90210: Rats and Heroes

[SIDENOTE: I’m one show away from catching up on all of Monday night TV.]

Silver is reading War and Peace for a new resolution. Naomi isn’t listening, she’s texting Liam. (Someone should point out that he still cheated on her.)Dixon is on the other end with Liam and is a little annoyed with it. Then the conversation turns to Dixon and Silver. Dixon can’t wait to talk to her tomorrow. Silver hopes Dixon feels the same way.

Annie comes home, it’s a new year, and they have cause to celebrate. Apparently things seem better for her. Mom didn’t know about the boosters’ reception because Kelly will be there. He’s been avoiding her. She wants to go to the dinner. Kelly will not determine her future!

Dixon has picked up Annie and they discuss Silver again. They’ve changed, maybe they can get back together. Annie doesn’t look so happy, she looks like she’s about to cry. She’s not looking forward to school. Dixon assures her that it won’t be awful. She finds flowers waiting for her on her bad. They’re from Jasper. Take a hint, she broke up with you. And the window is open. Did he leave that there.

Naomi is concerned about her tan as they get to school. How is Silver her friend? Adriana interrupts their party talk. Break was…good. Laid low. Adriana clearly feels like an outsider and excuses herself.

Dixon and Liam are inseparable. They find Naveed and he shows them the coke he got as a souvenir of the trip. Really? After everything with Adriana? And here I thought he was the smart one. Oh, he doesn’t do it, he wanted to plant it in Jasper’s locker to get Jasper expelled. You know this will backfire. How does he plan to get it in his locker? There’s a master list of the combinations.They aren’t willing to help, they’re sure it won’t work.

Annie opens her locker and here comes Jasper. She says she’s breaking up with him but in that case he’ll tell the police what she did. He’s guessing it won’t be hard to find evidence. He says he’s doing this because he loves her and he’s sure she loves him back. Let’s put our mistakes behind us. Silver and Naomi see them holding hands and are shocked.

Dixon finds Silver alone and wants to talk. She says it was a mistake, obviously. We broke up for a reason. He said himself that he can never be himself around her. She jumped to conclusions about the girl with Teddy, she was feeling betrayed…poor Dixon.

Naomi finds Ivy reading a comic. Ivy denies that there was anything between her and Liam. Naomi brings Ivy a gift from St. Bardes. It’s a leopard print purse. Wow is all Ivy can say. She’s always wanted a pocketbook. It’s a bagette actually.

Boxing outside and Dixon and Teddy are sparring partners. Teddy isn’t going easy on him. Teddy is upset about the kiss. He didn’t just get over Silver, he’d made it clear that he liked her. Is there something going on? Dixon says he doesn’t think they’re over. It may happen again, they’re trying to keep it on the downlow and they’re likely getting back together. I see what you’re doing Dixon. Stupid because this will backfire. But I get it.

Silver and Naomi come to talk to Annie. About Jasper. Annie says it’s complicated. She tells them to leave her alone and walks away.

Silver finds Teddy in the hallway and he says she was right that he’s a player and he can’t be tied down. He talks about other girls and she leaves without saying what she wanted to say. Glad that everyone is making such good choices.

Naveed greets Jasper.

Naomi tells Dixon about Annie and Jasper. It may not be her place to interfere but maybe she’ll listen to him. Dixon is thinking (obviously about Naveed;s plan).

Rumor Willis (Gia) finds Adriana at AA. Ah, they’re the soon to be lesbian couple? She invites her to bowling. Adriana turns it down. AA is only a part of her not her whole life. Rumor likes having people around who understand. Rumor gives Adriana her card (THE BLAZE) in an offer to talk if ever needed.

Liam and Naomi go on a fancy date at the beach. Liam is wearing a sweatshirt. She’s been planning this date for a long time. Will he realize that he actually likes Ivy? That would make me happy. They’re sort of awkward. Maybe they have nothing in common anymore.They keep talking over each other. She doesn’t do any things that he does like boats and parasailing etc. Naomi is redecorating her house. Naomi looks awfully tan (which they explain away as a trip to the tanning salon but I’m wondering if that was a real life actress thing). So much for a perfect date.

