America’s Best Dance Crew: Week 3

The Lady Gaga Challenge! This week should be fun. Plus the promise of a twist which always makes things exciting.

Last week’s votes must be thrown out due to some technical problems, meaning there will be no bottom two and no elimination this week. I’d rather that have been a surprise or have everyone up for elimination. No battle. Is that the twist? Next week two crews will be sent home so this is only a brief respite.

You can see the Gaga inspired costumes on the crews. The judges will choose the best crew of the night and grant them immunity for next week. This is yet another first for ABDC.

Static Noyze gets “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.” They must create a routine based on the video. They want to use the table from the video. I think they got the theatrical part right but what this season is missing altogether is the big memorable moves. Omarion thinks they started slow but they kept the energy up. Peter dresses drag Gaga. JC thought the beginning was interesting. He liked that it was all about drama and attitude, just like Lady. Lil Mama thinks they worked the props, they had smooth transitions. Wardrobe: bubbles hot. Phenomenal.

Blue Print Cru (I hate these misspellings.) is relieved about the thrown out votes. It’s tough for them, as a Canadian crew, since their friends and family can’t vote and support them. They get “Bad Romance.” They want to use the floor part, which they never use. (I thought inspired by not imitate.) Wow, I think they really stepped up with this one. It reminded me a lot of the morbid addiction SYTYCD performance. JC says it was the best performance of the season. I agree. It goes from the top to bottom. Performance, costume. Everything. The Canadians can dance. Lil Mama is impressed with their illusions. Entertainment everywhere. Omarion was unsure of how far they could make it in the competition, but after that performance…Good job for sure.

Jungle Boogie gets “Video Phone.” LG looks much less crazy in this video. Maybe that’s because Beyonce calmed things down a bit. They decide to utilize the chairs. They really sexed up this performance and I think it was another really good one. Clearly Lady Gaga is a great place for inspiration. Lil Mama thinks they’re hard workers and they can dominate characters. Rocky is a versatile female. They take risks. The chair flips were sloppy. Clean up but keep moving. Omarion thinks they’re dope. JC says they’ve covered it all. Good performance overall.

Heavy Impact gets “LoveGame.” They want to use the poles from the subway scene. They want to take inspiration from it, not duplicate it. Actually, this is the first time that I see them and really see what the judges see in this crew. (God I hate Mario Lopez’s commentary.) They missed one flip but still surprisingly athletic. JC didn’t love it. Lil Mama says they picked up the swag and they stepped up the athleticism. They missed a flip. Omarion says they stick to their strong points, the groove. They pulled off the guys and poles well. He thinks they did good as far as the challenge. (But not as far as…?)

Hype 5-0 gets “Pokerface.” They want to use the hand movements. I think it had ups and downs here. Awesome then slow then awesome. Omarion thinks the choreography could have been better and more energetic. JC says he apologizes for last week because he was wrong about something last week. He liked the opening. The lines and positions are a little redundant from week to week. Use the stage well though. Lil Mama says they had some sick moves but they need to take it to the next level.

Poreotix gets “Paparazzi.” It seems awfully slow. They want to use the crutches that Gaga uses. They found it tough because it limits their movements. They have to make sure they’re in sync because that’s what they got in trouble for last time. I think they were really funny but they lacked anything super exciting. JC says they went to their strengths. They got the avant guarde. The choreography got boring in the middle. Omarion says they performed with confidence. Lil Mama thinks they have interesting transitions and are charismatic. They’re fun but take their performances up. They were together and on point, they take their critique.

Saltare was glad the votes were thrown out because they messed up last week. They get “Just Dance.” They plan not to use jump ropes and to use the marching sequence. Oh, they have ropes just not for that second. I think they used the jump ropes better this week than usual. Particularly that floor bounce thing. Lil Mama says decent recovery. They’re a little stiff without the ropes. Stupendous tricks. JC says they’re fantastic and we’re seeing them grow. Their choreography is still stepping up. Their ropes are so impressive. They’re evolving. Omarion says they killed the ropes. He believes they’re stepping up.

And finally, the immunity award: Blue Print Cru! That was my guess. I’m glad, after they were so close to elimination.

This has definitely been one of the best dances of the season. A reminder, next week two crews will go home.


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