Lost: Sundown

Sorry this took so long to write, I haven’t had much time this past week. Still have another show to catch up on as well (ABDC), which will come after this one.

AW Sayid is in the cab until the driver reminds him that the meter is still running. He has flowers. It’s that girl we keep seeing, Nadia. The one he was supposed to torture. She has kids with her. He’s “uncle” Sayid. His brother married her. There’s a tense exchange. The kids wonder what gifts Sayid brings from Australia. He works to translate contracts for an oil company while Omar works in laundry. Omar gets a call, it’s business. Nadia had been sending him letters but he’d never responded. The kids interrupt with their discoveries: a boomerang and a picture of mommy. Omar of course hears this part.

Sayid storms through the temple and demands answers from the master dude. The machine: why’d they hook him up to it? For every man there is a scale of good and evil. The machine apparently tells the balance of those two. His tipped the wrong way (maybe because he shot young Ben). They think it would be best if Sayid is dead. Sayid points out that they don’t know him. He’s a good man. The master attacks him and we get a little martial arts action that Sayid seems to be on the losing end of. Don’t count him out though. (Also, wouldn’t killing a defenseless man, no matter how good or bad, put you in the bad guy category. Sayid is nearly killed and then told to leave (apparently the baseball falling was a signal to stop?).

Claire and Monster-Locke are together. He wants her to do something. Why her? He has to get her son back if she goes in. Agreed. He’ll hurt the ones who won’t listen. They’re outside the temple btw.

AW Sayid is sleeping on the couch when his brother comes to wake him. It’s 2:30 AM. His brother needs help, he’s in trouble. He borrowed money to open his second store. The man who lent him the money wants him to pay interest for as long as his store is open, even though he’s paid them back. He wants Sayind to “convince” them to leave him alone. He was an interrogator in the war. Sayid says he won’t hurt someone just because he made a bad decision. Omar says it’s for all of them, they’ll lose everything. If you care about Nadia you will do this. Sayid says he isn’t that man anymore. See master?!? He’s not evil!

Sayid takes a pack, fills it with food, and prepares to leave. He tells Miles he’s been banished for being evil. Strange that they think he is when they saved him. Miles says they tries but failed to save him. No one expected him to be alive. In walks Claire. They aim guns at her but someone tells them not to shoot. She tells the master that He wants to see him. Speak English! Come out and talk to him. Master says he’s not a fool, outside the temple he’ll kill him. Send someone he won’t kill then. They take Claire to keep in a hole until all is resolved. Then they get Jack and Hugo. Except, that the two are missing. Guess you’re not as in charge as you think. The master has Sayid come with him. Things have changed, him leaving is no longer top priority. Where are Jack and Hurley? No clue. The master pulls out a box and dusts it off. Claire is a confused girl under the influence of a man who is no longer trapped because Jacob is gone. The man will not stop until he destroys everything on the island. He is evil incarnate. (Well, you think Sayid is too.) He wants Sayid to kill him. He will come to him as someone he kows who has died. Plunge this knife into his chest, don’t let him speak or it is too late. Sayid isn’t sure why he’d ever help him. The master says because this is how to prove his goodness. Silly me, I thought murder was a way to prove evil not good.

AW Sayid walks the kids to the bus. He’ll only be staying a few more days before he goes to Toronto for work. They and mommy like it when he’s around. Nadia runs out to find him. Omar has been hurt, mugged maybe? It’s Jack’s hospital btw. Nadia tells Sayid not to avenge Omar. She doesn’t want him to, even though it wasn’t a mugging. Just go home and make the kids safe when they get home.

Sayid sets out and finds Kate. What did she miss? Ask Miles. Why’d she come back? How did she know Claire was there. She goes inside. Miles considered following but he knew Sawyer would chase him off. Is that what happened to her? Pretty much. Claire’s back. Where?

Sayid continues wandering. He stops, takes a drink, you get the sense that he’s being watched. Here comes the smokester (smoke + monster= smokester, it’s just faster to type). Monster-Locke steps out and Sayid stabs him. That’s ok, Locke just pulls out the knife and asks why he did that. No blood or anything. He offers the knife back. “What are you?” You seem to know, considering you stabbed me. They said he was evil incarnate. Locke feels sorry for him. Because the Master knew he had no chance of killing him and believed Locke would kill him if he tried. This isn’t the first time the master has tried to get someone else to kill him. And what is it that the smokester wants? Deliver a message. It would mean more from him than Claire. If he does this, he’ll give him whatever he wants. Nadia? Or Shannon? The only thing he ever wanted died in his arms and he’ll never see it (her?) again. What if you could?

