Secret Life: Good Girls and Boys

Ben’s dad finds Ricky and wants to talk. Ricky thinks everyone would be better off without everyone. Or you’re better off without them? Ben’s dad asks who he is. He has the right to feel however he feels, but he should let them know. But otherwise no one will be able to fix it. Ricky is tired of being angry (he doesn’t really come off as particularly angry). If he’s tired of being angry he needs to talk to everyone. Tell the truth. Is it best to leave your son or is better for both of you to get serious about yourself and who you will be. Grow up. To be a good father you need to be a good and honorable man. Most teens prefer to avoid confrontation, but Ben’s dad tells the truth in your face, because he cares. He returns the apartment keys. Sooner or later he will do the right thing. Hopefully sooner. It’s official. Ben’s dad is the best part of the show. And the only sensible person.

Someone knocks on Ricky’s door. He came back. It’s Ben to apologize. He doesn’t feel good about what he did and he’s sorry for betraying his friendship. Were they really friends or had they just been friends for Amy and John’s sake. Without them he didn’t really have a reason to be friends. He was always angry because Ricky slept with Amy. Ben wants Ricky to hit him because justice would be served and it would give him an opportunity to him back. Ben is still angry that Ricky slept with Amy. He punches Ricky but only hurts his own hand. Ricky says don’t hit anyone. If you hit him again, he’ll hit back. Ben hits him again and Ricky hits back just once. Ben realizes that it does in fact hurt to be hit. Ricky explains that hitting doesn’t solve anything. Ricky plans to see everyone and then go. Ben wants to come with him. No. Ben gets too obsessed with things, like a little kid. Ben wants to know if he’ll talk to Amy or Adrian first. It’s Ben’s business because he still loves Amy. Adrian did what she did for revenge. Ben tries to make it more than that but there isn’t. Ricky accepts his apology because despite how little an apology it was, he’s been through worst. Ricky says he didn’t do anything to intentionally hurt anyone so he doesn’t owe any apologies. He admits that the kiss wasn’t just a kiss and apologizes. They’re not even unless Adrian has his baby. (THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE BEN, YOU DIDN’T KNOW EACH OTHER AND YOU WEREN’T TOGETHER.) Ricky assures Ben that Amy will never forgive him. In comes Ricky’s foster parents who he seems to have an excellent relationship with. They’re glad he returned and want to make sure he stays around. They want to be more involved in John’s life, as grandparents. Ricky wonders what’s going on. It almost seems like they intend to try to adopt John.

Tom wants to know when they will get more sleep because the parents are honeymooning at home. Grace is no longer nice, now that she’s realized her reverse psychology plan was stupid. Jeff wants to talk to Grace. He wants to know what Grace wants. Doesn’t she think her mom’s been through a lot? Shouldn’t she have fun. But they’re married. “Have fun” means sex here. This is so awkward. Good girls often have a hard time standing up for themselves and tend to avoid conflict. He loves her mother. It’s freeing not to have to be the good girl, she wasn’t such a good one. Wait, he’s not saying go “have fun.” But maybe she can. She feels better about that. Uh oh.

Adrian’s dad comes to say goodbye while she’s doing her makeup. She’s concerned that her mom is getting cold feet. They both were. His mom sent a wedding surprise and it hasn’t come yet. He thought his parents wouldn’t approve but they’re happy. Sometimes the most difficult conversations are the best. Adrian is dressed up to see him. Ricky is upset with her and is coming to talk. She’s not afraid to talk to him. If she needs to talk to him afterward, she can call him. She should talk to someone who cares about her rather than sleep with someone who doesn’t. Ricky is angry and hurt and sometimes says angry and hateful words. Adrian says she’s stronger than most girls. With her background, eventually she only cares what she thinks and she doesn’t hold things in, she acts them out. He advises her to listen to Ricky’s feelings, apologize and say nothing. Let it go. He knows she’s sorry for what she did with Ben. She denies. She’s still afraid that Ricky and Amy will get married eventually. (ADRIAN, GET OVER THIS FEAR, YOU’RE RIDICULOUS.)

