Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

I’m not entirely sure how they classified the heroes and the villains for this season. While Parvati may have been part of the group of girls that blindsided everyone, Amanda and Cirie were a part of the group. In fact, didn’t they knock out James together? (Which leads me to wonder why they’d be in an alliance together. The only people I could imagine actually together from that group are Amanda and Parvati since they did go together to the end and Amanda may not want to go up against Parvati a second time–or she might think that since Parvati won last time people might vote for her this time around.) In truth, the themed tribes are kind of silly since the teams combine and new alliances are often born. Then again, look at what Russel’s tribe did last season as the weaker group coming in. What would happen if they merged with even numbers?

I’m not sure why everyone considers Parvati so dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, she’s one of my favorites, but it seems like if everyone knows she’s playing them, then better to keep her than someone who you don’t know how they will screw you. I’d want to keep my team strong enough to at least win some things since the heroes have more than just an edge in the purely physical challenges. Kick her off once it looks like a merge is approaching.

James has never seemed particularly gentle to me but this season he has suddenly gone off the deep end somewhat. He’s sort of a crazy jerk in a couple episodes. And he’s the hulk except he never changes back into Bruce Banner.

I don’t understand why Russel hasn’t begun looking for the immunity idol until a clue was received, considering that he found 3 last season and those gave him tons of power. And then he goes and does it in the most obvious way at the most obvious time. I do like the way the clues were hidden among the supplies so that multiple people find it at once. The one thing I’ve never understood about the show, and the thing I would try, STEAL THE IDOL. When the person who found it goes to sleep or leaves it with their stuff, take it! Unless there’s a rule against it, which there may be, but I hope there isn’t and I hope that one day someone tries. Just imagine the chaos something like that could cause.

Anyone else notice how disgustingly thin some of the girls are? Courtney (I think that’s her name on the Villains’ tribe) is so think you can count her ribs. How is it safe or healthy for her to remain on the show until the end? Couldn’t she like die of starvation if she looses any more weight?

Another thing: the challenges seems to be “let’s find a way to make the girls nearly nude and covered in something.” There was the mud challenge, the wrestling to get a bag over the lines, a grease covered slip n slide. I don’t love the classic challenges because I’d prefer to see more new things. I do like when the challenges entail more than one element (not solely intellectual or physical).

Tribal Council: the odds of people changing their votes are very slim since there’s a specific plan in place going into tribal. BUT I’d think that someone could easily make a move and flip their vote without anyone knowing who made the move (assuming your acting skills are halfway decent) because it doesn’t say who wrote each vote. And half the time they don’t even read/show all the votes. I love some of Jeff’s comments during tribal. I wonder how much of the questions are fed to Jeff and how much he comes up with himself but if you want to see just how much insight he has into the game, you should check out his weekly Survivor Blog on

And my final comment. Blindsides are awesome. I hope this season has as many as the Fans vs Favorites season.


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