AW Sayid is fixing a vase that the kids broke when Nadia comes in. They went to bed a couple hours ago. He told them Omar had an accident and is fine. He’s awake but recovering. This is Omar’s responsibility, not Sayid’s. Why did he push her towards Omar if he cares about her? He’s been trying to wash his hands of the horrible things he’s done in the war. He can’t be with her because he doesn’t deserve her.

Sayid returns to the temple and finds the master. He brings the message: Jacob is dead and no one has to stay in the temple anymore. They’re free. The man is leaving the island and can leave with him. They have until sundown to decide. And if they stay? They die.

Kate searches for Claire. The master’s guy demands answers but Kate manhandles him into Claire’s location. Claire is singing like a nut. Kate gets her attention. Claire seems thrilled to see her. What happened? Kate explains that she took Aaron because they couldn’t find her. She raised him and he’s amazing. She came back to get Claire to reunite them. Claire says she’s not the one who needs to be rescued. Claire says “he’s coming and they can’t stop him.” How did Claire become this crazy badass? How did she even manage to survive?

Everyone is panicking. They can’t risk the temple not being safe. He’s bluffing, he can’t come in. Miles wants to know what’s going on. They’re no leaving yet, Sayid has a knife to return.

AW Sayid meets with the loan shark outside the home. They want Sayid to get in the car. That or they take the kids. Sayid gets in. They take him to…a semi-abandoned restaurant where someone is making eggs. They offer him eggs but he turns it down. Now I want eggs. The egg maker, clearly in charge, introduces himself as he eats. How’s his brother? His brother has to make payments, he still owes. Someone will pay him. Sayid asks if he put Omar in the hospital. Nah, he didn’t do that. It’s a dangerous world. Sayid takes them all out save the boss. He’s aiming a gun at the man who says it’s done, the debt is forgiven. He can’t forget about it and shoots the man. He hears noise, someone is banging. It’s Jin being held prisoner. (He hasn’t learned English in this reality.)

The master stares at the baseball, sitting at the pool. Sayid returns the knife. That’s twice you’ve had someone else try to kill him. Why not do it yourself? He was once a business man, at a bank. He was good. Successful. He was promoted and they went out to celebrate. He had too much to drink. He picked his son up from baseball every friday. He got into an accident and his son didn’t survive. In the hospital, a man came and told him that he could save his son, on the condition that he come to the island and have a new job. He could never see his son again, but he’d be alive. The man was Jacob. Jacob drives (drove) a hard bargain. The main outside offered a similar bargain to Sayid. Will Sayid stay or go at sundown? He’d like to stay. He grabs the master and drowns him in the pool. You know he’s dead when he releases the ball. Sayid gets out and the sidekick dude spots him. What have you done! He runs in to get the master as Sayid looks on dispassionately. Do you realize what you just did? He was the only thing keeping it out. You just let it in! Sayid slashes the guys throat. “I know.”

Outside the guards hear the smokester coming. Kate says they’ve got to go. People begin getting pulled away. Kate and Miles run. Kate insists she has to get Claire. Miles another way and everyone from the pilot and Ben, etc come in. Kate calls Claire to come and Claire says they’ll be safer inside. Kate jumps into the hole and the smoke monster flies over her.

Ben finds Sayid and says there’s time to get out. Sayid says there isn’t time for him. He looks slap-happy. Ben runs.

Miles asks Sun where Jin was. THey don’t know. The group follows the hieroglyphics until she finds the one that opens a secret passageway. Inside. The smoke monster flies passed but doesn’t notice their hiding place.

Sayid walks among the dead. Claire and Kate come out. Kate is the only one perplexed by the dead. She picks up a rifle. They find Monster Locke and his merry men outside. Kate is the only one to look shocked. Monster Locke gives her a strange look and then they set out, following Non-Locke wherever he may take them.

I like this new (returned?) form of following a specific character’s story through out an episode. It feels like there is more focus.


3 Responses to “Lost: Sundown”

  1. Emogene Feoli Says:

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 5 2 1

    • ax20 Says:

      I write a few every week. Full recap of Greek, Lost, The Secret Life, Make It Or Break It, and ABDC (and Gossip Girl, Ten Things, and 90210 when they return) plus other random ones either about a specific show that I watched over the week, a new show I’ve found, or a large scale recap about a bunch of shows from the week.

  2. sarah Says:

    I like this new (returned?) form of following a specific character’s story through out an episode. It feels like there is more focus.

    Agreed and it’s easier to focus!!!

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