Ashleigh knows that Ricky is back. She tells George he left her a message. She just knew he was going to see his mom, not where he went. She thought it would make Amy feel better to know he wasn’t running from her. Ashleigh knows it was wrong to lie to George. She knew she couldn’t tell him because he’d tell Leo. What’s going on between Amy and Ricky. But Amy isn’t easy to talk to. What’s Ricky’s interest in Ashleigh? Friends! Amy is too good, she doesn’t fight so they’re never over. No spine. It’s like shadowboxing, throw punches until you’re tired but you don’t accomplish anything. She’s been getting more of one. She’ll be stronger because of having John. She can’t say the nice stuff because she has so much more of the bad stuff, which comes out when she’s angry.

Amy and Anne discuss how she doesn’t care why Ricky is angry with her. He can’t tell her unless she wants him to. He has no right to feel angry. Amy hates that, he has no right! (AMY, BRAINS!) Amy wants to know why she should go to therapy. Adrian and Ricky went to therapy, look how that turned out. Anne suggests she talk to Ben also. Amy said they already talked. Amy will never get over Ben sleeping with Adrian. Anne says Amy needs to confront her demons. Why would she put herself through that? Haven’t I done enough for John? No, you can never do enough.

Grace comes into school Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” apparently all relieved by her conversation. Grace, Adrian, and Amy get excited and they think Ricky came in. Ricky and Ashleigh talk about her telling Amy where he was. He can’t go anywhere but he does plan to get away for a while. Ashleigh is still speaking to Ben. She suggests talking to Amy. Ashleigh likes both of them, so does John.

Amy runs down the hall, Adrian seems her and follows. They find Amy, Ashleigh, and Ricky. Adrian and Ricky are left alone but not after she’s flirty with Ben in front of Ricky (REALLY ADRIAN?). He admits that he missed her but he can’t do it anymore. She wants to change his mind. Neither of them should have done what they done. He thinks that if a man loves a woman he doesn’t cheat on her and vice versa. He wants to end this. They’ve been over since before the her and Ben episode. She’s sure he loves her, don’t run away! I’m not running away. We can’t trust each other. This relationship isn’t a good way to become a good husband and father. And this isn’t about Amy. Adrian leaves crying.

Amy pulls out her Tuba case which has a picture of John. She’s glad he’s back but she doesn’t want to talk now. He’ll come over tonight to talk. She loves John. That’s a good sign at least since that’s hard to tell most of the time.

Madison and Jack discuss Ricky and Adrian’s breakup. She thinks he will be with Amy. Lauren and Jessie gossip too. Lauren thinks along the same lines but the guys don’t think so. They argue over his bird. The girls freak out. Alice and Henry continue to discuss and think this ruins Ben’s chances with Amy.

Grace and Ben talk. Grace is okay with him. She says she forgave Jack, maybe Amy can forgive him. She and he did something in common: had sex with the wrong person at the wrong time. It’s so complicated. How could you know? She doesn’t believe not until marriage anymore. She doesn’t know if she wants to or can wait until she gets married. Will she find that person in high school. Can they still hang as friends? Of course. And can he give her a ride? Sure. She up to something?

Rubin finds Adrian at home crying. She did call him in the end. Dad, must you be stupid enough to ask if this is about Ricky. He offers ice cream which gets a small laugh. He reassures her but she just hugs her pillows.

Ashleigh complimented Amy for a bribe: Grant can come over. She doesn’t normally say it because Amy needs self-confidence. Ricky is over talking to Amy meanwhile. Grant is all polite and Ashleigh tricks her parents into letting Grant stay over later. George wants to get married. Let’s wait until our anniversary in a year. He wants to get married now. She thinks this is a compromise. He says this is just her getting her way. She’s not saying no. Well he is. He leaves with Moose.

Ricky wants to talk. Amy doesn’t want to. She wants to know what she did wrong. He loves John, he’s glad to have him in his life. He apologizes for leaving and not telling her. He feels badly about tricking her into kissing him but clearly she wanted. But then everyone found out. They’ve both been acting like kids not adults, even though they have a son. He has his own place. He can’t see John unless he deals with Amy’s house. He’s tired of their business becoming everyone else’s. What does he want then? She would never just live with him. He wants to take John on weekends. His parents will watch John when he’s at work. She says no. But this will give her free time. She still refuses. He points out that John is his son. John should be part of his family and his life. He can have his date around John just like she could. She says she’s his mom so she can decide everything. He says that’s not true. Ricky rationalizes. Amy says she loves him more. Amy starts crying. He doesn’t want to hurt her but he doesn’t want to hurt his relationship with John by not doing what he should be. (Why does Amy’s crying look like smiling?)


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