The Secret Life: Choices

Sorry, missed the first couple minutes and will have to add them later.

Adrian insists she’s fine but her mother knows better. Adrian clearly feels guilty. Her father tells her it’s wrong anyway. He asks what makes it wrong? She says if it wasn’t a good time. She insists that she had fun. She accomplished evening the score. Ricky was Amy’s first and she was Ben’s first. Her dad asks if that was to her advantage to even the score. Her cavalier attitude feels better and is easier.

Amy is looking for Ashleigh and George offers to drive. George doesn’t want Amy to look for him. She says she won’t. If he’s gone, he’s gone. She wouldn’t mind being a single parent. (Right, she’s overwhelmed most of the time.) She wouldn’t mind finding a new dad for John, rather than be forced to stick with Ricky. Amy would like to uncomplicate her life, starting with not driving Ashleigh. Ashleigh gets Amy’s gladness for Ricky being gone, it’s easier if everyone would go. George asks if Ricky called Ashleigh, she denies it but there’s something that makes me think she did speak to him.

Grace is headed to school. Tom says Adrian is not her friend. She agrees and says she isn’t Tom’s either. No one cared about her feelings. Ricky isn’t in love with anyone. Grace doesn’t want to hang out with those people. Jack is picking her up. Tom suggests Grace get closer to her family. Grace thinks she’ll trick her mom into not liking Jeff by pretending to like him. Even Tom can see that this is dumb.

Ben’s dad insists that Ben apologize to Amy and say it won’t happen again. He says it has to be his decision. Ben doesn’t understand why he should apologize to Amy. (I agree with him, he owes Ricky an apology but not Amy who chose Jimmy.) Ben’s dad is upset that he slept with Adrian. Sex isn’t the most important thing in life. Ben makes another snarky comment about Betty being a prostitute. Ben, really! Ben’s dad debates if “he can still live in his house after saying that.”

Anne is giving George a concerned look. Asheligh is the only person who isn’t interested in Ricky and the only person he’s ever had a conversation to. Amy is mad at Ashleigh for telling George. Anne insists that Amy still cares about Ricky and is angry at Ben. Anne is no longer angry so she’s trying to decide how she feels. She goes to the gym. George is upset that Anne is making herself hot. So he can get hot too. And don’t forget Robby!

Madison and Lauren are trying to figure out why Jack and Jesse didn’t call them back. They got dumped why? Because they mentioned babies. Jack wants to talk to Madison. Amy is upset that they took pictures of John. Jesse wants to talk to Lauren. He wonders if she doesn’t think about the future with him because he’s white. She assures him that she doesn’t care, they’re too young. Jesse wanted to call but he’s on phone restriction because of how much they talk. Jack tries to excuse giving Grace a ride. He didn’t like her decision not to want a future. She says she’s only sixteen. She needs time to think about it. Back together then. She doesn’t want him driving Grace around. News of Ricky’s disappearance spreads.

Adrian sees Grace crying in her locker. She’s crying about her lack of friends, boyfriend, and father. Adrian is on a mission. Adrian says who needs friends? Grace needs friends and asks Adrian to be nice so they can be friends. Adrian is on a mission. She approaches Ben. Ricky called his parents so he’s ok. Adrian says they had fun and she didn’t regret it. They’re still friends. Hopefully always. Ben says Ricky is his friend and he doesn’t want to betray Ricky again. Ben thinks Ricky loves Adrian. She insists he doesn’t. If he did, he would have called her. So the offer of more sex is open. Amy congratulates Ben for getting what he wants. She gets all “if only…”

Dinner with everyone but George who will be late. Amy doesn’t feel like it, she just wants to be with John. Anne insists and then realizes that Amy has been crying. Ricky or Ben or the new one? Amy starts crying because Ben said it was his fault. She says she can’t get through this. She wants to drop out and go anywhere else. Why can Ricky run away? Anne did! Problems follow you. Anne says he’ll be back. She’s upset that Ben had sex with Adrian and now they can never be together. Anne says that’s not true. Anne insists she’s a strong woman. Life won’t always be hard. And Amy is a good mother! She’s a good person! She doesn’t want to be good, look where it’s gotten her. Teenagers are so dramatic. Jimmy calls and Amy dries her tears and puts on her happy voice.

Ben finds Betty at home. She hopes he can help her pick out a China pattern. He can’t help. He hates himself. She says it’s a waste of time. Was seeing Amy awful? He was prepared for angry. It didn’t go that way at all. She used to see his dad and think he was so cute. She used to think his dad would ignore her because she was a prostitute. She wanted to make sure he knew what she did from the start but he didn’t turn her away. He apologizes for what he said (she says she doesn’t even remember). She wants him to give himself a chance to be the hopeless romantic that he is, it’s better than sex. And sometimes he wins. Look at his dad. He doesn’t know if that’s who he wants to be anymore.

Grace’s mom and Jeff come in and Grace is up to her reverse-psychology. The parents apologize for staying out late. Grace’s mom is suspicious. Grace hopes they get married soon and are together and happy for the rest of their lives. How about tonight? Jeff suggests. Grace’s mom accepts and Grace is not so thrilled her plan backfired. Tom rubs it in.

Adrian’s mom calls. Her mom wants to take some extra shifts and Adrian thinks her mom is backing out of the wedding. Her mom needs more time. Adrian wants to know how many dreams she has to give up.

In walks George wearing a backwards cap. He also has new, low rider jeans. Anne is upset that he went shopping and to a ball game while she watched Robby. But she does offer him to sleep in the bedroom. To talk. No sex. He makes himself comfortable but he keeps the baseball cap on. She insists he take it off. Underneath he reveals hair plugs.

Ashleigh comes in to say good night and to see if Amy’s heard from anyone. She doesn’t think she’ll ever hear from Ben, not that she wants to. Ashleigh says she doesn’t know if she’d want Adrian to win. Why doesn’t she try winning? Ashleigh says she doesn’t tell dad everything. She knows where Ricky is.

Ricky has gone to his mom. He thought they could talk so he could come to some understanding about why he let his dad do all those things to him. He wanted to forgive her but, not that he sees her he doesn’t feel like it. He wants to move forward because he’s made mistakes and he doesn’t want to anymore. He’s got a son and he wonders how anyone could destroy someone like his dad did. His mom wasn’t there and she was afraid to be killed. They got out and survived. His mom tried and didn’t know how. She got beaten or was locked out. Ricky’s dad broke him. Ricky looks ok. She hears he’s doing ok. His mom’s been saving money for him and has an entire envelope of money for her. Maybe he can go back to be a good dad and save the money for a rainy day. (This is actually a nice moment and for once a genuine one.)


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