Gossip Girl: The Hurt Locket

It’s been awhile but finally the show has returned.

S is thrilled about N coming home, he’s texted her every night he was away. Take the relationship slowly. And Dorota is returning. B finds Chuck’s locket. Serena runs into Damion Doggard. They met at boarding school. He was apparently the smart jock. Nate is taking Serena to the French ambassador’s dinner. B asks C why he had a locket with his dad’s picture. She wants to be part of an exclusive society that Chuck is going to introduce her to. Chuck gets a text saying the jeweler has been found.

J is talking to Lily and helping her unpack when Damion arrives with a gift: cookies/pills. L wants to talk to Jenny about keeping the door open. And Rufus is coming back today. Rufus arrives and gets a call from Lily. He ignores it.

Chuck speaks to the jeweler in an attempt to get the woman’s name. The jeweler turns it down but C can be persuasive. The woman’s name is Elizabeth Fisher. There’s an address.

Serena gets home to find Nate waiting for her. He’s a day early. She says they should go slowly and he agrees. So they make out. Very slow there.

N finds Dan at the coffee shop. Dan hasn’t spoken to Vanessa yet. He wants to though. He’s been reading up about turning friends into lovers. Yes. Lovers. Blair and Serena have lunch. They’re talking about the relationship. B tells her not to scare him off. D advises him to come up for air, which isn’t something she likes to do. S is what N has been dreaming about. B wants her to play games and make him work for it.

J and Damoin discuss how to get the ambassador’s daughter the pills. J will sew the pills into a jacket that she’ll model after Violette’s.

D finds L waiting in the Brooklyn apartment hoping to catch R. He isn’t there but it’s clear he’s been there.

B calls C. She’s all dressed up with no one to sleep with. C has a meeting now. It turns out he missed the lunch with the secret society people. She’s upset but he assures her, he’ll get her an invite. B finds info about the locket. He’s been trying to meet Elizabeth for four hours but she checked out when she heard about him waiting outside.

R is spotted by a hot woman with a dog who asks how he’s doing. He came to talk to Lily but now he’s not sure. She suggests coffee. He’s married you know.

S finds N playing pool. More kissing. S suggests that they don’t talk at all. N thinks maybe he should have gone to the dinner alone. They don’t want to rush into things. He doesn’t want to forget the plan. They already saw each other so they should wait a couple days. She walks out upset. Which means S thinks B was right. Time to make N jealous. S calls Damion to get him to take her to the dinner. Yes S because all the other advice you follows goes so well.

D and R talk. What’s going on? L and R are fighting and R is avoiding learning the truth about their relationship. Dan says he throws around advice about being honest and talk about things so take your own advice.

J shows Damion the coat she made but he tells her that they’ll have to do their thing another night. He’s going with someone else. He’s with S. J is upset. J tells him S wouldn’t go to the dinner wearing a jacket of pills. She wants to tell her but he’ll let S know how J knows…she’ll make her cut at least.

C says he can’t go to the dinner because he wants to find the woman. B is furious. She’s not some random woman. She knew all about his parents. One dinner won’t make a difference. C says some things are more important than her social climbing agenda. NO!

French ambassador time. S is wearing the jacket. N sees him and is upset. J explains who he is to be his date (pretending it’s for them). Stalemate for the non-couple. S wants to keep the jacket on because it’s so pretty.

J finds Damion. N is upset and J points that D is not the person to get advice from. J tells him to to let S get away again.

B finds S and Damion at the meal. It’s good to keep N on his toes. The idea seems to be working. She’s upset that he came with J but B rightly assumes that J came with him, not the other way around. B wants to find an intro. She gives B a pep talk.

As Damion talks to Violette J introduces herself but Violette is upset. He plans to remedy the situation.

N doesn’t understand why S came with Damion who comes in and pulls her away. S admits that she’s using him to make N jealous. He suggests committing fully and reaches to take off her jacket but she turns him down. She says she’s changed since boarding school and it’s a good thing. She walks away and J is pleased.

B attempts to introduce herself to the guy. C shows up. He came to apologize. He thinks Elizabeth Fisher is his mother. B says she died in childbirth. He says maybe it was a lie of Bart’s. He knows it sounds crazy. B thinks this will make losing his mom all over again. What could be worse than that. He has to know if what happened was really that she died at childbirth. B says nothing is more important than being with him for this.

S is walking and gets pulled into the coat room by N. He explains that he’s waiting a long time and he was afraid things won’t work out. They begin losing clothes. This seems like not the best place but at least Damion can get what he wants.

R comes to L to talk. Explain why you spent a night in a hotel room with an ex husband. No more lies.

Damion comes to leave but doesn’t see S and D making out in the coat room. J points out that the deal was messed up because he didn’t take his own advice. This botched job may have ruined his business and he thinks it’s time for him to go. But J spots the coat on the floor and makes sure that it’s tagged for Violette.

C finds Elizabeth but she says she didn’t know Bart well. She was just visiting her mother’s grave. C won’t let her get away with it so easily. She says Bart gave that locket to all of his girlfriends at the time. She’s sorry she can’t help him find what he’s looking for. C apologizes for wasting B’s time. She makes an excuse for him to go out and then confronts Elizabeth. She didn’t buy Elizabeth’s explanation. She says C has always believed he’d killed his mother and if she knows anything she should say otherwise leave town.

L says she saw him because her mom was sick and he’s a doctor. R wants to know that she didn’t sleep with her ex. She says she didn’t. She kissed him, nothing more. She says it didn’t mean anything but he says it meant something to him. He leaves. He needs time to figure things out.

D calls V and leaves a desperate message about how things aren’t doing well. He could use a friend.

R is in the elevator and hits floor 24. To see that woman from earlier? Yup. That’s a good plan, same building.

S and N wake up. They should go. Her jacket seems to be missing though. Outside Violette leaves with the jacket. J is glad he’s sticking around. S takes someone else’s jacket. She wants him to promise no more slow. What about the good kind of slow? More kissing.

C is upset that he let a random woman made him think other than what he knew his entire life. He says he doesn’t have a real mother and never will. She says he isn’t alone and she’ll always be his family. At least in one area she seems to have grown up.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: The Hurt Locket”

  1. sarah Says:

    C says some things are more important than her social climbing agenda. NO!

    –Favorite line BY FAR probably because I know so many girls I wish someone would have that balls to say that too!

    Serena is so stupid it’s frustrating…calling Damien like that, she never thinks ANYTHING thru.

    Oh Rufus…same building is NEVER a good idea….and seriously like Lily needed to seek out her ex husband because of her mothers illness? I am glad Rufus isn’t buying that BS.

    Glad this episode was Vanessa-less

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