him and they find Richard who leads them in a third direction. Where’d he come from? He’ll tell them eventually. They follow him because at least he isn’t stalling.

Ben finds a water bottle. He’s nostalgic for the good old days of leadership. The pilot would have been flying if he hadn’t overslept but the island got him in the end anyway. The leader woman points a gun at Ben and insists he walk. That seems unnecessary he would’ve done whatever she’d wanted anyway. She makes him lie on the ground and fashions something around his leg and then insists he dig his own grave. An eye for an eye and all that.

AW Ben studies with Alex. She freaks out when she doesn’t know an answer. She says this is her entire life. If she can’t do well she can’t pay for college, will she even get in. He says she’s one of the brightest students he’s ever had. She mentions the principal is a pervert and then takes it back. What? She asks him to promise not to tell. The principal and nurse were having sex in the room next to where she lying on a nurse’s office. He says he won’t say anything.

Ben digs slowly. Miles comes over with some food offers. He offers Miles $3.2 Million again if he helps him. Jacob cared about being killed, he’d hoped he was wrong about Ben. No rest for the evil!

Hugo asks Richard how he looks the same as he did 30 years ago without time traveling. It was a gift from Jacob. Richard shows them a place other than the temple (everyone there is dead). Their friends weren’t at the temple though. Maybe they made it out alive. Jacob sort of hinted at it. Hurley spoke to Jacob. He tells him not to believe Jacob. Richard wants to go die.

AW Ben wants to talk to his friend. He wants the science teacher guy to access someone’s email account without their knowledge. The nurse’s specifically. He’s making a play to go after “the big job.” He wants some things in return. They make a deal. He says Ben is a real killer.

Ben has gotten a little further now, it’s grave shaped at least if not deep enough.

Richard wanders inside the strange dark place. Jack has a lantern at least. He hasn’t come back until now. Richard finds dynamite. Richard says he can’t kill himself but he wants them to do it for him. Jacob touched him. It’s not a gift though, it’s a curse. He wants to die because he devoted his LONG life in service to Jacob but before he could share the plan he died. His entire life had no purpose. He wants to Jack to light it. It will take some time. Jack is willing. Richard is thankful. Hurley is not pleased. Jack lights the fuse and then sits to talk. Anyone else think there’s a flaw in this plan? Hurley goes outside to wait. Jack doesn’t think either one of them will die because of the lighthouse. Jacob had wanted him to know he was watching him since he was a kid. He’s willing to bet there was a reason, not to blow up. Jack is sure he’s right. Richard watches nervously and the fuse dies just before it ignites. Try again? So now what? Return to the beginning. So the beach?

Still digging. Ben hears sounds, the monster coming? Yup, there’s Monster-Locke. He doesn’t want Ben to die, he’d gone back to get him. Smokester is gathering a group to leave the island for good and he wants Ben to be in charge of the island. Ben’s ankle falls apart. Smokester tells him to come to the other island. He can get a rifle if he runs now. Don’t hesitate because she won’t. He runs. She pursues.

AW Ben comes to the principal’s door. The principal doesn’t care to listen but Ben has papers for him to read. Emails that he obtained illegally. The sex would be frowned on by the school board and his wife. Ben wants his job. Resign and recommend him as a replacement. He’ll probably get the job because the board admires him. The principal has an email for him to read. Alex has asked him for a letter of recommendation. The principal says if he does this then Alex won’t be able to get into Yale. He will ruin her future. So, what now sucker?

Ben runs like a girl. In case you didn’t notice. He makes her drop her rifle and he wants to explain. He knows how she feels. He watched Alex die and it was his fault. He could have saved her but he chose the island. In the name of Jacob. He sacrificed everything for him and he didn’t care. He was so angry and confused when he killed him. He was scared he was going to lose the only thing that mattered to him, his power, but the thing that really mattered to him was already gone. He’s sorry. But he doesn’t expect forgiveness because he can never forgive himself. He just wants to leave. He’ll go to Locke. Because he’s the only one who will have him. But she agrees to have him. So he follows her back to the beach.

AW Ben is looking at the principal’s desk. Alex comes to thank the principal’s great letter. Ben announces that the principal found someone to cover detention so he can do it. Hmm, so who is under whose control?

On the beach they return to camp. Ben gets stares. He offers Sun help. She accepts help with the tarp. Miles has found the diamonds. Leader woman cries. Jack, Hurley, and Richard arrive though you can’t see Richard because he’s hidden by Hugo. Sun runs to greet them which is super cute. Even Miles gets in on the hugs. Ben and Jack share looks.

And up comes a submarine to watch them. It;s what’s his name, the rich dude.

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One Response to “Lost: Dr. Linus”

  1. sarah Says:

    I liked the ending…the rich dude, Widmore , will hopefully start giving us some closure….hopefully…….

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