Annie shows Dixon about laptop tricks as he warms up to bring up the Jasper stuff. She stops him, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Let’s not mess up our getting along. He likes that they’re getting along too. Dixon’s still thinking and calls Naveed. Plan is a go.

Ivy asks Liam about the date. He thinks it’s weird but she says it isn’t for her. Get over yourself, Ivy is not in love with you. She and Naomi are like buds. Liam says the date didn’t go well. Ivy’s surprised. She’s sorry. It was with a shot right?

Dixon and Naveed set their plan in action. Dixon goes in while Naveed distracts. Naomi is looking for Silver. Things are not okay! Adriana offers to listen and then assures her that maybe they were too nervous. Maybe they lost their spark! Did they wait too long? Adriana says there’s a clear way to test chemistry. Naomi invites her to a party with her and Silver.

Dixon finds the combo list and prints it out. His dad almost spots him but all’s well.

Jasper calls Annie over and she reluctantly gets in his car. Maybe you can get him to stop liking you or something. how To Lose A Guy in Ten Days Tutorial?

At the dinner, Kelly has cut her hair short (NOT FLATTERING) and it’s a bit awkward. Kelly excuses herself. Aunt Becky (what is her name on this show) wants to talk to her.

Naomi arrives at the party wearing just a jacket because she wants to flash Liam. Naomi gives Adriana a drink that has rum and Adriana excuses herself to call Rumor. She wants to meet up and luckily Rumor’s at the party. She’s freaking out. She’s second guessing herself. This is her fault! Rumor assures her that it takes time to be sober.

Aunt Becky calls Kelly over to talk about her crush. Kelly tells her not to worry. She’s annoyed. Kelly says she wasn’t trying to break up their wedding. The minute she felt like there was anything, she steered clear. She does not want to cross that line. She’s not that person anymore.

Jasper is trying to show off for Annie but she’s not interested. He suggests a movie. She hates subtitles. BTW. That’s all they watched during the relationship. She tries to be obnoxious, he gets upset and smashes the car window. He won’t fall for it! No fight! He loves her no matter what. We’re not like other couples, we’re soulmates. Forever! She’s not happy. He’s a little crazy. Jasper drives home a moping Annie and insists on a kiss before she goes.

Aunt Becky wants to find Kelly a guy. Preferably not an actor or teacher or gay man. All is well now.

At the party Silver and Dixon talk about Naomi and her lack of clothes. Silver sees Teddy kissing another girl and gets upset. Dixon tries to comfort her.

Naomi went to Liam’s and removes her coat. They have sex. Still awkward conversation afterward.

Rumor and Adriana continue to talk. Adriana is feeling better. Rumor sees her ex girlfriend with her new girl. Ah, that explains the lesbian kiss. Rumor’s ex looks jealous, she thinks they’re together. Adriana gets up and kisses her. She thinks they’re together now! Rumor wants to know why she did that. To help her out of course.

Silver talks to Dixon about Teddy and Dixon admits that he…likes her. He’s crazy about her. He asks for another chance.

Annie cries in her room. She gets a text from Jasper saying he will always love her. So she smashes her phone. We see some shadows that I think are meant to indicate Jasper outside her window.

Kelly and Debbie (that’s her name!) are at yoga on the beach. The teacher is interested in Debbie not Kelly. Kelly points that out, Debbie doesn’t believe it, that’s just his yoga shtick. Debbie seems to like him too or at least they have an eye-locking moment.

Random locker searches. They open Jasper’s locker but it’s clear. Naveed’s isn’t though. He’s taken away, Jasper is pleased with himself.


One Response to “90210: Rats and Heroes”

  1. sarah Says:

    I liked it…aside from Aid and that ugly chick kissing….ok and who has business cards for their high school newspaper? LOL

    LOVE that Annie is being blackmailed and she’s traumatized by it…I know she will weasel her way out of being with Jasper and getting out of trouble for the hit and run and that will infuriate me.

    That Jasper is a clever dude for getting the coke out of his locker and into naveeds…we all know Dixon will run to his daddy and tell him the truth of what they tried to do and no one will be in trouble….

    I hate Dixon even more now for effing things up with Silver and Teddy…dude, you broke up because she made a sex tape of you and showed it to the entire school. Move on.

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